AC Milan keeping an eye on Enzo Fernández of River Plate


AC Milan are keeping an eye on Enzo Fernandez of River Plate.

Enzo Fernández could soon be joining River Plate team mate Julián Álvarez in Europe. According to Calcio Mercato, the Italian club are keeping an eye on the Argentine.

Fernández has caught the attention of several European clubs, notably Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Manchester City. He has managed six goals and five assists in 16 matches this season.

The 21 year old has not yet been capped for the Argentina national team but there are rumors that he could be included in the team for the matches in June.


  1. Both are good footballers…. Bundia is good in pressing opponent just like correa’s. Currently we need locelso more.. RDP. LOCELSO. PARADES. GUIDO. PAPU. are fixed going to WC..

  2. What a Logic😄flop cotinho come from nowhere and bench him.. He can not get starting spot in a low level club like aston vila and you come here to compare lol..but he has potential he needs time, atleast one more Gio only play epl? Check his psg days,betis days,with spurs he was sufferings with regular injury problem and statistics always not say truth. And you got me wrong i wanted to said that when Gio retire i mean after4/5 years he will left the impact that he will cross requilme and i am confident about it😊

  3. Emi Buendía is competing with Coutinho while likes skip Harry winks and Hojbjerg benched lo celso. In your logic lo celso is best midfielder Argentina had last 20 years …. how damn is that bro what world were you living. tell me which is more is insults lo celso better than great player like riquelme or emi Buendia better than lo celso… go back to my posts in two years ago i was just like you thinking he is big deal but he isn’t, he just decent playing with good solid Argentina team, Does nothing special did you see how weak celso shootings is ? before you come here and talk rubbish Man up and get your facts together .
    Emi Buendía
    Premier League Record
    Appearances 66
    Goals 3
    Assists 12
    Gio lo celso
    Appearances 55
    Goals 1
    Assists 3

    • hi Godin bro, Jewel is just letting out his thoughts. I personally like buendia and lo celso, however suits well to the scaloni tactics is more important. I am least concerned about their club performance. Messi ain’t doing well with Psg but when he puts on Argentina jersey he rejuvenates. Of course Messi is Messi the goat. anyways I respect and ready everyone’s opinion and comments. our main objective is for our beloved Argentina to win gold medal at world cup. I have been waiting since 1990. I cry every 4 years hope this year will be the first time I will hysterical laugh out if joy. vamos Argentina.

      • whoever

        sorry guys, autocorrect issue😅. riquelme, redondo are legends. don’t think anyone can be compared to them but I do wish one day we will have players which we could proudly say better than them

      • Jat bro my argument isn’t weather Buendía deserves to play nt or not my point is player to player that is all … realistically speaking celso does decent job for us in the nt at times he can be good which is fine … I want to make one thing clear I really like all Argentine players and got nothing against any particular player but we must understand our players aren’t what some of us thinking they are as example you see people using world class term, do they really know what world class player is one example modric is world class, why? he has been consistent through all his career playing for big games … how can someone define molina as world class when he doesn’t even play Europe league let a lone uefa champions league . finally I’m just like normal fan who wants his team to win trophies… I have been suffering since 1999 as Argentina fan till recently we won copa
        Trust me bro no one will be more happier than me if we win world Cup in qatar…

        • hi Buddy, i know where you coming from. meantime our only good mid in my opinion is de paul. hope as a team we can win. we will all celebrate and after that our Mundo group should meet up at a location and party together. hope it comes true and it would be nice to meet everyone in person. most of us has been in this blog for years. finger cross

        • @Godin11 – I hear you bro. Me and you speak the same language lol.
          You are a level-headed fan and not a fanatic.

          World Class is Modric, Kevin DeBruyne, Thiago, Mane, – these players make an impact and are difference makers in every game year in and year out.
          LoCelso makes no difference in Real Betis (they lose nothing when he left). They are still the same team. I think he is what we have and we have to settle. It may be good enough (I really hope so).

    • I do respectively disagree on Buendia’s case. He ain’t ready for premier League leave alone National Team. I have watched all Aston Villa matches and Buendia can’t stay with ball for long without being dispossessed.The moment he press forward he gets dispossessed resulting in counter attack. Locelso has better experience and more superior. Reason Coutinho is being preferred coz he is better at pressing.

  4. Looks 3/4 people come here to fullfil their bullshit agenda.. Frist you should watch football and understand football then comment here..Bundia better than gio? On Which earth u live😄frist make him play for his clubs. Is scoloni dumb to avoid bundia, lamela and giving chance gio?crazy man,you need some rest!you people Don’t deserve player like gio.. Without this average gio Argentina team is dead.
    For this below average Glc, psg consider to moving in summer..

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