Paulo Dybala decides to join Inter, will leave Juventus


Paulo Dybala has decided to join Inter and will leave Juventus.

Dybala will be leaving Juventus, that much has been known for several months. However, per a report by La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Argentine has made a decision to join Inter.

He would join them on a four year contract where he will be receiving around €6 million per season. Per the report, talks have already taken place.


  1. Marcos Senesi and Enzo Fernandez are next big potential for Argentina.
    De paul, Paredes, Enzo trio will be good option for Argentina. Enzo can be a good substitute for lo celso

  2. On the Enzo Fernandez topic…

    Call me crazy, but I would take him to the NT over Julian Alvarez ANY day..
    I’m sure a lot might disagree, but I have not been impressed by Julian Alvarez (yes I said it).
    Yes he’s a great player, but personally I think he still needs some more growth/experience needed and yes I understand they both play different positions, but Enzo is phenomenal. He definitely stands out from the rest of RP players. I really feel he’s going to have a bright future. Praying he continues to grow in his career.. players like him only come around once in a great while.
    I know theres tons of people who think Julian is a must on the NT and some sports press have compared him to KUN, but I’m still not amazed by him and I really do hope I’m wrong.
    There’s gotta be another striker/#9 besides lautaro, Correa and Julian??
    It’s mind boggling to think how many players Argentina produce and we don’t have a solid #9.. I just don’t understand. I remember for years we produced midfielders, wingers, strikers like no other and now we have a problem trying to find one?? Lol.
    We have 2 SOLID SOLID CB (cuti & Lisandro) which we’ve struggled for years in defense and now I feel it’s the opposite lol..

    • Yes, when playing for the national team J.Alvarez’s positioning, runs and passing does give the impression that he needs to play more against strong teams and his this inexperiece could cause an issue for him at City next season. When it comes to finishing he does look pretty confident though. We still have 6 more matches to go and Scaloni should give him adequate time on the pitch as Alvarez seems to be 100% going to the world cup!! Lautaro’s proper backup is one of the very few weaknesses of our team.

      • @sulav we have 3-4 major weaknesses.
        1.lautaro replacement
        2.creativity in midfield
        3.left wing (i don’t think our left wing is strong) attacking threat from the fullbacks. Yes Molina and acuna runs a lot but they are nowhere near as threatening as someone like Kimmich or alba or trent Alexander Arnold or cancelo or davies or even a pavard or a walker

  3. Marcos Senesi vs Olympique Marseille:

    • Clean sheet
    • 1st in clearances [10]
    • 2nd in tackles [3]
    • 2nd in interceptions [3]
    • 2nd in passes completed [28]
    Only finalist Argentinian among the Champions League, Europa League and Conference League

    • Ok but there was one header from the opponent and senesi was not able to intercept but luckily the ball goes straight to the hand of goalkeeper….In WC we can’t take risk from this type of minor mistake from a defender except this he was fantastic…let see him in the final after that we can say if he suitable in the playing 11 in WC or a bench warmer

  4. Enzo Fernández (21)
    ⚽1 Goal
    🥅1/4 Shots On Target(1 Blocked)
    👟53(85.5%) Accurate Passes
    🦶82 Touches
    🦵8/13 Ground Duels
    ✈️2/2 Aerials
    💪3/6 Tackles Won
    🚷3x Dribbled Past
    🧹2 Clearances
    🧠1 Interception
    🩹5 Recoveries
    🎨2/2 Dribbles
    📏5/7 Long Balls
    ⚠️12x Possession Lost
    🔓1x Dispossessed

    • This guy is the most improved player. Prior to Copa America he was doing just OK. Now he is as hot as Julian Alvarez. Definitey deserves a shot. Some Argentines dub him as Argentine De Bruyne, maybe a bit too high but De Bruyne was also not that good when 21.

      • We will play 4 friendlies against italy Brazil South Korea and Israel in June. I would like to see him start atleast 1 of this matches and see how he performs. He may become emi or Romero of our midfield. Im not still convinced about our midfield. I feel if he keeps improving he can challenge even our starters

    • Who would you replace him for? The issue is that he’s only been called up once so he’s rightfully a “maybe” for Qatar, though I am for trying him in friendlies to see how he does

      • If we select 8 midfielders thn
        8.palacios/nico Dominguez
        If we select 7 midfielders
        2.lo celso
        7.buendia or lanzini

        • I like your list overall though I would put Palacios/Dominguez ahead of Buendia/Lanzini simply because they have more experience and games with this current Scaloni team. Dominguez is also much better than many people on here think he is. I think experience against top opponents / with the national team is the only thing going against Enzo, though I have no doubt that it’s only a matter of time for him

          • @Olive I agree. Dominguez is a solid player. Whenever I seen him play in NT, he looked like he could change the game and add something. It’s only because he has been in limited minutes from the bench (similar to Lamela w/NT).

          • @olive Many things will depend how is the situation in September. There can be big injuries can be off form situation. I think scaloni has his core for the nt is settled in his mind. I think scaloni’s sure starter is messi, emi, romero, acuna, depaul, lautaro. Other 5 spot is up for grabs this 5 spot will depend on theirs club form their performance in trainings and also the strategy of scaloni. Like if we play a team who has a left winger like mbappe or coman we will play foyth and against lesser opponents it will be molina

          • @ Anuparno

            GLC also sure starter and no one is capable or has shown the quality to take on his role. Gomez is fantastic but lacks in defense. Lamela could have been it but Scaloni avoiding him. Enzo has yet to make an apperaance. Palacios could also be the guy but his form is concern and isnt getting a ton of minutes. Dominguez also great but isn’t as balanced as GLC and isn’t as creative. Evan De Paul in GLCs role isn’t as effective.
            Dont even bother with Buendia. only your fantasy PS4 FIFA team has him in the squad, in reality, Buendia isnt favored by Scaloni and gang. When he starts getting minutes, then come back and throw his name into the pot.
            Overall, anyone that isn’t blind can see GLCs contribution and how the team benefits whenever he’s playing well.

            For Paredes, he’s also starter unless Guido or Dominguez clearly demonstrate.

        • Buendia was better than Lanzini in recent matches, Lanzini is not like 2018 Lanzini.
          Dominguez and Palacios never did anything in national team and in their club in Europe they should not be considered.

          • @choripan i have included lo celso in my midfield squad. Wc is a long tournament. There will be injuries card issues so enzo, papu, buendia, Dominguez all will be needed. Locelso is an injury prone player noway he will last the whole tournament specially in the heat of qatar

        • Buendia/Lanzini are surplus to me plus defensively not reliable. For buendia he is easily dispossessed when pressing. He is still struggling to at Aston Villa. He is talented but not yet ready. Lanzini has never recovered since that injury.

  5. @cox4
    Two great posts my friend. I like to read objective and sensible posts, not just mindless opinions.

    1. Love your point of team vs superstars. The game has changed a lot in last 20 years. There was a time when having superstars made a difference. Brazil’s philosophy of give the ball to front 4 and they will figure out worked even in 2002. Today’s sport in last 10 years have changed on the head. Having Messi or Ronaldo in the team does not guarantee anything. Even though they are two great and ridiculously consistent performers.

    2. Even better post on the game understanding. I have posted long back, that football is low margin game, whereas Basketball is a high margin game. You can have Lebron and significantly increase the chance of winning a trophy. Same is not true for Messi. Superstars do not make same difference because of the nature of the game.

    This is where I think Scaloni and company is doing a great job. We have relatively decent players but formed together into a good team. Even in midfield. We used to have a world class defensive midfielder in Mascherano, we had world class playmaker in Riquelme, players of specific roles. Now we have a collective midfield in De Paul, GLC and Paredes and they work for each other. Hence I feel we have a decent chance. Get to the QFs and then anything can happen.

    • thank you for your kind words my friend.
      i totaly agree with your writtings up.
      i add to those the fact that in 1990 world cup and in 2014 we wasn t the best group of players in the world. let s be honest with ourselves. BUT we arrive in finals and we lost clearly in details because our coach staff was smart and good. they build one team with specific ID and specific plan and target. they read every game and oponent and we succeed to hide our weaknesses.
      in case of 1990 especially to inform the younger friends we was stolen. the Germans needed 2 red cards and a fake penalty to beat us. anyway.
      this year i believe we have a very good coach and a staff with deep knowledge of football and a very good group of players and really i can t see why to not believe that we can repeat one run like 1990 and 2014.
      this time with different end in final.

    • Fully agreed ! And very well understood and also by picking the main points of our dear friend’s Cox4 post! As u explained and pinpointed those facts that football has change so much that it is allmost totally ” answer game today” offcourse there things from the great past history of Football that will allways remain, but specially what i liked most was that when Cox4 and ddr1123 both were talking about that comparing todays football to the past or past and present players is completly unnecessary even some new players might bring nägood old memories from past players and viceversus and actually my personally view/ way of thinking is that is not really never good to compare anything u people have not witnessed with completly their own experience as think’s that u have experienced in life by your own are more realistically compared perhaps to an anykind of experience in life at general etc… me, myself and i though find quite often Still that hapoeni g to myself even i’m aware of it and trying to kind of avoid it or be as delicate as possible with comparison’s ,LOL!

      And i can’t see areason why Arg could not reach the final again as 1978, 1986: 1990 and 2014 and way way before that too !

      Because at1990 as Cox4 said Arg was not favourite really to reach the final with such a injured squad and lot of new young players and Still German’s needed 2 red cards and a fake penalty to beat Arg !

      2014 Arg was just unlucky as even very injured again even before tournament as 1990 the injuries just, well kept on coming by all sit per by every single came and Ok Pipita came back from his injury, but was not to his best and the whole bench was so weak in terms of everything including fully injured Kun, and Still Arg was superior against German’s,but could not capitalize their scoring chances as we all know etc…

      Even 1986 Bilardo’s team with Diego was generally named globally a team that plays ugly football, though offcourse everybody forgot that ”phrase” when Arg was crowned second time as Wc Champions, LOL,!

      So, this is the point that Bilardo who played in his career as footballer in Estudiantes which back then coached by Osvaldo Zubeldia in team that has ever in the past history of Arg’s football played propably ”the most ugliest style football ”, though winning lot’s of trophys! as later on Bilardo also became a coach of estudiantes and funnily as history reprat’s itself’s in way that we don’t allways fully understand as it is not maybe even ment for us to u derstand as same goes for the term of ”ugly football” whichbis only about winning at any cost, period ! And some might not like it and some may like it as we all like naturally different things in life as everyone is an individual Person on their own so who are we to judge anyone in the end in terms of football at least…etc.

      Here is a little backround story from Bilardo :

      Carlos Salvador Bilardo Digiano (born 16 March 1938) is an Argentine former physician, football player, and manager.
      Bilardo achieved worldwide renown as a player with Estudiantes de La Plata in the 1960s, and as the manager of the Argentina side that won the 1986 FIFA World Cup and came close to retaining the title in 1990, where they reached the final. As manager of Argentina, he was renowned for successfully employing the 3–5–2 formation at the highest level;[1] this formation has been in use for decades, but has never achieved mainstream status.
      He is known by fans and the media as el narigón (“the big nosed one”).

      Bilardo was born in the Buenos Aires La Paternal neighbourhood to Sicilian immigrants from Mazzarino.[2] He was drawn to football from his childhood, but did not neglect study or work. On school vacations, he would get up before dawn to haul produce to the Abasto market in Buenos Aires.
      Bilardo was a promising prospect in the youth divisions of major Buenos Aires club San Lorenzo de Almagro, and he was drafted to the junior Argentina national football team that obtained the 1959 Pan-American title and took part in the 1960 Summer Olympic Games in Rome.[3]
      In 1961, Bilardo was transferred to second-division side Deportivo Español, where he became the team’s top scorer, but he slowly gravitated to the position of defensive midfielder. In parallel, he continued his studies in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires.

      In 1965, Bilardo was transferred to Estudiantes de La Plata, where manager Osvaldo Zubeldía built a team based on the Killer youth divisions (la tercera que mata) and thought of using Bilardo as a more mature anchor for the midfield.
      Bilardo became Estudiantes’ inside-the-pitch tactician. Over a four-year span, the team won one Metropolitano title (1967), three Copa Libertadores titles (1968–1970, defeating Palmeiras, Nacional and Peñarol respectively at the finals) and one Intercontinental Cup in 1968 against Manchester United.
      After graduating as a physician (together with fellow player Raúl Madero), Bilardo retired from play and accepted the job of Estudiantes coach in 1971. For the next years, he divided his time between managing, his family (he married in 1968 and fathered a daughter), and helping manage his father’s furniture business. He even found time to research rectal cancer and practice as a gynecologist (Bilardo finally retired from the practice of medicine in 1976, feeling that being a physician requires a full-time commitment that he was unable to provide).

      After retiring as a player, Bilardo became Estudiantes coach in 1971 and managed to get the squad into the 1971 Copa Libertadores final but lost to Nacional. In 1976, he became manager of Colombia’s Deportivo Cali and after a 2-year stint he managed to get the squads into the Copa Libertadores Finals but once again failed to win the title. After failing in the 1978 Copa Libertadores Finals, Bilardo had a short stint in San Lorenzo and then became Colombia national team’s trainer. When the team failed to qualify for the 1982 World Cup, he was fired from his position, and Estudiantes arranged for his return to Argentina.

      Bilardo with Pedro Pasculli in México 1986
      The club was enjoying healthy finances due to the transfer of Patricio Hernández, and accommodated Bilardo’s request for reinforcements. The team made the semi-finals of the 1982 Nacional and went on to win the same year’s Metropolitano title.
      Bilardo’s scheme was based on Zubeldía’s tactics, and its attacking might (fueled by players like Sabella, Trobbiani, Gottardi and Ponce) earned the attention of the media—and of the top brass of the Argentine Football Association, who offered him to manage the Argentine national team.
      He held the post from 1983 until after the 1990 World Cup. Under his watch, Diego Maradona became the most dominant player of his age, and Argentina enjoyed their best international harvest, winning the 1986 edition and reaching the 1990 final.
      Bilardo wrote a book called “Así Ganamos” (“How we won”, Editorial Sudamericana Planeta) retelling the story of Argentina’s 1986 FIFA World Cup win.

      After 1990[edit]
      From 1990 and onwards, Bilardo alternated teaching and journalism stints with managing. He would reunite with Maradona in Sevilla FC and later in Boca Juniors, and have a brief term as the national coach of Libya.
      Bilardo returned to Estudiantes for the 2003–2004 season. In a publicised episode during that season, Bilardo sat next to the pitch during a game against Club Atlético River Plate and drank from a bottle of champagne. When confronted by media, he maintained that the bottle actually contained Gatorade; the contents of the bottle were analysed by a forensic lab, confirming Bilardo’s version. Within that season, results improved, and several young players were promoted to the first team, including José Ernesto Sosa, who would later help Estudiantes become a contender; three years later, the team won the League title under coach Diego Simeone, and in 2009, Estudiantes won the Copa Libertadores again, with Bilardo attending the final in Belo Horizonte and receiving a gift from coach Sabella—his “lucky” beige coat.
      Bilardo covered the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany for Argentine TV station Canal 13 as a commentator. In the aftermath of the tournament, Argentine manager José Pekerman renounced the post, and Bilardo’s name was floated as a possible substitute. The job eventually went to Alfio Basile, who had earlier succeeded Bilardo as national coach after the 1990 World Cup.
      Following the 2007 gubernatorial election, Bilardo was named Secretary of Sports of Buenos Aires province under governor Daniel Scioli.

      Sorry, everyone on Mundo for the very long post about Bilardoand Btw if anyone can remember Osvaldo Zubeldia’s maestro who teached him all what he left behind as legacy that Bilardo, Sabella and El Cholo is Still continuing, well i will preciate very much to hear that name one more time as i have forgotren this person’s name and i can’t seem to find it somehow as maybe i’m not that good at searching things from internet as even all this was just copypasted straight from wikipedia, Still i had heard about theese names as allready at young age from my past grandfather and my father

  6. some friends here should understand that football game don t win the team that have bigger number of so called superstars. wins the best builded team.
    the best builed team is not the team that have the bigger number of superstars too.

    As about Riquelme vs Lo celso debate it is really wrong comparison. those 2 are completely different style and kind of players.
    you can find ways of play that Riquelme is more useful than Lo celso and you can find ways of play that Lo celso is more useful than Riquelme. it is all matter of WHAT you want to play and HOW you want to play it.

    Anuparno allow me to say to you that Lo celso is very good player. He is not average. But most important he is playing good for us and he is very very useful to our game. i don t care what he is doing in Villareal. matters what he is doing with us.

    As about Riquelme my opinion is that he was artist true ,very good player true etc etc etc BUT he is not a legend. At least i don t consider him as legend. maybe you can say that he is Boca juniors legend but sure not legend of Argentina national team.

    • For me he is a legend, I always put him in my Argentina all time XI

      Fillol; Zanetti, Passarella, Samuel, Sorin; Mascherano, Redondo; Messi, Riquelme, Maradona; Batistuta.

      Of course, that’s always up for debate 🙂

      • well my friend as i said it is my opinion. Not everybody have to agree with me. i respect every opinion. as about my favorite all time 11 (i put only from those i have see with my eyes. before 1990 i don t remember anything. i was very small)
        Goyco, Zanetti, Ayala, Samuel, Sorin, Masche, Simeone, Ortega, Messi, Batistuta and DIEGO.

          • Actually my friend we could easily line up 3-5 teams with different players from past and present combined that will be unbeateable! Or maybe even 10, perhaps as it feels a bit hard to drop a name from the 11 starting players, for example De Alessandro, Aimar, Crespo,etc…or 1978 team Kempes, Ardiles, Daniel Bertoni,Oscar Ortiz,René Houseman,Luis Galvan, Passerella,Américo Gallery,Ubaldo Fillol,Tarantini,Leopoldo,Luque Larrosa etc…

    • I agree about how we can beat Brazil. We managed to stop Neymar, Vinicius, and Richarlison in the final. In November we kept a 0-0 against Vinicius, Rafinha, and Antony. These are all very dangerous and tricky players. We just need to keep ourselves organized, close the game down, and keep their spirits down by kicking them, slowing down the game, and being rough in general. Basically what I’m saying is we need to play a little ugly to beat them. Then we can rely on the skill and class of a few individuals like Messi, Di Maria, and De Paul to win just like in the final. De Paul’s hustle and Lo Celso’s defensive abilities also help. Romero can go against any attack in the world. It may seem easier said than done but we have already done it.

      • Wc will be different i prefer to avoid Brazil. Hope spain somehow beat them in quarters. Spain will be much more easier than Brazil. Their midfield will absolutely dominate our midfield but their attack and defense is not that strong. Even a Germany vs Brazil can happen in quarters

  7. i understand the worries of some fans about the Brasil team.
    there is no doubt that Brasil team look very strong. it is actually. Not look only.
    Brasil is one of the world cup favorites true.
    Just there is something that fans should not forget.
    we are too. we have very good team too. maybe we don t look like Brasil but this is something that it is good. Not bad. i don t want all the world consider us bigger favorite than the rest. we should be hamble. smile better who is smile last.
    in football don t win always the best team.
    it is not Basketball that almost always the better team wins.
    football have different “rules”. especially the older age fans understand what i mean very well.
    Every player with very small exeptions can t perform same in club football with the national teams football. Brasil players is not different. the clubs is multi nations teams that training together almost 300 days of year and playing something about 50 games the season.
    in same time the same player spend let say the rest 65 days of year with the national team and play let say 10 games the year.
    there is no way any player play same with club and with national team. not Brasilian not German not Argentine. Nobody.
    so fans should not afraid that Brasil is Real Madrid. they should look and afraid other things.
    Something last.
    every time that Argentina went to play a world cup with the mentality that “we are better than everybody and we are the big favorite to win the cup” those times we always failed badly. what best example than 2002 and allow me to say and in 2006.
    Argentina should stay hamble and quiet before world cup. this is not weakness. Just oposite.
    History is there to teach us.

  8. Yes Lo Celso is better than Riquelme in lot of aspects of the game. Much better defensively, much better presser, much more hardworker, better off the ball player, faster, better transition/counter attacking player, even more physical, makes the midfield balanced, unlike Riquelme who needed extra protection with 3 DM/ZMs to compensate his lack of defending work (Messiesque, but Messi plays as an attacker and not midfielder).

    • I don’t disagree with you but sometimes I wonder if comparing players from different eras of football is even appropriate. Riquelme is from a nearly dead breed of classic number 10 or Argentine enganche who pulls the strings expertly but does not contribute in defense. An era when the beautiful game was a lot slower. Would Riquelme today make our team better in some aspects? I’m not sure he would. Still Riquelme was an ace and a legend.

      • Also, I am not sure Messi is an attacker anymore and even if he is, it’s pretty nominal. These days he’s more of an attacking midfielder who often drops deep (by the way not as deep as he used to thanks to Paredes, De Paul and Lo Celso) to get the ball. Messi is the closest thing we have to Riquelme, his passing is nearly on par with Riquelme’s while Messi is more explosive, agile and quicker even at this age.

    • @csabalala riquilme with one pass will make realize locelso is not even a player compared to him he one of the best midfielder of all time what are u talking about

      • Ok, Yes i liked Riquelme too as iliked Redondo, Veron, Aimar, Cambiasso, Lucho etc…or Arg players from even 70’s and 80’s, but i don’t understand why such Ab fuss to compare players from different era’s as football has allways develeppod and changed so much from the past etc…though i do understand that certain players may have similarities as some maybe will have less and some more than other’s as Diego and Messi maybe would come to closest, but Still i would never compare Diego and Messi as i lovevthem both as the greatest individuals i have ever seen with my own eyes since daysnof 1978…

    • This is absurd take and so disrespectful for riquelme. Locelso is an average player and u guys defending doesn’t change the fact he was a flop in both psg and spurs and he was so bad at psg that even rabiot preferred over him he was destroyed against Madrid in 2nd round knock out. Riquelme and Ortega was the reason we fell in love with Argentina before messi came. And whenever i see locelso plays we only feel disappointment we neutral fans became Argentina fans not because they won 2 wcs even italy won 4 and Germany too but they r boring. We r lovers of Argentina because of beautiful play of Argentina players like maradona, riquelme, messi, ortega etc and this kind of mediocre locelso makes Argentina looks like a certain Mexico or Switzerland kind of midfield. Hard working but nothing extraordinary and not pleasing to the eye.and you guys are comparing locelso to an artist like riquelme. not only comparing you r belittle the achievements of a legend. And copa win was nothing to do with locelso it was messi, lautaro and emi until final and then whole defense dimaria and depaul in the final. We also showed that locelso is not needed as we comfortably won the game locelso didn’t play and also won against Paraguay where he didn’t start. Columbia midfield absolutely dominated locelso in semis if not for their lackluster finishing they could have win it. Locelso is a decent player but we will be absolutely fine even without him. He is not even top 5 most important player of Argentina.

      • What are you talking about? Argentina Columbia Copa semi xG 2,43 vs 0,82, big chances created ARG 4 COL 0!!! Stop lying!!!

      • Then what was the result against Ecuador? We also won the match without Messi. So you don’t want Messi in the team. We also won the match without cuti. So you don’t want cuti. Forgot who gave the pre assist to messi in the semis. Lo celso was in a horrible stage during that time in his club career with spurs.

          • Its not about copa. It’s in the qualifiers. Colombia were desperately need points. But we won comfortably against them without Messi. Lo celso made a great come back in that game after poor games against Brazil at home and Uruguay away. When lo celso was average the whole Argentine team looks average even with messi in those two matches(Uruguay and Brazil). That means he is a team player. When he played great the team played great, when he played okyish the team was okyish, when he played bad the team also looks bad.

      • Lo Celso is not mediocre and in no way are people except for maybe you disappointed when they him them play. We literally have Messi to fulfill our magical player cravings

    • I agree with you @Csabalala, I’m one of the few Argentina NT supporters who don’t rate Riquelme high. He used to frustrate me with his slow pace. I was more a fan of Pablo Aimar and Veron style of playing than Riquelme. He’d make 20 back or side passes and then a great pass after every 20 minutes. Personally, I thought his style of play never gave Messi the freedom to have 1v1 because the ball spent too much time in the midfield.

  9. Dybala is finished with Juve; and Juve need an overhaul, better try a new team. Hopefully he can play at La Liga or EPL but no offer, So stay at Serie A and make a new life in a new club.

  10. Vinicius Junior is overrated bum. Most of their CL campaign is due to opponent mistake and Benzema carrying team on his back like Messi in 2019. Despite of glaring issue in defense, they are finding way out but i think Liverpool will probably too much like for Barca in 2019. If they win UCL credit to others for stepping up where as Pique, Alba, and Busquets did not help Messi.

  11. People worried about Brazillians players being dominant in CL, we need to realize that all teams RM played are soft PSG, Chelsea and Man City. With Argentina, Otamendi give a kick and vinicius will not be a same player in that match. We have quality squad that knows how to fight against brazillian filths likes Vinicius, Casimero, Milithao etc. I think we should be more worried about France.

    • We will not face france before final 8f it is everything is right. Our main focus should be spain Brazil and Netherlands or Senegal.

  12. Inter want money. They will sale lautaro 60-70M.. Better they would sale dzeko, sanchez,Vidal. They become old now… And give chance to academic players… Or sign some free transfers from europe…

    • Also Correa is join on loan . so he might go back or they will buy him at 30M ?. Also why not many clubs are interested in locelso.. He will be good in laliga seria A.

  13. celso is comparing with riquelme such foolish arguement.. celso is not legend neither he is average.. he is good at best .. he is very essential box to box midfielder who can put his effect in his day.. he is a necessary player who can perform as creative player being cool and calm.. what a foolish debate comparing celso with requelme. legends can’t win you trophy alone.. you needs standard player alongside him who can maintain qualityof play.. celso is that quality player.. who is neither legend neither average

  14. So Dybala joins Inter. Lautaro will likely leave because they need money. Di Maria then joins Juventus. Hmm interesting.

    I also read that Arsenal want Molina. 3 Argentina players I want them to move are: De Paul, A. Correa, and Emi Martinez.

    • Intresting news indeed and may i ask u where would u personally like those 3 players to move if possible as i truly hope in specially in case of RDP A.Correa…?

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