Emiliano Buendía scores for Aston Villa in 3-1 win vs. Burnley


Emiliano Buendía scored for Aston Villa in their 3-1 win vs. Burnley.

Buendía had a goal and an assist for Aston Villa. A pass in to Ings for the first goal gave Aston Villa the 1-0 lead.

The Argentina would make it 2-0 after a great team goal. A cross into the penalty area and a pass in to Buendía as he scored.


        • That’s called scouting. After he becomes successful thn everyone can say he is good. There is no credit in that. I remember before 2004 euro i said to my classmate’s brother that Rooney will be superstar he was still playing at Everton that time and the rest is history

  1. It looks like Buendia should be De Paul’s back up,Buendia is playing great recently and he will develop more in coming months.
    For Left Wing Scaloni is thinking of N. Gonzalez and Ocampus both are good but they need to raise their level just like Foyth,Lautaro,Otamendi did.
    Mac Alister is also good he has positional sense and good reading of game just less on speed but he is NT material at least as back up.
    Dybla and Julian Alvarez should be in WC roster.

    • Buendia is playing good but only when the opposition lacks quality. I mean he plays good against Everton Norwich Burnley. If this performance continues against atleast mid table teams then he would be in scalonis squad for sure. Yesterday performance shows his hunger and that should be continued.

  2. Last week I commented here, Buendia is playing with confidence now. He played just 14 minutes last week. But it was evident that he has the energy and confidence back after a long time. This match proved that. Hopefully he will build on this and turn his Aston Villa career to next level. Always a Buendia supporter since his championship display. He’s a skillful player and can do some magical things. Now he’s fighting for every ball. That’s a good sign. Hopefully Scaloni notice Buendia’s recent performance.

  3. I am glad… everyone slowly understanding Mac Allister’s values. As I said before, currently, Allister has no place in 23 and a big may be in 26. But if he plays every match for his club and improve his level…he has a big chance. His qualities are different from other players. May be he’s not flashy like many..but he can be very useful player for NT as we lack those kind of players.
    Everything depends upon his progress and form.
    Allister’s tactical awareness and positional intelligence allow him to play many roles. Did you notice he plays, AM, CM, SS, DM, LM etc for his club. He has been regular in the club now. Hopefully he improves by every match and become a great asset for NT.

    • Man seriously?? Just because he played as SS DM MC AML etc that means he is good? He was one of the worst of Brighton against MU, where everyone else played good. Brighton is doing well but not because of MacAllister. I am sure they would like to upgrade him and keep the best players of their teams like Troussard, Cucurella, Bissouma.

      It is the same as Hotspur is doing well and then we praised Emerson or Sessegnon just because they always start. They always start them because they have no other options. In reality they would want to upgrade them when the transfer windows open.

      I mean the likes of Jonas Gutierrez, Jose Sosa, or Enzo Perez can always play anywhere on the field. It doesn’t mean that they are good.

      Please give a real report of a certain player. If one plays below average then say he plays below average. If he plays good or MOM, then announce it here. Make this site a good one.

      I watch all Hotspur and Villa games this season. I never say that Emi or Cuti always play great just because they are key players of their teams. If they played bad, I will say so.

      • Before it was Buendia. People tried to promote him here, but I watch all Aston Villa matches. Yes he was good yesterday. But when he was not good, I said it he was not good.

        Now it is MacAllister turn… SMH…

        I understand that as a fan, we are hungry to see our new players having a breakthrough. But give credit when credit is due. Enzo and Julian for example deserve their praise right now because of what they are doing. The European big teams notice that too. But they were also River starters 1-2 years ago but was just playing OK.

      • What’s your problem..? What makes you write all these..? Did I say he’s man of the match? Did I say he was the best player against MU..?

        • My problem is MacAllister did NOT play well against MU but here ppl praised him. It was his TEAM that beat MU 4-0 with very little contributions from him. If he was that good why he was the first one who got substituted during the game then?

          Just because he started for an EPL team week in and week out doesn’t mean anything if he showed no shit. If someone named Troussard were an Argentine, then go ahead praised him because he was the main reason behind Brighton success.

          Look, Lo Celso plays much better in Villarreal. Even all of his haters from the Spurs notice that too. But this MacAllister has not played at a level that makes him deserves a recognition. He has been playing just average. So why would we overrate him? Just be fair.

  4. Most underrated guy is here macalester.. Actually he is not that bad what you think..in recent s game his passing, decision making skill is great but little slow. Maybe scoloni will take him

  5. I don’t think buendia will be picked. I know our midfield is not that strong so i thing we need enzo kind of midfielder more than buendia. Buendia looses too much ball and sometimes gets invisible in big matches he is neither a locelso replacement nor can be depaul replacement and we have better forwards in dimaria, alvarez, Dybala, nico Gonzalez etc so he has very low chances of selection

    • “Our midfield not that strong”, lol. Do you even think before you type?
      Do u know even our B- player suffocated Barca aka Spain’s so called the best midfield.
      I won’t say we are the best, but definitely we are one of the best.
      A midfield that has RDP, Paredes, LoCelso, Guido, Enzo, Buendia and Papu will always be one of the best itw. Certainly they all are underrated, but all are top notch in terms of quality.

        • I’m speaking about Guido genius.
          And lastly, I’m damn serious, your name seems to be an indian and you have no confidence with the team, nobody urged you to support us.
          For more context, refer yourself to the Madrid UCL games this season, their team was inferior in terms of quality than PSG and City, yet they knocked them out. This is what differentiate between a team that has positive spirit and teams that lacks mentality.
          Sorry to say, but your takes are awful

  6. I would say if 26 players. Scaloni will take
    3 goalies
    9 defenders (instead of 8)
    7 midfielders
    7 forwards

    That means among your midfield list, only 2 will be taken. My choices: Palacios and Enzo Fernandez. I still think Palacios has the edge over others being the 6th midfielder.

    The 7th midfielder though will be a battle among MacAllister, Enzo, and Nico Dominguez. Or maybe Buendia if Scaloni considers him as midfielder.

  7. The game of Spurs vs Liverpool. First of all according to sofascore and whoscored, Cuti did not have a good rating and that is false. Why?

    Because Liverpool played not like themselves against Spurs. They played like Barca last night. When they pressed you all over with 10 world class players, it is impossible to have 98% passing accuracy. Yes Cuti misplaced some passes due to the pressure. The sites like sofascore and whoscored will deduct the point off you if you have low passing accuracy.

    However if you really watched the game along with some credible pro Spurs website like football london or evening standard or spursweb who did really watch the game closely, they all gave Cuti 8.5-9 rating because they understand what it meant to limit Liverpool to just 1 lucky goal and super few chances in Anfield. They understood that the defense must have done something outstanding for that to happen.

    Notes of the season for Cuti so far:
    1. Cuti had 2 great games against the 2 leaders City and Liverpool. He was the MOM against both teams. If you add Copa America final Brazil match to that where he played great, it shows that Cuti rises to the occasion. Those are 3 great games against the world strongest.

    2. The 2 games against the top teams in England where Cuti played bad were against MU twice and Chelsea. CR7 owned him. But 2 games were when Nuno was still the managers. 2 other games were under Conte. Cuti was not that good yet under Nuno.

    3. MU is officially out of the top 4 race. Now it is the Spurs vs. Arsenal only and they will meet in 3 days at Spurs. If Spurs win that game, they would still need Arsenal to draw/lose one of their remaining 4 games for Spurs to win the final 4 race which is not unrealistic.

    • Another proof that whoscored and sofascore rating is not valid. Last week against Leicester, Cuti was officially the MOM and it was his best game in Spurs shirt but both sofascore and whoscored gave him a wtf rating of 7.4.

    • Yes i think so. he played too many miss pass and possession lost at frist half and attatcks more come from salah side and device block 10 shot. So they got more rating.And i personally like c Romero same as Messi coz i saw how much we suffer every world cup for decent CB.After Samuel, ayala he is the best cb in recents years.but yesterday game was not up to the mark according to his standards speciily 1st half..According to spurs fan their mom was emerson, then they also take device,son, dier, then Romero.

      • Garay was fantastic for us. Don’t forget in 2014 wc we didn’t concede a single goal in the knockout in regulation time. Even Samuel ayala doesn’t have this record

  8. World cup squad is announced a month before the competition that means we have six more months to go and midfield player selection is getting very interesting. FiFa should allow 26 players squad which means we will bring 8 midfielders , 8 defenders, 3 goal keepers and 7 forwards to the world cup.

    Scaloni’s midfield pecking order so far.

    Starting: DePaul, Paredes and Loceslo
    Subs: Papu or Guido ( Depending on the state of the match)

    Players fighting for 3 remaning spot, pecking order


    Evidently Scaloni thinks MacAllister is a good fit for his game plan & style and if Palacios can stay fit he is 90% in. Only one out of Dominguez, Buendia and Lanzini will be picked unless they do something extraordinary during the 3 months of club football before the world cup!! Realistically, it might be too little too late to integrate Lanzini or Enzo unless someone gets injured!!

    • Enzo is a necessity. He will be integrated just like Romero did. We still have 6 friendly left plus 1 month training camp in june that’s enough to integrate him. If scaloni calls up enzo in June thn he may start one of the 4 friendlies in June and if he impresses him in training he will be selected.

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