Lautaro Martínez scores twice for Inter, reaches 19 goals in Serie A this season


Lautaro Martínez scored twice for Inter as he reached 19 goals in Serie A this season.

Martínez continues his scoring form. The Argentine scored twice for Inter in their 4-2 win vs. Empoli.

With the score at 2-1 for Empoli, it was a ball into the penalty area to Lautaro and his first time effort beat the goalkeeper to draw Inter level. The second goal was also off a first time effort.

The Empoli goalkeeper made a save off an initial header and the clearance fell to Lautaro who would score to give Inter the 3-2 lead.

Now on 23 goals, this is Lautaro’s most prolific season.


  1. Cuti vs. Liverpool tonight:
    1. Outperform Van Dijk aka the best defender in the world.
    2. Had at least 7-10 interceptions/defensive duels won.
    3. Kept Luis Diaz and Mane quiet
    4. Liverpool got a lucky deflected goal
    5. The commentator said “Outstanding Romero”
    6. No Liverpool players won one on one duel against him.
    7. Even if your grandma was the goalie, the score would have still been 1-1. He made Lloris job very easy against “the world best team” Liverpool.
    8. Man of the Match.

    My rating for him: 8

    • Not only Romero davies and Emerson was also fantastic. Dier also decent. Defending is a team process you cant do single handedly. Lisandro and Romero cb pair will be amazing and otamendi for back 3 or their sub

    • He was outstanding in second half but at frist just ok type.. Dier, Device even Emerson was outstanding in both half.

    • Brilliant game by Cuti. Totally agree. I love how he is playing at the top level against the top teams. This is the level you need to play at.

      The English commentators have completely lapped up Cuti. They will take care of marketing him now. Feels great one of our boys is doing so well.

      Btw, Luis Diaz have taken EPL by storm. Surprised by his level.

    • I must say, I am usually wary of moves to the premier league for our boys but this league really suits Cuti. He gets to practice against the best attacks in the world on a consistent basis and fits right in at that level. Not to mention it’s only his first season. I also watched the game and I loved his tackle on Robertson lol

  2. After 60th minute, the Spurs is showing to the whole world how to face Liverpool. Liverpool had close to 0 chance…

    Now they are attacking the Spurs like crazy after trailing 0-1. Very good test for Cuti.

  3. MacAllister had a great game against Man Utd. He has improved a lot in the last 10 matches. He may not be fast or flashy, but he has good positional and tactical awareness and he is smart.

  4. Emiliano Buendía vs. Burnley:

    – 80 minutes
    – 1 goal
    – 1 assist
    – 45 touches
    – 25/28 passes completed
    – 2/3 long passes completed
    – 4/6 total duels won
    – 4 recoveries
    – 2 fouls won

  5. Buendia finally played good. if I have to choose him or Macallister for the seleccion, I would pick Buendia. the reason is simple. Buendia can do anything Macallister can and more. Too bad the coaching management considers Buendia a winger not a midfielder.

    My choice for the 4th midfielder is still Palacios though, then Enzo Fernandez then Nicolas Dominguez.

    Btw, can’t wait to watch Cuti vs Liverpool in a couple of hours!

    • No, Macallister can play in 3 men midfield Buendia cant, Buendia is only good when he is the alpha man, who creates, doesnt work with Coutinho neither, for us it is Messi then Di Maria so Buendia cant do his job, for an attacker is not dangerous or fast enough. We have better midfielders who works in the system, defending, good off the ball, pressing, creating etc. Buendia is not that guy.

  6. A.Correa needs to move the fcuk out of A.Madrid if he really wants to go to the world cup. Last season he was Atletico’s top 5 players scoring the winning goal to clinch the title but this season due to Simeone’s obsession with non Argentine players and his rotational policy both Correa and Depaul are having mediocre season!!

    • Angel Correa is to blame himself, should have left Atlético a long ago. the guy is good, would have look different player under attacking manager. I mean he could been much better player than he is now.

    • I think Simeone is one of those coaches who never favors any of the compatriots. Maybe he has seen it somewhere that all of the world class coaches rarely have obsession on their compatriots. For example Conte is not obsessed with Italian players. Guardiola had a couple of Spaniards on City but he does not necessarily prefer Spanish players. Zidane wasn’t that much of a fan of French players and so on.

      Maybe Simeone thinks in order for him to be a world class manager, he has to ignore the fact whether a player is Argentine or not. Mediocre coaches usually likes his compatriots like Nuno Santo for example had like 6 Portuguese players or so when managing the Wolves. Then we remember how Koeman was obsessed with his compatriots like Depay, Luke De Jong, and so on.

      I am not a fan of Simeone, though. I agree Correa and De Paul need to go somewhere next season.

  7. It looks like only two players who are downgrading are Correa bothers both J. Correa and Angle Correa does not look good for NT right now.

  8. Buendia performance today is reminiscent of his Norwich days. To me he’s not in contention for a central midfield role but rather he’s competing with Angel Correa, Ocampos, Dybala, etc for a half-winger, quasi-ten, second striker kind of position.

    • He should be in his full form to impress Gerrard. If he can then he would make it in the starting 11 next remaining games. That may force scaloni to include in the squad against Italy. Remember it should have to be an extraordinary from buendia. Anything below that means nothing good for him.

  9. Lautaro Martinez is very good player, criminally underrated but he is not world class yet but he will be very soon if he continues to perform in highest level like he is doing now in consistent level, I mean scoring 25 to 30 plus goals in every season… so happy for him …

  10. Love it.

    This guy has super intensity. Moreover there are players who do better for NT. He is one of them. He should stay and Inter and not disrupt his progress by changing clubs.

  11. A lethal number 9 would be so crucial to our effort in Qatar. I hope Lautaro is fit and on fire in November just like now. Plus for us he tends to perform even better than for Inter.

    Crespo on Lautaro in an interview to Gazzetta dello Sport in February: “He’s a top striker, sought after by the biggest European clubs and who made the choice to stay at Inter because he wanted to grow his game. I follow him and, even if at a distance, I give him my affection. In the penalty area he is deadly. He can shoot well with his left and right foot. He’s good with his head and with acrobatic efforts”.

    • He is very lethal what we want from a number 9 and day by day he keeps improving. What a player he is! Talented plus hardworking mentality! He is not only world class(in here 2 days ago some one say only messi is world class) but also one of the best number 9

    • Another thing I noticed is his direction of hitting penalties. He always goes for the left side of the post or else straight. I couldn’t remember he goes for the right side while taking PK.

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