Cristian Romero out with a knock, misses North London Derby for Tottenham Hotspur


Cristian Romero is out with a knock and missed the North London derby for Tottenham Hotspur.

Romero was left out of the team for Tottenham’s match against Arsenal. Per a report by The Athletic, he received a knock to the hip during Tottenham’s match against Liverpool.

Tottenham would go on to win the match 3-0 without the defender. No initial reports out on the severity of Romero’s injury.


  1. C. Romero has played 30 matches total and 22 PL matches this season so we can not day he is injury prone while he is adaptating the league last season in Atalanta he played 40+ matches in single season. So he is not that much injury prone.

  2. It is important to have him fit during the June window. He has missed a lot of NT matches and sessions due to injury or through suspensions. For a solid defence a lot of practice together is required. Hopefully both him and Licha comes fully injury free along with Ota and Pezzella
    These as per Scaloni are our main CBs.

    Now AFA should confirm two friendlies with Israel and S Korea. It will be a useful 3 week camp.

  3. He is very injury prone. Thats why we need 4 top 4 cb. We all know otamendi is reckless he will be booked more often leading to suspension. So that’s why not only lisandro 4th cb is also vital in a long tournament like wc i think its between pezella senesi and medina. I don’t like any of them. Mayb medina can be better as he can play left back also

    • I think he has a knock only, and was rested because the Spurs next game is in 48 hours. Conte has been using him way too much. He was never absent since February return and got substituted only once in like 17-20 matches or so. He needs a break too.

      • Yeah maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Burnley are a bunch of burly English men (they have that stereotype) that play very rough and are fighting tooth and nail to stay in the Prem. He doesn’t need that before going to NT duty. Could even get a worse injury there

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