Juan Foyth scores for Villarreal in 5-1 win vs. Rayo Vallecano


Juan Foyth scored for Villarreal in their 5-1 win vs. Rayo Vallecano.

Foyth continues his solid season. After reaching the semi finals of the Champions League this seaon, Foyth continues to impress.

With the match at 1-1, a cross was sent into the penalty area and the Argentine with a header as the ball hit the crossbar and went in to give Villarreal the 2-1 lead.


  1. Foyth has notched up a level for me. He stopped at a level for a few years. This year he has moved up a level. Playing at top level and against hard opponents. Basically he is facing the highest test. In my mind he is also a good squad player. Two places in the back and also as a possible holding mid. If there is a spot I would take him over LMQ.

  2. Foyth has turned the Right flank of Villarreal into a Fort! Not many wingers are able to beat him and against Sevilla he had both Papu and Acuna under control , especially our LB Acuna was struggling badly! He has proven himself against world class wingers this season, confidence is super high and has matured a lot! I pick him over LMQ as a 5th CB who can also play as a RB if needed. He will be more than handy if we are defending a lead in a knockout WC match!

      • Back up to Mollina and Montiel while Foyth is better than both. Montiel is bench warmer and Mollina is best for attackinhg but he is weak in air.

      • No need for montiel in the team…foyth is well prepared and in a rhythm to be in the WC…instead of wasting a spot for montiel we can have other player for other position which is more important for the national team

      • Scaloni does not utilize makeshift RBs, he wants to either use width aggressively, hence the preference for Molina or have a balanced approach with Montiel.

        Foyth has been excellent defensively lately, but we don’t play like Villareal with a 4-4-2 and a false back 3 formation where Foyth essentially stays back as a RCB while a LB is more attacking quasi wingback. We also tend to have left footed players like Di Maria and Messi drifting from the right into the centre onto their left foot which leaves heaps of space to be overlapped into on the right flank which Foyth never does because he is a central defender after all. I doubt Scaloni is going to change the system and approach just to accommodate Foyth, although against some stronger opponents especially in knockout stages he might use him one way or another.

    • Foyth will be our starting rb. Just wait and watch. Molina will struggle in this friendlies against good teams im not talking about weak teams like Israel and then scaloni will start foyth and some decent performance will make him a starter in the wc. Coaches change their starting players even during wc. Like sabella 1st started with garay and Federico Fernandez but in knockouts due to his mediocre performance Federico Fernandez was dropped and from quarters garay and demichelis plays as cb pair

      • I am not so sure that Foyth would be our starting RB. Scaloni seems to prefer Molina who is a completely different kind of fullback. A switch from a wingback to a centre-back is a pretty radical shift. To be honest your analogy does not work because while Federico Fernandez vs Demichelis comparison is perfectly valid, Foyth vs Molina is not, it’s a bit an apples to oranges because one is a CB, the other one a wingback. Not like for like at all.

  3. Cuti is out for the season Antonio Conte confirms. Maybe the injury not too serious but the EPL season only has 9 days left. Maybe 9 days not enough for his hips injury.

    Hope he will recover for Italy game though.

    • With 2 months of International break coming up we need him to play to prepare for the WC. Hopefully he will recover in few weeks!

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