Mauricio Pochettino set to leave PSG with club set to make changes


Mauricio Pochettino is set to leave PSG with the club set to make changes.

Pochettino will likely not be at PSG next season. With reports that Kylian Mbappe will remain with the club, Le Parisien is reporting that along with Mbappe’s renewal, the club will undergo changes in staff.

Per the report, Mauricio Pochettino will not be continuing as coach of the club, despite winning Ligue 1 this season. Their current sporting director Leonardo will also not continue.


  1. Messi better move too after his worst season in 16 years. He was involved in 25 goals (goals and assists), his lowest nunber since 2006. His best was 100+. Maybe he and Suarez join Inter Miami and play together again.

  2. Mbappe staying at PSG, confirmed by Fabrizio Romano.
    “Their current sporting director Leonardo will also not continue.” Good news

    Don’t have any expectations of seeing crazy goalscoring numbers from Messi again club-wise. Would be happy to see him break double digits goals and break assist record next season. It’s a shame but it is what it is, PSG is built for Mbappe to shine and Messi gets to play second fiddle. You’re massively downgrading your team by underutilizing Messi like this, but it’s clear that keeping Paris poster boy happy and scoring is their #1 priority, not building a functioning team. Unfortunate that Messi had to go through the Bartomeu sabotage at Barca and now this…

    Imo Mbappe is not the problem of MNM, Neymar is. At Barca he worked well with Messi because he was playing winger role, but at PSG he is playing “Messi role” which doesn’t work when you have Messi himself on the team… Mbappe/F9 Messi/Di Maria trio could have been so good with a proper midfield… But I guess they will stick with Neymar… Let’s see what happens

  3. @Sulav: Insightful indeed…Inter & Juve are very good as they are both physical and technical with the right engines to work with for a player like Messi. I would wait this season and finish with a flourish and call the forage into the French league a success before moving on to Italy.

  4. With Pochettino gone for sure and Mbappe likely announcing he is going to puss out and stay in PSG . Dimaria , Paredes and Icardi leaving, I am not sure Messi is going to feel good . Pochettino might have been forced to make Mbappe the main man at PSG but as an Argentine he stuck with Messi and after that substitution saga he never ever subbed Messi and I am not sure the new manager will continue playing Messi for the whole 90mins and Messi, he hates to get substituted. Next season we will have 3 months of club futbal before the world cup and the only good thing about Mbappe’s uturn is that there will be no pressure on Messi’s shoulders to carry the team. He will arrive at the world cup with fresh legs but in a long run Mbappe staying is not a good news for Leo. He still has min 2 season of competitive futbal left in him and I am not sure he will be okay being isolated on the field for 3 yrs straight to please Mbappe. I think he should take a pay cut and move to a team that he can help like Inter or even Juve. PSG will never win anything as long as Mbappe is their main man. He has pace but he doesn’t have the skills Messi had to carry a team for a whole decade . You need a well oiled team to win Champions league like old Barca or current Liverpool or Madrid. Real will be super pissed,they made him their priority and let go Haaland and now he gave them a finger and burned the bridge.

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