Argentina team arriving for Finalissima vs. Italy, Lionel Messi, Ángel Di María


The players of the Argentina national team have started to arrive with somne arriving on Tuesday.

Rodrigo De Paul posted on his Instagram on Sunday evening a picture of himself with Ángel Correa and Cristian Romero. The three players are already in Bilbao, Spain, which is where the Argentina national team will be based for their Finalissima match against Italy.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni will get more players on Tuesday. Per Gastón Edul, Lionel Messi and Ángel Di María will be arriving on Tuesday.

River Plate boss Marcelo Gallardo has already stated that both Julián Álvarez and Franco Armani will play for the club on Wednesday. They will arrive on Friday.

Marcos Senesi is taking part in the Conference League final for Feyenoord and will arrive on Thursday.


  1. I can’t find anything that confirms mbappe said those exact words. poor translation meant to ruffle feathers. He says Brazil and France are favorites but France has an edge due to more competition in Europe

  2. No extra time in Finallisima? As i see instant penalties, very bad for us, we are the more dangerous team. Our defense will laugh at Immobile, Berardi and Insigne, but penalties is a big chance for Italy with Donnarumma.

  3. De Paul, Correa, and Cuti in one picture?

    The conversation be like:

    “How is your season in the Spurs?”

    “Fantastic! It doesn’t get any better” Cuti says. How is your season in Atletico?

    “Sucks! The coach doesn’t trust us!”

    Come on go out from Atletico both of u. Join the Spurs! Recruit both of them Cuti. Lol.

    • That is good one as being a spurs fan since Late 70’s and Still the only team for me personally in England as i never really enjoyed English football until foreign managers and players arrived, but Still until now i prefer Serie A or even La Liga though Athletico waisting RDP’s and A.Correa’s attacking talents, though at same time they learn more of Cholismo and about defending and setbpieces and hopefully not more grit that they allready have, because both are ultimate warriors as Cuti, but i don’t want them taking and picking cards specially at WC or while presenting Arg Nt which i think they do understand as i’m sure Scaloni is also aware of this etc…but Yes Spurs, Yes everyone u heard me fight, that bloody cursed team who destroyd Lamela’s and Lo Celso’s career’s, lol! Could indeed have some use for more Arg players, though not sure if that is what Conte want’s…?

      • Btw Spurs was the first English team to have an foreign player amongst their ranks and they also visited Argentina long,long time ago as they sailed at River Plata for a quite some time and have allways had a good relationship to Argentina mostly because of Ardiles and villa, but also Glenn Hoddle was ahuge Diego fan and played in special game arranged for Diego at wembley with many other great players, so spurs in England has been a small version of Inter in Italy for Arg players, though back in Diego’s time’s Napoli was my favourite, but i have alkways liked Inter because of their tradition to favor Arg players as offcourse there been other Italian teams too obviously…etc as in Spain Valencia has great tradition also with arg players starting with Kempes to Lopez, Ayala, Pellegrini, Kily Gonzalez and Aimar too even Banega and wasn’t RDP also once their player too…or do i remember wrongly now ?

    • Actually thinking with Sense now if i was Conte i will send Cuti recruit both of those 2 as RDP’s and A.Correa’s working rate will deffinetly please Conte as manager….right?

      • The bottom line is both De Paul and Correa needs to be out of the Atletico ASAP. I don’t believe there is any club on earth worse than Atletico for Argentines.

        This Atletico keep wanting our players (Dybala, Molina, Lautaro, Paredes). I hope they will end up with none of them.

  4. Scaloni is impressed with Guido especially now that he is playing with more authority. Scaloni once mentioned about guidos passion for the NT and his contacts with the NT when he was away. He can become an influential player in our journey. And there is no need of Enzo now. Especially our 2 DMs are in good form and also we have Martinez to try in that position. And these underrated words from mbabbe would be always a blessing in disguise.

    • Mbappe seems forget big Europe teams almost guarantee to qualify for world cup cuz they face likes Andorra, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Belarus, Latvia Albania Malta, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, Bosnia, montenegro , Finland, Norway and many more.
      – he also forgot Uruguay knock out last two world Cup, Italy, England and Portugal. Colombia took England to the penalties , peru took France to limit weakest Argentina team eve almost beat france Mexico and south Korea beat Germany. So what the f….k is he talking about, is he alright? To me, Mbappe statement is bit disrespect which will motivate south American teams more.

      • Being a good player does not mean one is intelligent generally. It os obviously devoid of any logic. The good thing is this statement of his can be bullets on the board material for us. He will be praying he does not bump into us in the WC.

      • Mbabbe like many young players grown in wrong enviroment with mobile attached to their ARM as prisoners has things attached and locked to their legs and Still with mobile advice available at 24/7 he doesn’t know how to use it properly instead taking also selfies and most propably following celebrities, what an disrespectfull idiot!

      • Yeah. And there is a reason for his arrogance. Coz on individual level he is a world cup winner which Messi and Neymar has not achieved till now. Also Team wise France defeated Argentina last time out and defeated Belgium who defeated Brazil. And he just doesn’t even think about his club mates when speaking this bullshits😏. Also he is the main man in PSG. I dont think with this arrogance he is going to win atleast 1 ballon d’or. The same arrogance with players like richarlison and the 5 wc saga😏.

    • Enzo is not a paredes or guido replacement rather he will be replacement for both depaul and locelso. There r players who can replace locelso but there is no one other than Enzo who can replace depaul.

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