Kylian Mbappe’s controversial comments on Argentina, Brazil and South America


Kylian Mbappe had some controversial things to say about Argentina, Brazil and South America.

Mbappe has made the headlines lately but one comment was able to anger an entire continent. The France and PSG star spoke to TNT Brasil where he stated the following:

“Argentina and Brazil don’t play games at a high level to get to the World Cup. Football is not as advanced as it is in Europe and it shows when you watch the last World Cups.”

This caused a big debate to break out on social media. Considering the amount of trophies and World Cups which have been won by Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, his theory might not be too factual.

Argentina played against all of South America to qualify for a World Cup. Mbappe and France had to play against Ukraine, Finland, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kazakhstan. You can decide which team had the more difficult path to the World Cup.

If you look at any top European team, you will find several Argentine players. Lionel Messi, Ángel Di María, Leandro Paredes, Emiliano Martínez, Cristian Romero, Lautaro Martínez, Gio Lo Celso and Juan Foyth, just to name a few, are all important for their clubs.


  1. There’s no standout player at the moment that’re generational talents apart from Messi & CR7 to an extent. All these players may have 1-2 good seasons and they taper off!

  2. Freedom of speech.. leave the guy alone… who cares what mbappe thinks.. I still think mbbape at the moment is the best in the world. He can talk so cause he won a world cup… so he will boast and talk how he wants.. after all look at the power he has at psg now.. so guys don’t be upset over a comment… everyone has their own opinions…

      • Well as I said that’s my thoughts. Someone else would say Someone else but nothing wrong with that.. I believe in terms of speed skill and finishing I think at the moment yes. Benzema slightly better this season yes I agree..

  3. if you speak big you have the danger to fall big.
    if i was in his place i would be more careful.
    anyway really i like this type of arrogant talk against us. i really feel smile read this type of comments. the victory will be much more sweet and the party on November will be loooooooonger !!!

  4. And No, Messi’s not a one-club wonder regardless of the stupid takes that some of the CR7, Mbappe, EPL, Portugese and some women tend to make others believe. The played 20 seasons, all his life at one club and moved to another club literally at the fag end of his career and still makes plays like it’s nobody’s business…Can’t expect him to dribble several players as he did in his prime…I think he’ll suprise these idiots in the worldcup.

  5. This is controversial to quite a few folks anywhere in the world but here’s what it is: Mbappe’s over-rated…A glorified speed merchant. A lot lesser than O’Phenomeno, our very own Batigol, Van Basten and so many more players back in the day. They say he’s going to hit is peak…Well, you’ll watch his decline over the next few years and he’s a 2nd rung player, a Robinho in his prime. The guy’s too greedy, too stupid and thinks very highly of himself…Another Elijaro Elia but with a higher ceiling. I don’t know what they see in that dude…Several right backs/fullbacks in the french league are below par and just physical. Watch one of their latest games and you’ll see that one of the players had a torrid time covering this guy due to his speed and the coach literally didn’t bother to double team and be a bit defensive but instead played like a head-less chicken until after the penalty…. Mbappe is a good player but nowhere close to what the tiktok and the twitter crowd make him seem to be!

  6. Mbappe can talk trash because the South American sides did really poor in the last World Cup. Also it’s been a long time since a South American side won the WC.

    But it won’t be long. This year Argentina and Brazil are as strong as any Europeans out there. I expect both Agentina and Brazil to be in the semifinal this year (and no I am not a fan of Brazil).

  7. Mbappes comments are only controversial if they are poorly translated. Wish someone that spoke French could validate because i cannot find any credible resource that translates his comments similar to what is posted here. I read another translation and it doesnt appear to be disrespectful.

    I’ll keep digging but take this post with a grain of salt.

  8. Childish as in the field. Not respecting others.

    Mbappe will understand the difficulties of qualifying to the WC, if he plays in CONMEBOL. I don’t think, France will easily qualify to the WC, if they played in south American qualifiers. Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia will not be easy for them. Surprising match between Bolivia and Ecuador at high altitude will also be tricky. Any team in Latin can surprise France.

  9. We are debating something that is undebatable…. Kilyan is a naive kid who thinks that he is bigger than he actually is. I have been watching football since I was a kid. I have seen great players like Zidane, Sammer, Romario, Van Bastien, George Weah, Ronaldo, recently Kaka, Ronaldinho Iniesta. Kilyan is not even close to those players. He is having a great moment for sure but he is no where near where he believes he is. Messi and CR7 have been on Ballon d’or podium for more than a decade. How many times he was a the podium? Let’s not taking that seriously he doesn’t know what he is talking about ….

  10. In addition to Enzo Fernandez benfica also interest to sign either lanus left back julion Aude ( currently with U-20 team) or Velez left back Francisco Ortega.

  11. Its an ignorant statement devoid of any logic. Argentina played 2014 finals. Then had a bad bad phase leading into 2018 which all fans are aware off.European qualifiers are way easier with far more substandard teams playing anyways. France won the WC with far less peak teams.Got lucky in many ways.Then cucked out in Euros then had a laughable qualifying campaign. There is no login in what he says. Good thing is his career is almost over with this attitude. His ceiling is Neymar level at best.

  12. Just a dumb & ignorant asshole!! Can’t expect more from an ignorant fool like him!
    We should concentrate in our progress anyway..

  13. Reports are Mbappe wants Poch to continue as he prioritized him over Leo making Messi look like a one club wonder and also if Neymar leaves he will be happy!! It seems like he is taking over the role of sporting director as well.

    • This time i will totally agree with you Anuparno. We have to answer on the field and this time i feel that we are more than capable to do so. Like some fellow fans said below, France barely defeated Argentina in the previous wc, while being at their best and Argentina at their worst.

      Anyway, humility is a gift, an admirable asset, which a spoilt brat like Mpappe doesn’t possess yet. Let him fly over the moon now until he crashes and burns when will face reality.

      • @waveride true we r stronger than last wc but France also stronger than last wc. Its futile to compare the results of the past world cups. We may not face any strong European side before final anyways as i believe Netherlands or Denmark is not that strong and Brazil will defeat spain or Germany whoever they face in quarters. No need to think about France as we may even not face them atall

        • I don’t know Anuparno. I don’t think that Brazil can beat Germany. Actually, if they would play now, i would bet for Germany. Moreover, i don’t think that France is that good currently as they were in the previous world cup. They are one of the favourites but i can’t say that they are as good they were. In the previous Euro they were outplayed by Switzerland. They didn’t lose because they were unlucky, they lost because they didn’t deserve to win. I watched the game and it was obvious, at least to me, that Switzerland was more than enough for them.

          • That euro France had horrible ego of clashes with Benzema and mbappe and mbappe performed poorly. They right now has some of the best youngsters around. If they play Benzema mbappe koman trio thats the best trio right now. Thn there is camavinga, tchoumeni, pogba, nkunku, sissoko etc there only weakness is their defense which is not that great

  14. Yes European played at higher level… yet here’s some result from last 2 WC…

    England vs Colombia = 0-0
    Spain vs Chile = 0-2
    Uruguay vs Portugal (Euro champ) = 2-1
    Uruguay vs England = 2-1
    Uruguay vs Italy = 2-1
    S Korea vs Germany = 2-0
    Mexico vs Germany = 1-0
    France at their best vs Argentina at their worst = 4-3
    Argentina defeated 4 European teams in 2014.

    The European qualifier group has always been a joke. All the powerhouse teams are scattered in various groups playing against country which you cant even find on world map.

  15. In other news, I just saw Laporta’s comments about Leo and Neymar. He said if they want to return they should return for free because it doesn’t make sense paying for players that we had already. And then we have to see if they fit in to our project.
    Laporta is the definition of a douchebag. Someone needs to put this dope in his place. If it wasn’t for Leo, this moron would be running a laundromat somewhere.

    • Mbappe can never have a better assist provider than Messi and also Messi who is used to be center of the attack is adjusting to being a just another forward on the field. He has begun to take more direct shots, still looks to pass even though others would have tried scoring . Plus Messi shirt sales were 60million in 6 months and the PSG and Ligue 1 fan following has quadrupled. Both ligue 1 and PSG are more than happy to have Messi. If they receive any club offering to pay Neymar’s salary they will happily let him go for 80-90 million but Messi, they want to hold on to him. Barca is never getting him back!! He in a club which likes to play FiFa in real life.

  16. It’s comments like these that make you appreciate Messi and Ronaldo even more because of how well thought they were before they made a comment. In their prime, they would make this fellow look like a child on the pitch. Now that he has the mantle, he has a habit of sticking his foot in his mouth. His PSG team didn’t win shit, France didn’t do shit in Euros, and wait a few months and the French will get their ass handed to them in the world cup. Humility is great medicine and a good ass kicking is good for the soul. Grow up young man.

    • When Arg. beat Italy, he will probably say that Italy is not at a high level right now. If Arg. lose, he’ll say “yes, I told you”

  17. Mbappe’s France barely defeated Sampaoli’s shambolic Argentina. He needs to travel to La Paz, Quito and Barranquilla before talking.

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