Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez responds to Kylian Mbappe’s comments on South America


Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez responded to Kylian Mbappe’s comments on the difference in qualify in South America.

“Dibu” Martínez disagrees with Mbappe’s comments that there is a difference in quality between South America and Europe. Speaking in an interview with Gastón Edul of TyC Sports, here is what he had to say:

“Bolivia in La Paz, Ecuador with 30 degrees, Colombia where you cannot breathe. They (European) always play on perfect pitches and they don’t know what South America is.

“Every time you travel to the national team, it’s two days between going and coming back, you’re exhausted and you can’t train much. An Englishman goes to train with England and in 30 minutes he is there. Let them go to Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador… Let’s see how easy it is for them.”


  1. I really like this guy!! Apart from the fact that after many years we finally have a world class goalkeeper, this guy have an admirable mentality, he has the nerve and grit which is needed and was missing since Diego’s era.

    Humility is very important but i think that sometimes we have to stand up and defend our ground with few, simple words. Thats what he did and he just said the truth and only the truth.

    • Not necessarily true. Argentina won 1986 wc thn reach final next wc. Brazil won 1994 wc thn reach final in next wc. Brazil won 1958 wc thn won next wc in 1962.so anything can happen. Records are meant to be broken anyways

    • France 2018 was incredibly strong. Pretty much world class in every position. This year, not so sure. Some key players already past their peak such as Lloris, Varane, Pogba, Griezmann. Those 4 are still their key players and those 4 decline more than Messi or CR7.

      They are still the team to beat to me as their new generations still look incredibly strong, but if they lost in earlier round in the WC, I won’t be surprised.

      • france is super strong in attack. very weak and thin in midfield. even kante is on decline. and midfield needs the most chemistry, which they are lacking. there defence is weak as compared to argentina and their goalkeeper is ok. they are very much beatable by team like brazil,argentina and italy. the 3 european team that are dangerous are england ,portugal and spain. all three have the players to create an upset in the world cup.
        argentina on the other hand , 19 out of 26 players have proved their worth on european level along with great chemistry.only one goal keeper(rulli and armani), 2 defenders(pezzella,senesi and montiel),2 forwards(dybala,ocampos and the 2 correa) and 2 midfielder(list is long) remains to be selected except of mid field selection all the other position players are very good ,may be not world class , but good enough to be in argentina squad. we are putting our head now on players who may not even play and the core 19 players have seen different scenarios and have build the chemistry required to be successful in world cup.

  2. No need to respond. Answer it on the field. Mbappe was wrong that qualification process is easy in South America. Its tough but yes Europe has better teams than conmebal right now. Like conmebal has 3 top teams in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and 2 decent teams in Columbia and chile. Now Europe has italy, germany, france, England, spain, Belgium,portugal that’s 7 top teams and another 3-4 decent teams like denmark, Switzerland, Croatia etc so yes European teams are stronger. They have more top teams so chances of winning wc automatically increase. But Brazil and Argentina absolutely on par with their top teams. We were unlucky that in recent years we lost to Europeans. Every great circle has an ending we can see this year that some South American nations could win the wc. But we have to improve in many things like Europeans r master in tactics and they have a great mentality. Also they have the height or physicality advantage. Lets see hoping for the best.

    • you are going on reputation of team. belgium has very old players. italy is out of world cup. germany defence is in very bad shape. they don’t have bench strength. please check their squad and france defence and midfield is too bad right now. croatia is super old team . right now i can bet columbia is better than denmark,croatia and switzerland.it was their bad luck that they could not qualify but they are better than most teams present in world cup. only 3 european teams are a threat now spain,england and portugal.

      • Let the world cup start thn you will get surprised by the performance of European sides. They somehow rectify their weaknesses before wc and they know how to win close matches. U can’t predict seeing their form in club or other tournaments they don’t show their full strength. U will be surprised when the wc will start.

        • i have been watching world cups since 1982 and can assure you team with high percentage of over 30+ years in defence and midfield have never won a world cup. i have told you which are the 3 difficult sides .for others , football is no ps2 that you replace some players and team start to function. teams require time to gel which these teams don’t have.

  3. A real warrior! 💪👌 Sometimes its so necessary to open ur mouth against foul talks of some dumb shits. Before Emi, Argentina was missing something like that.
    After Messi, he definitely can be our captain too.

  4. If you see or following our players social media platform you will know who is friends who, my favourite band are cuti, licha and molina those three are good friends.
    Leo paredes, celso, de Paul, papu , Di Maria , otamendi and Messi are good friends, Pezzella, Guido and Acuna are good friends too. Nico gonzalez and MacAllister are together, Palacios, montiel, alaverz and Armani friends.

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