Rumors of Argentina against Morocco in friendly match


There are rumors of a possible friendly match between Argentina and Morocco.

The Argentina national team only have one friendly match for the month of June. The Finalissima match against Italy on June 1 is the only test for Lionel Scaloni’s team.

With the match against Brazil in Australia cancvelled and the rumored matches against Israel and South Korea not takking place, rumors have surfaced of the Copa America champions playing against the North African team.

With European countries having the Nations League, if Argentina were to play a second match in June, it would very likely have to be against a team from a different continent.

Argentina are presently based in Bilbao, Spain training for the match against Italy on June 1 at Wembley.


  1. Why FIFA is not dealing with this fairly, I mean an international team ranked in the top5 having no games against other continents is unbelievable
    As if we are living in the 18th century we need to travel by ships

  2. Morocco is a decent team. Make it happen. I can’t believe where as all the European teams playing 3-4 matches and we are stuck with only 1 match. European sides will be better prepared for the wc

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