Carlos Tevez announces retirement from football


Carlos Tevez has announced his retirement from football.

Tevez has stated that he has retired from football at 38 years old. The Argentine has had an illustrious career spanning 20 years. Speaking on Argentine television on Friday, here is what he had to say:

“I have retired, it’s confirmed. They offered me many things, including from the United States. But that’s it, I have given everything.

“Playing the last year was very difficult but I was able to see my old man. I stopped playing because I lost my number one fan.”

The 38 year old was referring to his father who passed away last year. Tevez also stated that he will become a coach.

With the Argentina national team, Tevez won gold at the 2004 Summer Olympics while also participating in two FIFA World Cups.

A winner at many clubs, Tevez won five league titles with Boca Juniors while also winning a Copa Libertadores and an Intercontinental Cup. After that he joined Corinthians where he won the Campeonato Brasileiro in 2005 before travelling to Europe.

His first club in Europe was West Ham United where he would prove to be one of their important players as he helped the escape relegation. After that he joined Manchester United where he was part of one of the club’s all time best front three.

With United, he would win two Premier League trophies, a Champions League and a Club World Cup. A controversial move to Manchester City saw him part of the memorable team which won the league in 2011-2022 which was followed by a move to Juventus.

At the club, he would win two Serie A titles before finally moving to Shanghai Shenhua in China where he won the Chinese FA Cup.


  1. Great player but unlucky with Argentina. He almost cost Argentina the 2010 qualification by unnecessarily getting sent off a few times and missing penalties.

    Sabela was justified in removing him, but unfortunately in the World Cup we ended up needing someone like him because Higuain couldn’t move his ass and Aguero and Di Maria got injured.

  2. He was fantastic at the Olympics in 2004. All games won, zero goals conceded and Carlitos topscorer. Superb.

  3. When Sabella took over beside strengthening the fragile defense , team harmony was his top priority. Tevez back then had just moved to Juventus after his extremely toxic breakup with city coaching staff and his move from Utd to City wasn’t controversy free. Sabella didn’t want any toxicity in the dressing room by his inclusion. Yes, he was miles ahead of Palacio but he wouldn’t accept a subordinate role by being 3rd in striker pecking order. Moreover Higuain and Aguero were far more clinical than Tevez. Had Carlitos moved to Juve before Sabella took over he could have gone to 2014 WC but Higuain and Aguero were better fit to Sabella’s game plan.

  4. Argentina starters:
    Gomez; Aguilar, Di Lollo, Genez, Carboni; M Gonzales, Infantino, Sanabria; Luka, Soule, Garnacho

    Very strong line up! F Carboni replacing Aude as left back. We need at least 1 point to qualify. France need 3. They will attack us.

  5. One of greatest talent in the name of CARLITOScan’t ignore any Argn loved fans.But our beloved coaches couldn’t understand how to use great talents. He is a victim of our clueless coaches

  6. A draw would be good against France, our average age is 18,5 theirs 19,5 one year more, play at home, and have a lot of players with first division playing experience unlike ours.

  7. He was wonderful talent i still feel he could have selected for the 2014 wc atleast. He was 30 at that time. Specially because Aguero was injured dimaria had a niggle and messi was coming back from an injury the result could have been different

    • Well, now u are talking wisely as SABELLA should have picked him, but was affraid of locker room clashes etc…which in a way kind of understand, but it so easy to say now after 8 year’s from me or anyone else that he should have been there and would have made the difference, maybe..,as we will never know ?

      • Yes but its very sad that he practically not called after 2011 copa he was 27 years at that time he did play 1-2 friendlies in 2014 and was in squad in 2015 copa bt that’s insignificant how a talent like tevez ignored in his prime is beyond my understanding naturally players hit their peak at 27-28 i don’t know what happened did messi and tevez had a ego clash or something like that?? I can’t remember anything that kind of ego clash between messi and Tevez. We wasted many talents like that in the past. I loved watching him play and always wonder why sabella never called him up

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