Alejandro Garnacho, Matías Soulé, Luka Romero start for Argentina U20 at Toulon


Alejandro Garnacho, Matías Soulé and Luka Romero are all in the starting eleven for the Argentina U20 team.

Garnacho once more starts for Argentina as he will try to make it two goals in three matches. The Argentine has started the last two matches, scoring in the 1-0 win vs. Panama with Matías Soulé providing a great assist.

Argentina U20 coach Javier Mascherano has made it two wins out of two in the tournament. A 1-0 win vs. Saudi Arabia and a 1-0 win vs. Panama, his team top Group A at the tournament. Here is the starting eleven:

Francisco Gomez
Brian Aguilar
Lautaro Di Lollo
Nahuel Genez
Franco Carboni
Maximiliano Gonzalez
Gino Infantino
Matías Soulé
Mateo Sanabria
Luka Romero
Alejandro Garnacho


  1. 2-6. Garnacho individual skill won him a penalty and he took it himself. Very poor coaching by Masche. Yes similar to Diego’s team. The work rate is very poor for all players. No midfielders or attackers willing to defend.

    Garnacho seems to be the only one who lives up the expectation. Everyone else is below the expectation.

    F. Carboni had a poor game. Aude looks more talented than him.

    Sanabria number 7 is good at dribbling, a pure right winger like Lavezzi, but he did not want to defend.

    The defense and the GK all need to be changed.

    Also I don’t like the fact that our u20 team has different philosophy than our senior team. Our senior team emphasize on defense. Don’t care much about ball possession. Our u20 team us the complete opposite.

    France senior team and u20 for example. They have the same philosophy. They play the exact same way.

    I don’t think there is a semi final for us. It is quite disappointing, but we were also unlucky to be drawn in the same group as the favorite France.

    • I agree what you say about the philosophy, it is much better for the u20 teams to have a similar philosophy to the senior team. I still want to personally go easy with Masche because I don’t think first impressions are the best to judge a coach’s cycle. Scaloni also started off poorly. Hopefully Mascherano learns from this and we see improvements

    • Now Masch know how difficult the coaching is…, as a player, may be he thought it is very easy.
      I don’t like any coach who stick to one style irrespective of the opponent.

    • We should try same philosophy in all the level. AFA already told they will try to continue with Scaloni irrespective of the WC result. So, it’s better to use a coach who can use same philosophy for U20 also.

  2. So far 1-6.

    Argentina can still qualify but in group B. Mexico vs Indonesia has to end up draw.

    Then in Group C one of the these matches:

    has to be a draw.

    Slim chance, though.

  3. Don’t get me wrong. There is only one star material in this squad and thats garnacho or mayb soule if Juventus give him chance but italian league not famous for giving youth chances. So this result is expected. This result showing us we should remain humble thankfully senior team defense is quite decent and scaloni aimar samuel ayala all give preference to defensive structure first.

  4. Argentina’s u20 defense is quite weak. But nothing to be worried as Romero, lisandro, neuhen perez, senesi all r quite young and they will be around for 8-10 years and in that period some new talents will emerge.

  5. France players are older with 1 year avg. huge handicap in this young age category, and have first division experience. Mascherano misscoaching is a big problem too. In PD Infantino is literally an attacking midfielder, this team is like ARG10 vs Germany, only attackers wo zentral midfielders. Gonzalez the loan midfielder like Mascherano was in 2010 quarter

  6. luka past statistics initially tells he is going to be huge talents for AR.. but his recent growth don’t tells that he is going upto the that level. rather there are other player who has big potential to coming as next decent player for AR..

    also i want to say this forum is lol forum.. bcs majority of member of this site is lol.. when team wins they comment like lol.. when team lose they also comment like lol … macherano isn’t great tactician it is true

    • Is it arg vs France? Or arg vs Nigeria? I think their speed and physicality is greatly affecting our team. No chance to cut through this defense. Look at the tallness and strength of those french players? I think in this age category 1 year is a big age difference compared to u 23. If garnacho, luka were above 20 means the result would not be like this for sure.

      • Garnacho scored 2.what can he do more?? If one team concede 6 thn that team cant win for sure. Garnacho is a talent and he can be promoted to Manchester United senior team

  7. Once again, coaching lets us down. So many Argentine coaches stick to one system and strategy. You have to look at the opponent and adapt. System flexibility is needed.

  8. No collective play. Poor decision by mascherano by playing 4 attackers.I don’t know why he didn’t pick gerelink who has good experience of playing in Madrid castille and can control midfield.

  9. As talented as our youngsters are, it is still a level below French teenagers. Their forward Ektite is just bought by New Castle United after being a star for Reims lique 1 team at 19 years old.

    Then there is Aouchiche, a 19 year old starter for St Etienne senior team. In comparison, our Soule, Luka, and Garnacho are still youth players for their team.

    On their bench there is Tanguy Nianzou, a 19 year old defender who plays 17 times for Bayern Munchen senior team this season.

    • Then if you add Camavinga to the squad, they are clearly the favorite for the WC youth next year. But I hope in one year, our youth will catch up with them.

  10. Whoever said that argentina youth is in good hands think again.. macherano is not a good tactician… he has a very good side and they seems to know nothing about playing football. First match they struggle while France put 5 past Saudi..

    • Yeah Masche DNA is more like Basile, Tata Martino. I don’t think that kinda tactic suits Argentina. The only time that tactic won the WC was Spain many years ago where they had the prime Xavi and Iniesta who perfected that tactic.

      Other than that, that tactic always failed really bad in the WC.

  11. 0-3.

    Honestly I know it is too unfair to judge, but Mascherano has totally different DNA from Scaloni’s team. I mean he plays with 4 attacking minded players today (the big three and Sanabria) and high line defense. That is not smart when u face a strong attacking team that needs to win.

    He is the disciple of Luis Enrique. He played high line defense just like Enrique and Pep always do. That is not Argentina.

    The poor defense is exposed now. All the defenders are very bad and Gomez is equally bad too.

    • Once again, coaching lets us down. So many Argentine coaches stick to one system and strategy. You have to look at the opponent and adapt. System flexibility is needed.

  12. From an attacking position they decide to pass back all the way to the goal keeper for him to give France the ball for them to score..

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