Martín Payero joins Boca Juniors on loan from Middlesbrough


Martín Payero will join Boca Juniors on loan from Middlesbrough.

The 23-year-old central midfielder will arrive in Argentina on Wednesday to do his medical checkup, and sign on a one-year contract with an option to buy with the “Xeneizes”.

The former Talleres de Córdoba, Banfield and Argentina man was part of the Tokyo Olympics. During the 2020-2021 season, he scored one goal in 15 appearances with Middlesbrough, where he even got some acclaim by the “Boro” fans:

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  1. First they fire coach Battaglia and then get Payero on loan.
    A transfer Battaglia was asking for earlier in the year.

    Battaglia is one of the most decorated and loyal players in Boca’s history.
    And this is the way they treat him?

    Just like in Argentine politics, club management is often a total mess. Even Gallardo is facing problems trying to bring in new players after the club made a ton of money selling their biggest talents every year.

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