All agreed for Lisandro Martínez to Manchester United from Ajax


All has been agreed upon as Lisandro Martínez will join Manchester United from Ajax.

Lisandro Martínez will be a Manchester United player. Per Laurie Whitwell from The Athletic, a fee has been sorted with Ajax as have personal terms been finalised.

Manchester United are hoping that he can join them on their pre-season tour in Australia. The speculation is that the 24 year old will be joining until 2027 for a fee of €50 million plus bonuses.


  1. I have and will always encourage alternate views, as long as there is objective thinking. I have liked Casa and some other not so popular ones too. Remember most of the times you don’t like someone’s point, because it is true and contradicts your likings. So diversity is always welcome..

    I wish gonzalo the best, but he simply hated players in Europe. Everyday you could come here and learn about 5 new names for local league, who are all “world class”. And he really hated Messi and Di Maria.

    We still have some of that here, for whom “world class” comes very easy. One thing is to have potential and another is to develop that potential to be world class. There comes a time when you realize the player has reached his peak, we have seen his best and now onwards the best we can get is the frequent repetition of that best form.

    Anyhow, my take for the current Argentina team is simple: We do not have too many world class players, but we have formed a solid team with an identity. That is our hope. Its is team game after all. With some luck we can make a good progress.

    Best wishes for all.

    • And there are some like you who always speak like those stupid European media and underestimate our players…….if lo celso is playing like a world class player for arg then he is world class for me, I don’t care what he does for his club. How quickly lo celso release the ball to attackers and the space he finds in midfield frequently. How can u people don’t think that is world class? There are always some weaknesses in players even if his name is Lionel Messi. Everyone has weaknesses. But people focus too much on lo cels’s weakness than his strengths.

        • Ya, I agree let’s not use the term world-class for a player without a club even lautaro is not world-class yet. take it easy don’t stretch the meaning of a word to support Locelso who is not even that good. Aguero Higuain Messi Mascherano Tevez Dimaria may be Banega and Papu are the only world-class players we had recently others have shown world-class potential like Licha Cuti Molina lautaro Rodrigo. others could be world-class like Alvarez Nico Palacios Enzo and Nico Dominguez. I am only talking about players who made their debut except for Enzo. Who do u think will make way if Enzo or Alcaraz comes to the NT and perform well it will be Locelso no doubt

  2. Csabalala, although i have to admit that i used to disagree with most of your views in the past, i really enjoy reading your posts nowadays and i really like the way you see things about our beloved team and players currently. But allow me to say that it is not right to judge someone this way, especially when he is not around anymore.

    As Dadir said, just wish him all the best.

  3. Csabalala, we don’t know what happened to Gonzalo. Just wish him well. Back then you were what Anuparno to the forum now (very negative and promoting useless Brazilians), but nowadays you opened your eyes to the reality and stopped the negativity, thank you!
    As @Shubham_V said we all used to praise and clap for Ascacibar at that time and there is a clip uploaded by the Bundesliga Youtube channel on Ascacibar’s defensive skills. The clip is very exciting. You can search and watch it on YT. Anyways, we all wanted strong and winning Argentina regarless of our different views.

    • “Csabalala, we don’t know what happened to Gonzalo. Just wish him well. Back then you were what Anuparno to the forum now (very negative and promoting useless Brazilians), but nowadays you opened your eyes to the reality and stopped the negativity, thank you!”

      Spot on Dadir10 I couldn’t agree you more but I like the new csabalala

    • I agree with Casabala. You have to go all the way back to the very first root to understand who Outlaw is. He is NOT an Argentine fan. He is a fan of local league. He would mention all young talents and of course some of them end up being good. The dude didn’t wish anything good to happen to Argentina. All he wanted was his “young talents” to start for the senior team. He would be the most upset member here if we won 1-0 by the single goal of Di Maria or Rojo. And would be the happiest member here if the coach experimented with 10 new youngsters and got humiliated by Japan or Ivory Coast by 3 goals. That’s him.

      I remember in WC 2014, that Outlaw guy was exposed as he said he did not care about the result of Argentina. All he cared about was “his (shitty) players” to play for the national teams. As a result, he was banned.

      Look, If i praised all players of Toulon tournaments a month ago, in 2-3 years from now you would remember that I was the one promoting them today. I mean I praised all 22 players! Of course some of them would be good one day, but The truth is only few of them are promising among the Toulon squad. But that Outlaw dude used to say that every young talent of us is gold. I mean EVERYONE.

    • Dadir10 with due respect also please don’t forget to mentioned GONZALO was biggest hater of Lautaro Martinez and always backed adolfe Gaich instead of Lautaro Martinez. Gonzalo also biggest fan of Maxi Meza , despite total failure of maxi meza in 2018 WC GONZALO biasedly backed him . He also constant hater of Messi and Demaria. I also remember despite messi hattrick against ecuador which led to Argentina 2018 WC, Gonzalo did not give credit to Messi at that time.

      • @Chintu Paul, I am not in a position to defend Gonzalo, just telling the truth about the guy. I sometimes used to disagree with his views. He had his flaws like everyone else. But he had deep knowledge about the Argentina Primera and the emerging prospects from there. Luis Cesar Menotti showered Meza with praise after the huge defeat vs Spain. Is that also Gonzalo’s fault? Lol.

    • Ugh i didn’t realize Ascacibar is 25!! i still have hope for him but damn i thought he was like 22 or 23 max so i thought he still had plenty of time to blossom. Now he’ll be 29 or 30 next WC so maybe impact Copa only..

      • @Chori, I believe Ascacibar will be very useful to the NT in the upcoming years. He was very unlucky for having endless injuries and not playing under a top coach.

  4. All good now. The best outcomes for the national team would be Licha and Cuti pair as the starter. Otamendi and Senesi can be the main back ups. Hopefully then, if required we can move Pezzela out of the squad bcs Foyth can be the 3rd choice CB and also RB.

    Now I just wish Dybala goes to Napoli, if Inter deal doesnt go ahead. Napoli would play UCL and he will be the central figure.
    Also Senesi to Roma would be good exp for him before the world Cup in a top 5 league.

    • Foyth didnt play centre back since years and Senesi is not in sync with the team yet, Pezzella is the perfect 4th CB, okish defender, experienced with leadership skills.

      • Pezella’s ball progressing skills are good and he has good positioning sense, He is 4th CB.

  5. Fabrizio Romano
    3 ч
    Thomas Tuchel wants different kind of players and project, this is why he decided against Cristiano Ronaldo deal. 🔵 #CFC

    Cristiano has turned down a formal, lucrative proposal from Saudi and an approach from MLS club.

    Ten Hag, waiting for him

    —- Come on CR7, go to Saudi or MLS and build your own statue there. Ask for $1 m/week salary!

  6. Next season I will follow Hotspur, Aston Villa, AND MU closely.

    I went to red cafe forum (MU number one forum). It seems like most of them are not sure about Licha’s signing due to his height. Hope Licha will prove them wrong.

      • No I just watched all games of Spurs and Aston Villa, Argentina, and Argentina u20 live. All others I watched them replay full match.

        For me I find it more interesting to watch Argentina u20 in toulon tournament than CL final game between Madrid and Pool.

  7. Mr Mamoun no one else can claim credit in here except you, when it comes to licha. you re the one used talk about Lisandro highly when he was playing in local league, personally I followed Lisandro when he moved to Ajax and i impressed ever since, I always say he is good as cuti if he isn’t better in some aspect but we will find out very soon.
    Happy he is now to show the world how good he is at the biggest league in the world.

    • Yes he has a great eye for talent. Credit is due

      Mr Mamoun also called Cuti long before mundo caught on….

      Now I’m waiting to see how another pick does (Dominguez)

      • Yes Mamoun and Gonzalo and maybe Enganche were the first members who had high hopes for Licha way before he moved to Ajax. Alexander Barboza was also a good prospect followed closely by Gonzalo and used to pair with Licha at Defensa y Justicia at that time. Barboza failed to live up the hype, but Licha has been making wonders since moving to Europe.

        • Gonzalo LOL, he was Barboza, Ascacibar, Gonzalo Martinez, Pratto, Meza etc. fan too and a die hard Aguero, Messi and Di Maria hater. Zero football knowledge, absolute zero, didnt understand football. Just sucked every talent from local league for nothing, then flex with his 5% hit rate. Clown, since he is not here Argentina shine, i hope he will never come back. Curse.

        • Thanks for the kind words everyone but you give me too much credit. To be honest it was Gonzalo who told me about Licha, so I started watching his Defensa games and realized that Gonzalo was correct about the kid, he’s a real talent.
          As for Cuti, well yeah I did notice his talent but I wasn’t the only one.

          Conversly I’ve been guilty of overestimating some Argentine players like Gonzalo Pity, so we’re all susceptible to making errors when it comes to football.

          I still hold out hope for Ascacibar, who I think is an excellent no.5 and can be very useful for the NT. Also I really hope that my faith in Nico Dominguez is rewarded because I honestly see world class potential in the kid, but for him to do that he has to step it up big time at Bologna this season and get a move to a bigger club….here’s hoping.

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