Paulo Dybala breaks Cristiano Ronaldo shirt sales record with AS Roma


Paulo Dybala has broken Cristiano Ronaldo’s shirt sales record with AS Roma.

Dybala has joined AS Roma and many purchased his shirt. According to Ole Clarin, Dybala broke Cristiano Ronaldo’s record of selling the most shirts in one day, after he had joined Juventus.

The Argentine now holds the record for most jerseys sold in Italy in one day. Still only 28 years old, Dybala signed with AS Roma earlier this week, joining them as a free agent.


  1. Under Mourinho Dybla should get his real foam back. Juventus mishandled and spoiled his 2 years badly..He is one of the great in 10 in world surely..Hope this year he will back his best..

  2. can’t wait to see Dybala play for Roma. If Mourinho would add another Argentine, it would be even better.

    We’ve discussed about how AFA have set up a structure to source for talents eligible to play for Argentina, which I believe would start to pay rich dividends in a few years and for years to come.
    Mascherano has named his squad to take part in a friendly tournament in Spain. 2 more new ones added from Europe.
    Alvaro Killane, goal keeper playing for UD Las Palmas.
    Rafael Pfauser, right back playing for Freiburg u 19s in Germany.
    Also, highly rated youngsters Ignacio Puch of Gimnasia and Lucas Roman of Ferro.

  3. Awwwww POOR Christina …..not bad enough that nobody wants his pathetic childish ass on any of their clubs, NOW This! LOL
    JUVE game is starting in about an hour, hopefully Di Maria plays.

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