Juventus interested in Leandro Paredes of PSG


Juventus is reportedly interested in Leandro Paredes of Paris Saint-Germain. Per La Gazzettam dello Sport, the Argentine defensive midfielder is currently the main target of coach Massimiliano Allegri.

The last few years, “La Vecchia Signora” has been interested in Paredes with reports every transfer market stating that they would like to sign him. This time, they want the Argentine to replace Aaron Ramsey, who is not in Allegri’s plans according to Fabrizio Romano.

Per Tuttosport, Juventus’ intention is to offer a loan with a purchase obligation of around €15 million. On the other hand, they say that PSG will not negotiate for the 28-year-old for less than €20 million.

The former Boca Juniors man already knows what it is like to play in the Serie A as he wore the jerseys of AC Chievo Verona, Empoli FC and AS Roma. Also, he might have the chance to play once more with his friend Ángel Di María, who has recently joined Juventus.


  1. but its diffrent because even if tevez and mascherano moved to Corinthians we already new they will be superstars and what made them move there was 3 party ownership.vera could be lost there i am running out of reasons to watch argentine league this season no vera,enzo,alvarez,galoppo,jose manuel lopez,almendra,castro and many others left the only few left alcaraz ,ramiro from banfield ,ojeda and maybe zeballos

    • Zeballos is actually by far the one you want to be looking at. There is also Varela, Molinas, and Vasquez at Boca. Then I would recommend watching Velez because of Perrone (midfielder) and others like Julian Fernandez (midfielder), Santiago Castro (forward), Diego Gomez (19 year old regularly starting center back) and Gianluca Prestianni (not a regular but a really interesting one to look out for) among others. Highly rated Ignacio Maestro Puch scored a great goal for Atletico Tucuman a couple of days ago and is an interesting one to follow. Facundo Buonanotte who took part in the Toulon tournament is a regular starter for Rosario Central at 17. Another highly rated Santiago Hidalgo made his debut for Independiente recently, not sure how good he is but he is rated at the club. I think the more developed talent pool has dried up like the ones you mentioned but there are many younger prospects just breaking through. My two favorites are Zeballos and Perrone.

  2. Fausto Vera to Corinthians confirmed. Bad move, he has the level to play in a top European league around mid table. Still worried about future DM’s after Paredes and Guido age. The only good thing is that Corinthians has the precedent of having sold Mascherano and Tevez to Europe

    • – Still worried about future DM’s after Paredes and Guido age

      El Mongol was super hot on Castro from Newells but i could be wrong since i don’t remember exactly who he was referring to. Do you remember if that was the defensive mid El Mongol had high hopes?

      • Not Castro but close. Castro is more of an attacking CM who just moved to Belgium but also from Newell’s is 20 year old Sforza who I remember El Mongol rated. I watched about 20 minutes of the Clásico Rosarino yesterday and he played quite well. Good long passer, but I haven’t seen enough of him to know his defensive qualities and if he could be an all out DM. I mention many talents and the truth is a lot of these are “fringe” talents which aren’t 99% guaranteed future NT players like Alvarez and Enzo but talented players who could reach that level but are unpredictable. Sforza might turn out great but he also could succumb to an MLS move like David Ayala (another DM who was once rated and is now an MLS bench warmer). I think the two top talents are Vera and Varela of Boca but Vera already moved to Brazil and Varela has had to deal with stupidities like being benched for Rolon (a very average player highly criticized by Boca fans) after being Boca’s best player for months. That was one year ago but I still fear the hierarchy at Boca could hurt his development like with Almendra. One more player I want to mention is Ezequiel Fernandez of Tigre on loan from Boca, really good and determined in ball recovery and also has an attacking abilities, but could be subject to the same problems as Varela after his loan. Those are my top three and the jury is still out if Sforza is an actual DM. If I ever catch a Newell’s game I’ll look out for that and let you know.

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