Nicolás Tagliafico signs with Olympique Lyonnais


Nicolás Tagliafico has signed with Olympique Lyonnais.

Tagliafico has joined Olympique Lyonnais, signing a contract with the club until 2025. The 29 year old left back has joined them from Ajax for a fee of €4.2 million.

The Argentine spent four years with Ajax, making over 150 appearances and winning three league titles. With the Argentina national team, he has won the Copa America and the Finalissima.


  1. Out of topic, watching at the moment PSV vs Betis as both Guido and Pezzella starting, though only after 6 minutes play Fekir( i think so,not fully sure, though…) lost the ball on Betis own half at very dangerous zone as he was tackled, not sure if he was fouled or not, as it anyway ended in very quick PSV attack and though Betis had enough men below the ball to defend unfortunatly it was Pezzella who instead of should have marked the men on left who scored the opening goal, took first a very bad decission by leaving that goal scorer completly free to receive the pass that where he scored an quite easy goal, though he shot it well to the back corner and Betis could have most propably at least defend that to as corner for PSV if Pezzella had not firstly made that first bad decission as he ran towards the center of the box as he should have clear,y just concentrated on the guy on his left side who scored the goal Amanda secondly Betis had players allready at the center of box ready to defend, though it all happened very quickly and thirdly when Pezzella realised his error of the first decission making then it was terrible to watch how slow he has become as this is not really any new news to anyone, but at least before when he had allready lost pace his decission making worked at least sometimes, but this time clearly all the aspects needed from CB as Pezzella who Still is with Arg Nt were all lacking BIG TIME !

    So as i have alkready wished after Copa and now after the Finallissima victory’s by Arg, that it would be ideal for hin to end his career at once with Arg Nt as Arg has many better Cb’s than him and i’m not talking about CUTI, LICHA AND OTA or not even Senesi as i would pick him clearly ahead of Pezzella, though not sure if he can play at RCB, but seriously even Foyth and i not mean any insult against Foyth instead i’m thinking, though lately he has become more of an RB than RCB would have be better cover for CUTI as RCB than Pezzella who once was good enough and deserved to win the Copa and maybe Finalissima too, but now at the year of WC i feel danger coming from him if CUTI will get carded or even worst as injured, then Pezella will be clearly the weakest point in Arg’s team as his pace been slow for ages now and it starts to clearly to effect his decission making too at some point as i just witnessed with my own eyes etc…and this not the first time as i seen him lately with Arg as clearly the weakest CB from the current team and who Scaloni have called so far sorry for him, but age is major factor in the game and at some point when it catches the player, well it is better for all common Sense of La Seleccion to retire and now it is the perfect time for him as he won the Copa and Finalissima too, as some players do it with style like Zabaleta for instead i truly wish that Pezzella will follow his example as i’m affraid that Scaloni will bring him to WC at any cost and in the end if this happens i truly wish and pray for Pezzela sake that he won’t play as i allready mentioned he is just not simply up to the task for presenting Arg at WC as for Armani it is bit a same, though luckily or hopefully Musso or Rulli will be ahead of him after DIBU, ALL THE BEST FOR EVERYONE SUPPORTING ARG AND HOPEFULLY ARG WILL FINALLY GET IT’s 3rd deserved WC trophy before the end of this year!

    • On the other hand from Guido’s great pass Betis got a corner and from where Juanmi scored a header from the back post as Benitez in PSV goal first clearly took a step for maybe going for the ball, but not sure if he would have picked or been able to punch that ball away as he instead decide to stay by goal line and though Juanmi headed the ball well as it bounched from the ground to back corner from the back post, as i think so , Still maybe at another day Benitez would have been able stop that ball as i never seen him play, though heard offently about his good goalkeeping qualities and that he been named the best Goalie of french league at least once, i quess and maybe even more than a once, perhaps…? As i have not followed french league so much as i follow Serie A or La Liga or UCL and Europa Leaugue etc…and mostly only Arg Nt!

      And now when i watched that PSV goal again from where i was kind of dissing Pezzella, even i’m Still affraid of taking him abroad to the WC with Arg, i quess that i have be little bit a fair to him as there where not really anyone defending the center of box as Fekir lost the ball the closest player to the ball of 3 man at the back from Betis decided to went backwards as he should have instead press that player who won the ball from Fekir and ran towards him as this opened up huge Open place for PSV to attack straight towards the center of Betis own box and the another CB partnering Pezella did not mark his man at all as instead he was kind of lost to what to do and this clearly resulted to that Pezella had to first to defend that PSV player at the center of Betis own box which offcourse opened up space on the left side of Pezzella where the PSV player who had won the goal from Fekir decided offcourse to pass as making a right decission seeing that Pezzella was forced to move to mark that PSV guy at the center as the another Betis Cb was completly stunned and lost as he looked completly clueless what to do, so in the end i quess Pezzella had no choice than first try defend he whole situation by his own as he was kind of left alone by his fellow defenders who would have easily first give pressure to the PSV guy who passed the ball for the scorer instead of backing down and just letting him gain more Open space and options what to with the ball and secondly the another Betis Cb at the center of Betis box should have marked that PSV guy in the center as he did not it ended up for Pezzella to first to try to mark him and this opened up the space on the left for the PSV guy who netted at the back corner quite easily though Pezzella tried one last dive to block the ball, but it was way too Late for that dive as he propably alkready knew that by himself, though in the end Pezzella was the only one from 3 man at back from Betis who actually tried to do something, but offcourse could not defend by his own against 3 men PSV attack etc, lol

      Anyhow even i’m not blaming Pezzella anymore for that goal as i did in the first hand Still i won’t change my Mind of him going to WC, but we will see when the time will come for that so hopefully including Pezzella from Arg Nt stays fit and none injured and as healthy as they can!

    • Above Garnacho there is Elanga who just like Garnacho was the young player of the year of EPL 2 seasons ago. Then there are Sancho, Rashford, Martial, Eriksen, Greenwood (if he plays again) and CR7 himself. It is hard to imagine he would get major minutes in MU unless some of those attackers leave MU.

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