Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni comments Argentina, World Cup, football


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni spoke about the national team, the World Cup and football.

Lionel Scaloni spoke on a podcast about several topics. Speaking with Martín Reich y Sebastián Varela del Río of La Selecta podcast, here is what he had to say:

“The other day, I went to see my son play while I was dressed in Argentina national team clothes. It doesn’t seem bad to me that the players do the same, that they wear a team clothing all the time.

“In fact, it seems positive to me. It’s what we have always asked of them: Commitment, sense of belonging because the national team is not forever. It’s to take advantage of the moment and to stay as long as possible. Not to fall asleep because there are others coming in.”

Scaloni spoke about playing with the Argentina national team:

“The national team is a place of privilege. And I think that hasn’t changed beyond the fact that there was a time where the national team wasn’t as respected. Which for me was a hit strange because any player dreams of playing for hte national team, it’s something unique.

“These are things that leave a mark on you. It’s very difficult to reach a national team and even more so one like Argentina. That’s why everytime we call a player up, we tell them to enjoy themselves, that our goal is not for them to wear the shirt just once but many times. It’s a place that is difficult to get to and above all, to stay.”

In regards to the good atmosphere within the Argentina national team:

“I was in many groups with the Argentina national team and the atmosphere was always good. What happens is that when you win, everything seems to be better than before and in reality, it’s not.

“Surely the group which reached the finals of the 2014 World Cup and the 2015 and 2016 Copa America’s, the atmosphere must have been the same if not better than this. When you win, everything is magnified, although it is evident that today, the atmosphere is very good.”

Regarding the 2022 Qatar World Cup:

“It doesn’t make much sense to continously think about the World Cup. There’s a long way to go. You have to stay in line, to think of the players who are there and those who can fight for a place. Because any unforseen event can change your planning.

“Logically, we have already marked the opponents, we know who they are, we are watching them, analyzing but you cannot spend three months continuously looking at them either because there are many games left and everything can still change. You have to keep your feet on the ground. It’s the most important thing.”

About winning but playing well:

“I have changed a lot my way of thinking in relation to when I was a player. Today, I don’t just want to win but I want to do it playing well. I think any coach today will tell you that. It’s not just win, win, win, win. Logically, winning helps. But if you win playing well, it’s much better and the road is much easier for you to do better.

“I am convinced that if you try to play well and you do, in the end, you will win.”

Having to speak to the players:

“I was always an extrovert. I never had a problem speaking in front of groups. In fact, my greatest virtue was always being in groups, being positive and speaking when i had to.

“I never worried about sitting in front of a group and being able to speak as I always did: Frankly, being direct, no going back because at the end, you can tell these guys a lie once but the second time, they’ve already marked you.

“It is very important (that the players believe you) because after that is the tactical system and the strategies and everything that is related to football. It’s important how you play, how you attack and defend but it’s just as important that the players come out convinced of what they want, of what the coach tells them, of what his team mates are going to do because that marks everyone.”

Being coach of the Argentina national team:

“I’m not thinking all the time about the position I’m in, it would be counterproductive and maybe you’ll believe something that you really aren’t.

“I’m only a football coach, of this Argentina national team and nothing more than that. In a country like Argentina, you can get confused and that’s clear to the entire coaching staff.

“We know that we train a group of players and we only talk about football. If we believe ourselves to be more than that, it would be a mistake. Then we speak from the role that we have, which is to train them. In some cases, there are some more personal aspects, in the sense of behavior, of how they have to be when they join us, each one has their life and we don’t enter into that. But when we have to talk, we speak clearly.”


    • Hopefully this:

      “West Ham United are allegedly now keen to sign Feyenoord defender Marcos Senesi in the summer transfer window.

      That’s according to a report from 1908.NL who claim that the Hammers are set to challenge Bournemouth for the 25-year-old centre-back”.

  1. Borrusia Dortmund are in Italy to finalize a deal for Gio Simeone. Though he will only move post WC. Dortmund signed Haller to replace Haaland but Haller has been diagnosed with cancer.

    Genk have signed Attacking mid Matias Galarza from Argentinos for 6 mil. He is the second Argentine there. They already signed Castro from Newell’s, who made his debut as a sub and played really well.

    • Wow that’s massive news! Gio Simeone replacing Haaland would be amazing especially if he earns regular minutes there. Dortmund have 2 wonderkids upfront Moukoko and Adeyemi but both are super young. Simeone is more a ready one.

      Btw, the Europe leagues competitions schedule before the World Cup would be super crazy. Usually Champions league first round would end at around December. Now the last match of the first round (the 6th match) would be on Nov 1st! just less than 20 days before the World Cup. That means all clubs will play pretty much 2 times a week every week.

      It is not good news for our players that are being used as key players for their clubs such as Di Maria, Messi, Lautaro, Cuti, or Otamendi as the injury risk will be higher when playing that much from September-early November.

    • Funny that all of a sudden Belgian football has taken a huge interest in our local league players. For Castro and Galarza to play together is great and I might definitely pick up the occasional game. Club Brugge had an offer for Luis Vasquez turned down last month but according to Ole Genk has submitted one for him today. Would be great to have an Argentinian trio there

    • According to Scaloni latest interview. He talked about 3 players: Julian Alvarez, Enzo, Dybala.

      Julian Alvarez: He seems to be very impressed as he said that all young boys must follow his path and that he will be important to the team.

      Enzo: He just said that he is doing good and is being followed closely. I think his status is growing but nothing secured yet.

      Dybala: He said he needs a regular futbol and he is glad that he moves to a team (Roma) that will give him regular futbol. He will be included in the final list if he plays regularly.

      So out of 3, it is clear that Julian and Dybala will make it. Enzo? Has a chance to make it but too early to say.

      • Should Enzo be consistent next 3 months, Scaloni will have no choice but to drop average McAllister. Exequiel Palacios must improve, more consistency and game time, with no injuries otherwise it will be very detrimental. Same applies to Alario, Dybala should they by bad luck suffer horrible injuries, their chances will be over; but am very optimistic for those two.

    • Most of the midfield is locked except Palacios and Dominguez. Not too long ago I would have said they were locked too but now I’m not so sure. it’s between these 4.

      1) MacAlister 2) Enzo 3) Palacios 4) Dominguez

      • Next couple of months will be decisive to determine the exact composition of our midfield. All depends how they start their season in the respectful clubs plus I guess the previous momentum that they had with the NT. Palacios slightly more secure that the rest, followed by Mac Allister. I hope Dominguez hits the ground running in the new season because he can offer us something off the bench but at this rate Enzo is a decent contender too.

  2. What a wise and insightful person. Wise beyond his years, and very humble. Completely opposite of Masche, who is worried about learning English, cleaning rooms and making their beds, yet his team can’t get a decisive win or wins against quality teams. I hope Masche changes his focus before it’s too late. He has a lot to offer on the pitch, where his focus should solely be.

      • I would not say for a long time. Remember correctly…. They played like dogshit until copa america 2019 semifinal…..since then it was a mixture of awesome, average and dogshit until the first match of copa america 2021…..and since then like superheroes……Dont say bad things about Scaloni who is our beloved hero

      • Mascherano is a rookie manager working with kids. Not exactly an amazing combo, nor a fertile ground for amazing results. So let’s give him some time. He’s a smart dude and a natural leader so I think it’s just a matter of time for him before he starts producing great results.

  3. One of the greats with the national team , up there tier 1 coaches with billardo Menotti, anyone who says otherwise is either a troll or an ungrateful fan who will say something like but biesla is better lol but I tell you this he ain’t no where near him at national team level and that’s a fact and that’s all that matters at the end of day .

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