Argentina U20 team coached by Javier Mascherano in COTIF tournament final


Javier Mascherano’s Argentina U20 team are in the final of the COTIF tournament.

Mascherano has reached his first final as a coach. The Argentina U20 team played the semi-finals against Levante and it was a 2-0 win for Mascherano’s team.

Ignacio Maestro Puch scored the first goal of the match with Lautaro Ovando scoring the second goal. The team will play Uruguay in the final on Sunday.

The match was streamed live on Youtube.


  1. Fabrizio Romano

    1 ч
    Bournemouth have now reached an agreement with Marcos Senesi on personal terms. Work in progress to get the deal done with Feyenoord

    So Senesi to Bournemouth for sure. It is not that much of a good move I say as Bournemouth is a very small EPL team who will likely get relegated next season. Fede Fernandez career is ruined when he moved to Swansea. But some other defenders successfully make their own names in small clubs. Hope Senesi will get better there.

  2. wow today enzo tried to play little more advanced , and he is going through smoothing his passes which is very good, now i want to see him fast and active like rdp , experiences can take him to that level, as i said he will not take much time to develop, this players will only improve day by day,

    i said in last friendly scaloni needs to call him at least for national team environment introduction.

    enzo is doing very good, but still rdp is main choice he is not in the level of rdp, enzo is behind from rdp in the perspective of experiences ..

    but he should be selected for rdp substitute, each match will give enzo something more to learn

    another important player in my list is gernacho , either a substitue for nico gonzales either a starter as left winger i want to see gernacho in this world cup squad..

    gernacho is must inclusion, he gives more what current player can give in his position, he just needs to good chemistry or adaptation with team, this two player must inclusion for scaloni.

  3. Wow alverez and enzo got it why on earth Thiago almada didnt get a move to europe who was for long praised to be next big thing i havent seen such a hypenonnany other player recently stil end up im MLS he could have been littile more patient

  4. Enzo Fernandez, official MOTM in his first league game. I must say, Benfica was a really well decided move. Local league to Europe moves can make you nervous initially because you don’t know how long it will take for them to adapt and be trusted for minutes or because you can end up getting situations like the Palacios one. So far in every game he’s played he’s been a starter, and he went from not receiving many passes in his first couple of games to now getting up to 141 touches in a single game and controlling the flow. Clearly, he’s not only hit the ground running but Benfica themselves consider him indispensable and needed him. Really emphasizes the importance of a good move and choosing the club that will get you minutes in the right league. I don’t anticipate Alvarez to get as many minutes but he will probably have sufficient involvement because of Pep’s rotation and seeing the amount of minutes he got in preseason.

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