Marcos Senesi presented as Bournemouth player


Marcos Senesi has been presented as a Bournemouth player.

Senesi has signed with the Premier League club and will wear the number 25 shirt. Bournemouth announced through a video on their social media that the Argentine has joined them.

The 25 year old joins them from Feyenoord with the club announcing that he has joined on a four year deal. He will wear the number 25 shirt.


  1. The few times I have seen him play he has been very good. It is unfortunate Scaloni did not call him up earlier and play him as I have a feeling he would be better for us than Otamendi. I know Otamendi has been playing well lately, but it seems like he is good for one very dangerous foul every tournament. I hope I am wrong, but Otamendi makes me very very nervous. He is too slow so he has to foul. I like Lisandro a lot, but I think against European teams you don’t want two short guys playing one side of the field (Lisandro Acuna/Tagliafico).

    Aside from that I think if you call up seven guys in the midfield its Paredes DePaul LoCelso Guido Palacios Papu, and Enzo. I have seen absolutely nothing from Macallister at this point in his career that would make me say, yes, that will make a difference for us in the world cup. You are almost better off bringing a really young guy or two for experience, someone that can run, or a veteran player that serves a very particular purpose. But Macallister is garbage to me.

    By the way, there is a FANTASTIC series on Youtube for the NT. It is called Scaloneta. Capitulo 1-Capitulo 6. I think it comes out weekly and it tells you about the construction of the NT under Scaloni from the moment of its birth. It is in Spanish, but an incredible series for those interested.

  2. Fabrizio Romano

    14 min
    Villarreal are pushing to sign Lo Celso as soon as possible, while Fiorentina will try to enter the race until the end as he’s top priority for their manager Italiano. ⚪️ #THFC

    Villarreal are in talks for Lo Celso on loan with buy option clause that could become mandatory

  3. Meanwhile Icardi in news..

    Breaking ties with that lady..
    Another news is good if it comes true..
    Real Madrid is interested in ICARDI as a backup of benzema..

    • Its funny because if you write that ladies name, the comment automatically will need to be reviewed. Guess there was so much controversy that Roy added name to the “approval list” to ensure the comment is not toxic.

      • I can only imagine the look on Romance King’s face when he went to write his comment and couldn’t use her name. Probably saw his world crashing down around him

        Anyway, at this point I feel like Icardi has “broken ties” with her countless times and this is probably a last ditch attempt at getting some sort of relevancy after I think even PSG has forgotten who he is. Wait a couple of weeks and they will still be doing photo ops with each other

  4. Guido to utd ? There are some reports that saying Man utd have begun talks with betis signing about Guido I don’t know how reliable those reports are but one thing I know for sure he will be 100% upgrade for utd midfielder. Much better than fred and Scott McTominay

  5. Regardless of which club he plays in EPL, he will face a lot of quality opponents and if he able to perform well against those teams then even if Bournemouth goes down he will be bought by other teams in EPL or Europe. Licha’s performance against Dortmund where he clipped Haaland’s wing is one of the reason Utd payed £60 million for him.

      • Can u remember Nathan Ake, the dutch defender? He was at Bournemouth when they got relegated and he was bought by none other than Pep Gurdiola. Have some patience boss.

      • In the premier league many relegated center backs/goalkeepers have gotten good moves. Think Ben Godfrey, Nathan Ake, Ben Mee, Nathan Collins, James Tarkowski, Aaron Ramsdale, Nick Pope. Middle to upper Premier League sides seem to consider English relegation on par with getting European football in some other league so if he has a relegation clause to keep his price below 20 M he should get a move if he plays well individually.

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