Gio Simeone to join Napoli from Verona


Gio Simeone will join Napoli from Verona.

Simeone will remain in Italy but join Verona as an agreement has been reached. Per Fabrizio Romano, an agreement has been reached between Napoli and Verona for the 27 year old.

He will join on loan for a fee of around €3.5 million with a buy option of €12 million.


  1. Alvarez needs to prove that he has the qualities of a Lethal striker. FA cup may help him to prove his worth. Other wise his role would become exactly like of Jesus. With his high pressing Alvarez may get the starting spot against liverpool and other quality teams. But won’t be a starter in a PL match with the presence of haaland.He really should have to score goals to make pep change his mind.

    • I think part of the problem is that Pep does not see him as a CF per se, he praises Alvarez a lot but he probably sees him as more of a utility player or a sub form any of the front three when required. But City are competing in many different competitions so Julian should in theory get a decent amount of minutes. Learning under Pep will also improve him regardless.

      • Haaland and Alvarez playing in same positions but totally different players. I think against promoted teams and high pressing teams like liverpool Alvarez would be more influential as he is more good in 1-2s and tracking back. But against mid table teams with bit of attack and bit of space in defense haaland is lot more lethal than Alvarez. And would score goals for fun with debruyne to assist.

          • The Simeone craze is based off of one season. Anyone who saw them both at their beginnings in River Plate will tell you 100% that Alario is better, that might even be a ridiculous question to some people. One will point that Simeone scored more than Alario last season which is absolutely true, but Alario is a victim of his own complacency and spent his prime sitting on the bench and now has moved to spend the end of his prime also sitting on the bench, but when he does play his goals to minute ratio is great and you can see he’s the better player. If you put Alario and Simeone in two teams in the same league with similar styles of play and given the same minutes Alario will almost always score more. Alario’s scoring frequency was 51 minutes lower last season as an example. It’s not a diss on Simeone, he had a fantastic season and clearly knows how to choose his club when he needs minutes

  2. Fabrizio Romano

    Leandro Paredes has full agreement on personal terms with Juventus. He is now waiting for Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain to find an agreement on fee/formula. 🚨⚪️⚫️ #Juventus

    Negotiations still ongoing, Juve want to sell at least one between Rabiot to Man Utd and then Arthur

    • According to la Gazzetta dello Sport this has the potential to drag until the deadline day. Hopefully at least one of Rabiot or Arthur leaves making space for Paredes.

    • I don’t think Simeone is a NT material. He will disappear even against good mid table teams at club level. International matches are on a high level in terms of competitiveness. Even low teams would give a tough time there. As a sub Alario would be always better than Simeone. If alario was in the place of Simeone he might have scored more than him with more consistency.Lautaro>Alvarez>Alario> Simeone.

      • I think you might be right about Simeone, he has not yet shown qualities of a world class striker. Let’s see how he does in the next couple of months but so far I am not even sure Scaloni likes him that much.

        • Even if he performs a good level in the next 2 months I don’t think scaloni would pick him. I think it’s same as lamela. No chance. An out of form lautaro or Alvarez can make something out of no where for this scaloni team. They know the pulse of this team. With such high intensive wc games Simeone would be a Deadwood. I prefer alario coz he is good as a sub. But sadly he was not getting time like Simeone.

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