Nicolás Tagliafico scores for Olympique Lyonnais in 4-1 win vs. Troyes


Nicolás Tagliafico score for Olympique Lyonnais in their 4-1 win vs. Troyes.

Tagliafico scored his first goal for his new club. After initially giving up a penalty kick in the first half, Tagliafico redeemed himself.

Lyon were controlling the ball around the Troyes penalty area as the Argentine was unmarked and a pass found him inside the penalty area and he scored to give Lyon the 2-1 lead.

@mundoalbiceleste Nicolas Tagliafico scores for Lyon. #NicolasTagliafico #Tagliafico #Lyon #OL #OlympiqueLyonnais #OlympiqueLyon #Football #Futbol #Soccer #Argentina ♬ original sound – Mundo Albiceleste


      • this is what i was thinking, senesi needs to develop, senesi passing is very good but he lacks concentration and speed, he will be like maccallister a good player but not as much as useful or talented as romero, a player little above then average but not a total quality to serve nt for a longer time , argentina needs another romero in its defence, romero and licha is perfect to serve nt but arg needs another talented player similar to them in defence

  1. Emi Martinez saves Louis Saha penalty. Too bar Saha still scored from the rebound. His penalty saving rate is ridiculous. Maybe more than 70%-80% since Copa America. I remember last season he saved at least 3.

    We should feel confident should Argentina face PK shootout situation in the WC. No other goalies is close to him when saving PK. Not even close.

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