Javier Mascherano comments on Argentina, World Cup, and coaching the U-20


Javier Mascherano commented on the Argentina national team, Qatar’s World Cup 2022, and
coaching the U-20 team.

The upcoming World Cup will be Mascherano’s first one as a former player. He participated in the editions of 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018, being a key player in the Albiceleste’s midfield in most of them. This time, “el jefecito” will be in Qatar but as one of the World Cup’s ambassadors chosen by FIFA.

Javier, who will always be an emblem of the national team, spoke briefly with O Globo this Friday. This is what he had to say regarding the chances of Argentina lifting the trophy this year:

“I have a lot of hope in Argentina. This team managed to maintain consistency, they have a very clear idea of playing, they know what they have to do and that is very important when it comes to competing”.

Along with Argentina, Mascherano also mentioned France, Spain, Belgium, England and Brazil as favorites.

About his job as the U-20 coach, he stated the following:

“I am very happy where I am. I couldn’t be in a better place. The youth teams were very important in my career, and today I try to pass on my ideas.

“In football, you can’t convey the idea of others, it has to be yours. In my case, it’s being the protagonist, controlling the game, trying to control it through possession of the ball, playing on the opposite field, taking risks. It’s always important to win, but how you win also matters.”


  1. I’ve seen an user here worried about the dearth of game time for our midfielders. I made a deep analysis into this subject and let me clear this out. (To be specific, I’ll only be higlighting about Paredes and DePaul as the rest are undisputed starters for their respective teams)

    There are roughly around 25 games more in club level (including UCL) and 3 more International friendlies prior to the World cup. Sounds enough, right?

    Now, Let’s move to the context and discuss about Paredes. Not gonna lie, I’m having worries about him if he can’t seal the move to Juve. Highly doubt, Galtier would be rewarding him with any game time despite proving how crucial he is. Possibly an order from the top hierarcy. If not, honestly I don’t see anyone of the new recruitments offering what Leonardo has to offer. His ability to create the passing lanes and retaining the possession is World class. This is why Allergi (an elite coach who is not being clouded by any sort of bias) identifies him as a priority.

    Now let that sink in reference to DePaul. There’s no denying that the Argentine b2b midfielder will start in atleast 12 of those available games (especially with the 6 UCL group stage games overlapping) and probably offer a cameo role in those remaining set of games. Now that’s more than enough to develop, grow, maintain the momentum and most importantly to keep the legs fresh for the mega-event.

  2. Montiel with game saver header theese Argentine players are too good for Sevilla who just can’t score….before that Acuna’s fighting spirit got ahead of his opponent and sent again another great cross into the box as there been most propably more than 20 great crosses and all done by arhentine player only, LoL! Sevilla would be in such a mess without theese Argentine players !

  3. And now offcourse they subbed Isco for Papu as this annoying x Spanish player hyping isco since the beginning of the game as he only came on at 70 Th minute, LOL !

  4. Again so good cross this time from Montiel who received a great pass from Lamela who’s now playing as number 10 as Ocampos on the tight and Papu on the left, but Ben Nessir just blew it totally

  5. What an first half from King of Rabona himself AKA Erik Lamela, clearly the best player on the pitch at the firsrt half. Second best clearly Acuna and also Montiel and Papu very much involded in the game specially Montiel, but Oliver Torres occupying too much of Papu’s place and that is why Papu doesn’t have full freedom to roam around as he needs to get even much more involded for Sevilla’s sake, but also for himself as some frustration clearly seen from his face as he is not having the ball so much at least so far, but offcourse everytime he do get the ball anything can happen from out of nowwhere as it been the case for Lamela who for me was MOM of the first half, hopefully Papu will get more of the ball at second half etc…, but clearly Sevilla will look like clueless team if they will not have Lamela, Acuna, Papu and Montiel on the pitch as everything basicly created and whole Sevilla’s game is fully controlled by theese 4 Argentine players ! Only thing missing is a good striker for Sevilla as Rafa Mir and Ben Yassir are simply not up for the task as i don’t get it why they do not try sign a proper striker…etc?

    • Really annoyed with Spanish assistant commentator who should have enough knowledge of the game as i expect him to be a x player in la Liga, but obviously he has some issue with Arg players as he is not giving any Credit for Lamela who has been outstanding also it just clearly heard from his talk that he is clearly on Vallolids side which is Ok, but at least he should give some credit for those who been THE important and best one’s in the game so far as all 4 Arg players, specially Lamela…

      • Getting so frustrated with theese french and Spanish commentators and media who are allways just hyping their own nation’s players like today, this guy as Spanish assitant commentator just keep’s on talking about some Spanish players only and giving only credit to them as they do in France too, etc….

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