Julián Álvarez scores for Manchester City in 3-3 draw vs. FC Barcelona


Julián Álvarez scored for Manchester City in their 3-3 draw vs. FC Barcelona.

Álvarez started the charity match for the league champions and scored. A cross into the penalty area as the ball was caught and spilled by Iñaki Peña. Álvarez would get to the loose ball and score.

The Argentine has not started a league match for City but has a goal this season, scoring in the Community Shield vs. Liverpool.

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  1. Those man city motherfuckers must hate Julian for some fucking reasons. They never pass the ball to Julian, what the hell is going on???

    • They don’t respect and trust him as Haaland and they most likely think they are better finisher than Julian is. Pep didn’t even bring him on last week when they were trailing. They just needed a cheap striker to play FA and Carbaro cup games and Haaland will play EPL and Champions league matches. If Haaland is injured then Pep will go without a striker rather than play Julian. City paid 13 million for him , its like loose change for them. No one is under pressure to play him. Worst transfer decision made by Julian. He should have gone to a team that needed him. Not only he choose a team that never needed him , he went for the worst league for Young players. Even players like Debrune and Lukaku were ignored by EPL clubs when they were young. He can’t leave until January but if this isolation continues then he needs to get the fuck out of there. He is 22 years old and needs to play as much as possbile to develop, playing 10mins per week will stun his growth!!

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