Jürgen Klinsmann on Lionel Messi not playing for Argentina vs. Germany in 2006


Jürgen Klinsmann commented on Lionel Messi not playing for Argentina vs. Germany at the 2006 World Cup and the current World Cup favorites.

Klinsmann was the Germany coach at the 2006 World Cup when his team played against Jose Pekerman’s Argentina. It was a match which Argentina were leading and controlling up until an injury to goalkeeper Jose Pekerman and controversial substitutions by Pekerman.

The Argentina national team would go on to lose on penalty kicks with Lionel Messi, Juan Riquelme, Hernan Crespo, Javier Saviola and Pablo Aimar all on the bench. Speaking in an interview with SPORT, here is what Klismann had to say about that match:

“I was very happy Messi did not enter that day. It was a dramatic Quarter-Final, like a little movie script as well that happened just in one game. It ended in a penalty shootout and we obviously were lucky to go through those penalties. It is one of those games that you could discuss up and down, again and again. I was extremely happy that Messi did not enter the stage.”

In regards to the current favorites to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar:

“Argentina should have won a couple more cups since 1990. Maybe that will happen this year. Why not? I would like it to happen, especially for Leo. May he win this time, as a Christmas present.

“To be honest, I think that to analyse a team as a favourite, you have to look at how the qualifiers were. And today, Argentina and Brazil are candidates above the Europeans.”


  1. Pekerman was either bought or too cowardice,or both.

    What kinda of sane manager would have Saviola, Aimar, Riquelme, Messi and Crespo sitting on the bench all at once while fielding Julio Cruz??

  2. Alvarez played well. Some of his touches were very good. The goal he scored was only due to his energy, apart from the keepers mistake of course. He could have scored one more atleast. But all these chances were alao created by him. I dont know why no through pass or forward ball is coming to him. Thats really frustrating. But a goal against Liverpool and another against Barcelona should give him confidence.

  3. Those man city motherfuckers must hate Julian for some fucking reasons. They never pass the ball to Julian, what the hell is going on???

  4. So far so good for each of the Argentine players not named DePaul or Paredes. But trust me, all the worries concerning the two will be ameliorating within a week or two. And I can explain you why?

    First of all, Atletico will be playing 4 games within a span of 10 days and this is where the opportunity knocks for DePaul to grab and shine. Analyzing further, he could easily enjoy in the range of 1500-1600 minutes in the club level out of a possible 2250 minutes (90 minutes × 25 games) prior to the World cup. I think this is more than adequate to unleash the beast out of him.

    Secondly, Paredes is tagged as a priority for the Italian giants (not me speaking but reported by the authentic sources).

    Finally, there’s no need to draw conclusions after a couple of games, everything will be fine with my Argentine players.

    As always,

    • RDP appearently has personal issue, his ex is taking him to the court. Perhaps that explain his not so good performance and losing his temper against Foyth and Lo Celso.

      Hopefully it doesnt evolve into another MI9 love story ….

  5. Based on squad strength and available players not picked by mentally retarded managers.
    We should have won in 1990 (FIFA fcuked us).
    1994 (extremely strong squad but Maradona misconduct destroyed the morale of the team),

    1998 (rebuilding team not a favorite),

    2002 (all the players from 1998 had matured and were at the peak of their game, never seen such a squad packed with world class players in every position and on bench, didn’t lose a single qualifying match only to arrive at the world cup burnout and with injuries to major players).
    2006, best team in the tournament. Perkemen’s less trust on Messi cost us the world cup. At 18 years of age he was miles ahead of Julio cruz in finishing and Tevez who missed a one on one like he always does!! Also subbing both Crespo and Riquelme and not picking Zanetti cost us the quaterfinal!!

    2010- Maradona’s insane tactics and dropping players like Riquelme and Zanetti proved to be a huge disadvantage but the team had made to the world cup by the skin of their teeth and wasn’t really a favorite.

    2014, very unlucky. We created numerous chances and couldn’t convert any!! Germany might have looked like the dominant team coz they played an attacking game while we approached the match defensively but we ended up creating more chances. Also Germany had one extra day of rest and their semi final was a walk over!!

    2018, same story like 2010. Made it to the world cup by the skin of the teeth and played with aging players. Not integrating new players by former managers and insane and unacceptable tactics from our manager cost us the world cup. Had we won against Croatia we could have made the final easily!!

    • We have to admit that Argentina missed a few cups. I don’t believe in luck. It is within our reach. 2006 was the worst year ever.

  6. We should have won one at least and perhaps 2006 and 2014 were the best opportunites.

    Lot of factors must align for one to win a world cup. For example, 2010 Spain was overwhelmingly favorite. Still if Robben puts it in, they don’t win.

    2006 the quality was not there. One didn’t need too much luck to win it. But we shot ourselves in the foot. Hated Pekerman for not being bold.

    2014 we missed chances after chances and cannot blame anyone. We again we responsible for our fate.

    This year there is lot of quality, there is a very little chance. Percentage wise its low. Will need luck, injury, refereeing decisions etc. to align. Just plan and playing good won’t make it.

  7. “Argentina should have won a couple more cups since 1990″, you mean since you DOVE like a ballerina in that final and the Mexican-Uruguayan REF. was more than happy to stick it to ARG.

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