Argentina remain in top three in FIFA rankings


Argentina remain in the top three in the FIFA rankings.

The Argentina national team stay in third place in the FIFA rankings ahead of France and England. Brazil are first and Belgium in second.

Lionel Scaloni’s team won the Finalissima 3-0 vs. Italy in June and that was followed by five goals scored by Lionel Messi in a 5-0 win vs. Estonia. Argentina play Honduras and Jamaica next month in the United States. Here are the latest rankings for this month:

1. Brazil
2. Belgium
3. Argentina
4. France
5. England
6. Spain
7. Italy
8. Netherlands
9. Portugal
10. Denmark


  1. Rankings mean nothing at point. If we win 4 knockout games in Qatar is all that matters now. I keep on reminding people that Maradona arrived at Mexico 86 ranked the 7 best player. Argentina were not even favorites. 2018, France were not the favorites, just contenders. And without the pressure tag on them, they went all the way. Just saying.

  2. Klinsman said that the world strongest teams are Argentina and Brazil, not any of the Europeans. He might be right. According to the FIFA ranking, the strongest of European is Belgium, and we know that’s a joke.

    Second strongest is France who is in decline. At least no where near their form 4 years ago. Pogba might be out/out of form, Varane is declining. Lloris past his best. I have been watching the Spurs, I am 100% convinced that Emi is twice better than Lloris. Griezman is MLS caliber player now. Only Mbappe and Benzema pretty much.

    Then England who had been excellent up until the Euro 2020 but the bad forms of their key players such as Maguire, Rashford, Shaw really made them a team that relies heavily on Kane solely. Portugal and Spain are dark horse. I won’t underestimate them but I don’t see them winning against us if we meet.

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