Taty Castellanos, Germán Pezzella, Guido Rodríguez, Chimy Ávila play on Friday


Taty Castellanos, Germán Pezzella, Guido Rodríguez and Chimy Ávila could all play on Friday in La Liga.

Castellanos will try to make it two goals this season after he scored his first against Gerafe in a 3-1 win. The Argentine is presently on loan at Girona and they play against Agustín Marchesín, Franco Cervi and Augusto Solari of Celta Vigo on Friday.

Germán Pezzella and Guido Rodríguez of Real Betis play Chimy Ávila’s Osasuna. Chimy Ávila has two goals in two matches for Osasuna this season.

Mundo Albiceleste will have all goals and assists from these matches.


  1. Wolverhampton interested in Perrone
    Brighton have offered Rosario Central 4M for Facundo Buonannote with the idea of a 6 month loan

  2. (🌕) JUST IN: Enzo Fernández has great chances to be in the Lionel Scaloni’s squad list which is expected to come out in 2/3 days for the games against Honduras and Jamaica. @gastonedul 🚨🇦🇷

  3. Progressive passes per 90:

    Paredes 8,18
    Kroos 7,75
    Thiago Alcantara 9,5
    Modric 6,8
    Busquets 6,44
    Verratti 9,29
    De Bruyne 8,14

    Progressive distance per 90:

    Paredes 504m
    Kroos 473m
    Thiago Alcantara 433m
    Modric 336m
    Busquets 376m
    Verratti 475m
    De Bruyne 318m.

    Not the TOP5, just my search from the best midfielders.

    Neymar 9,13 Messi 9,59 prog passes per 90 btw

  4. For those that speak Spanish, here’s a funny clip of Aguero. He’s stressing about the possibility of Otamendi hurting Messi and ADM during CL Juve and PSG vs Benefica. Its a joke of course…


  5. Speaking of Pezzella and Guido, they have been quietly good for Betis in the last little while. They don’t get a lot mention here but there’s a reason they are Scaloni’s go-to backups.

    • No one talks about Guido but everybody knows he is one of our most reliable players on the squad and everyone likes him

  6. Paging Csabalala, can you give me the stat again with Paredes…something like top 5 progressive passer in europe within past few years. Think list included Kroos, Modric, etc..

  7. Ávila was so lethal few seasons ago. Reminded me a bit of Aguero… on his way to being a top striker and then that nasty injury hit. Lets see if he gets back to that insane form.

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