Mundo Albiceleste at Argentina training at Inter Miami’s facilities


The Argentina national team are presently training at Inter Miami’s facilities and Mundo Albiceleste was there in attendance.

Mundo Albiceleste have been media accredited! We are at Argentina’s training and will be at the game against Honduras on Friday in Miami.

Argentina have been training at Inter Miami’s facilities since Monday and the training was open to the media on Thursday with Mundo Albiceleste able to capture footage.

Mundo Albiceleste will also be in attendance for the game vs. Honduras as we will be in the press box. We will have full coverage of the game with exclusive content!


  1. .W. a n d a. N a ra confirms the end of her eight-year marriage to former Inter captain Mauro Icardi just weeks after the Argentine striker’s move to Galatasara

  2. I just checked into the hotel for tonight’s game. Can’t be more excited to watch Messi in the white and blue.. I had the pleasure to catch him in Barcelona in a champion league game, but it’s not the same.

    Can’t believe it’s happening.

  3. After England Hungary outclass mighty germans too. These twos are not WC candidates from what ive seen from them vs Hungary. England struggle against a much weaker Italy what was destroyed by us. Imo only Brazil could beat ARG, but Scaloni started to own Tite.

    • This conservative and smart football by Hungary is what Scaloni masterclassed with much better players but with the same chemistry and teamwork. Simply european giants (Germany, France, England) have no answer against it. And yes hungarian defenders ate Mbappe alive too, the guy was simply no space. Imo only Brazil is capable to beat ARG atm but Scaloni started to own Tite.

      • “This conservative and smart football by Hungary is what Scaloni masterclassed with much better players but with the same chemistry and teamwork” completely agree, you can see in my other comment I gave examples of how the major Europeans are weak and have holes. Scaloni’s flexible, practical, adaptable, conservative style combined with the fighting spirit + the great chemistry our team has developed + the x factor players we have is EXACTLY what will help us take advantage of the situation. There are still concerns of course, but the multiple factors aligning themselves recently give me a lot of hope

      • LOL whats wrong with you bro? Euro2020 Hungary: France 1-1, Germany-Hungary 2:2 you would cry day and night after such results in friendly matches. These europeans wont be better in WC. Btw this Italy which beat England today would have been destroyed by us more than 3, much weaker team than in Finallisima.

        • Again he’s just trolling…
          Before yesterday France was bottom of group vs Austria, Denmark, Croatia with 2 draws 2 losses and 3:5 goal difference. His sentiment was “nobody cares about Nations League, they are conserving energy and playing 50%, you can’t judge based on Nations League”
          Yesterday France beat Austria 2-0 and his sentiment is “FRANCE IS SCARYY 😱😱😱😱😱”

      • but these are the friendlies that you want to win to boost your confidence. we in 2018 had no confidence as we barely qualify for the tournament and we select players in panic mode. Germany might go into panic mode too because of these loses.

      • Look Anuparno, maybe you are sincere in your points and you don’t mean harm, but this negative pattern has been going for months. How many examples can I give? “Italy will be a test” to “It was a weak Italy team”, “I won’t watch the match because Brazil will beat Argentina” to Brazil beating Argentina. I understand that it is good to be slightly pessimistic sometimes and not get all over ourselves. I do think that German and England will be more dangerous in the World Cup than they are in the nations league. But the pattern that we’ve been seeing for months now is undeniable. England have major holes and fail CONSISTENTLY to beat average teams, France had a poor Euros and is having a squad turnover with some key players aging, falling out of form, getting injured, the Euro winners didn’t make it to the World Cup, Germany also have weird results like losing to North Macedonia, being destroyed by Spain, and simply not looking like the machine we’d think they’d look like, Spain having a good midfield but average attack and also not seeming scary, etc etc etc. There is an obvious trend right now with the European giants and we should be rejoicing and hoping to take advantage of it. The real fear I have is Brazil, even after beating them last year. Most balanced team with a plethora of new, young, and bright attacking options. Even they have holes like the fullback area.

        • Yes germany looks weak. England was never a contender they are just overhyped by their cocky English media. Brazil looks strong and they become much stronger now than copa America. Netherlands, spain and France maybe our biggest threat

    • I must say this is delightful. Congrats!
      My fingers will be crossed for you and Hungary against Italy.
      Gotta love an underdog especially in a group with England Germany Italy

    • While English players ARE overrated I think it’s true at the same time that they have some very good players and a good squad on paper in some areas. Kind of odd to see how poor they are. They do have major squad holes though, playing Maguire, Dier, and RB Walker as center back almost reminds me of our defensive situation a few years ago. Many players also in horrible form since the last Euros.

  4. Rulli will start. The news from the camp believes that Emi is safe. It is just Scaloni already knows what Dibu is capable of doing. He wants to see now if Rulli is good enough to be his main back up.

    Scaloni sometimes does this. For example, we don’t hear the name of Papu at all in the possible starting line up. Not because he is dropped to 6th or is injured. It is just he already knows how reliable Papu is as a back up.

    Btw Cuti FINALLY got his US Visa and will be available against Jamaica.

    • Yep, I think it’s good to solidify the back up role before the WC so no problems with Rulli. I just hope he doesn’t have to play a crucial match because he can’t handle serious pressure

  5. I think Scaloni may use some part of the match in 3 man defense against weaker opposition only and some cases when emergency goal is needed. I understand armani is selected by scaloni for his leadership role in dressing room which is very important to win big battle like World Cup and I have more concerned by rulli selection because he’s type of error-prone player who could give match to opponent like Champions League against Liverpool. For those concerned by lack substitutes for lautaro Martinez I think it’s a good symtom for World Cup win because if you look all the recent champions had problems in center forward .I also hope for Enzo Fernandez to be given chance because currently he is the best Argentine midfielder by far…

  6. I m so glad that may be Rulli is considered as 2nd GK! Bcz it will be a confirm disaster if lord A…ni got chance as 2nd GK if Emi unavailable in any match!!

  7. Now the latest starting line up according to TYC is: RULLI; Molina, LICHA/Pezzella, Otamendi, Tagliafico; Paredes, De Paul, Lo Celso; Messi, Lautaro, J CORREA

    If this is true Scaloni should think very high of Rulli and J Correa. Most of us want J Correa gone but not in Scaloni’s book I guess.

    • I start disliking J Correa because of Scaloni’s insistence on pushing him to the squad. I am yet to find out what’s special about this Correa that Scaloni sees but hard to understand by most others.

      • I don’t like what Germany or most European teams are doing. They always rotate the players. It is unclear what their strongest line ups are. Argentina don’t normally rotate, we focus on improving the chemistry of the squad. That’s why we are better than them.

        As for J Correa. I also think he is the least useful out of all forwards, have no idea why Scaloni likes him that much.

        As for the 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 anyone here really like this formation? I don’t remember any.

        • Always struggled with Back3. Even Scaloni tried and failed. Now we have two top young defenders in Cuti and Lisandro. Some part of crucial game we may shift to 541 to hold on the lead. That way, it’s okay. Cuti and Lisandro with Otamendi will be hard to break. But we will need to compromise this with our third forward. So, I think, it’s only good for holding lead.

  8. I want benched player get enough minutes…. So my starting 11 is..
    ………….. Ruli
    Molina otamundi Lisandro teglefico
    De paul.. Paredes…gio/ macalester / Enzo

  9. People advocating for playing with 3 in the back , please go and rewatch the match against Croatia! I don’t think Tagliafico or Acuna can maintain the intensity , pressing or running required on the left flank and Nico is not a defender. Molina is the only one ideal for 3-5-3 formation but he will tire himself out or could also burn himself out. PSG , plays with this formation because they have 3 forwards that can’t be benched and to compensate for their lack of defending they play with 3 center backs, 2 wings backs and 2 defensive midfield. The front three are fully responsible for scoring and creating. In our case, our strength is 4 in the back with 2 solid centre backs and 2 very good fullbacks. Both Tagliafico and Acuna are good fullbacks and Molina’s offensive play overshadows his defensive work but he is pretty quick and covers his area pretty well. Infact his offensive game is suffering since moving to Atletico not his defensive play. We also have Foyth who is defensively solid , ideal player to come off the bench to close out matches.

  10. Back 3 is en vogue now but it’s hard to pull it off on the NT level, it requires very specific players and a lot of coordination and practice. You need fast CBs and very hardworking, dynamic wingbacks. We are much better off with a back 4. Sticking with a winning formula.

    • yes, anyway to late to change 2 months before the competition. 343 or 352 need long long time to work on and it cannot be done within few weeks. In those formations, the winger backs are the key players. Last year I would say it’s possible but this year Acuna and Molina are both completely out of form, so forget.

      • BBC were from a different era and from a deep defensive line approach under Allegri and Italy coaches. A more modern iteration of 3 at the back is different, wider CBs have more space to cover, it’s not a coincidence for example that often fullbacks occasionally play as left or right CBs in a back 3, e.g. Azpilicueta, Danilo or Tagliafico.

        • Against fast forwards (like Mbappe) we have to defend deep. If there is a lot space behind the CB’s one long ball over defence and our CB’s (like any other team) would be beaten on speed. Of course, we can try the offside trap but one mistake could mean conceding a goal. We should stick with a backline of 4 and adapt based on the opposition.

          Watched the Poland Netherlands game yesterday. Poland was pretty bad and impressive. Netherlands however, are building an orange machine again. Unbeaten run under returned coach Van Gaal. Although mostly against weak opposition. They did thrash Belgium earlier however.
          Looking at the WC schedule, it is very likely we meet them in the QF. Our track record against the Dutch…
          Huge loss in 1974
          Win in 1978 (the final)
          Draw in 1979 (FIFA celebration)
          Loss in 1998
          Draw in 1999 (friendly)
          Loss in 2003 (friendly)
          Draw in 2006
          Draw in 2014 (we won on penalties)

          That is going to be one hell of a match in the QF.

  11. Screen shot this…this is the 26 players for world cup 2022….

    Goal keeper: Emi Martinez,Juan Musso, Armani

    Left Back: Acuna, Tagliafica, Lisandro*

    Right Back: Molina,Montiel, Foyth*

    Centarl Defender: Otamendi, Pezzela, Romero

    Midfielder: Paredes, Guido, Rodrigo De paul, Exequel palacios, Giovani lo celso, Alexis Mac Allister, Di Maria, Papu Gomez.

    Foroward: Messi, Dybala, Lautaro, julian Alvarez, Nicholas Gonzales, joaqiun Coreea.

    ****If palacios out for injured…Enjo fernandez in. If any foroward injured, Angel correa in.

    Only week point is joaquin correa (consider as a Left sided forword, rubbish) and Montiel.

  12. We can try….
    –Foyth – – Romero—lisandro – –
    De paul——locelso–Gonzalez – – – Messi——- —-lautaro.M

  13. One thing baffle me so much that every single so called pundits from different countries still talk about our defense. They think it is weak link. If they even look at the statistics then still we are better then some of the countries they claiming so good. I guess they just value the club form in NT.

    • Because they think Europe teams r far superior and we didn’t face European level teams. Molina is the only weak link in our defense. Other than him all position in defense is decent.

      • What ??molina is a weak link?…… After a long long time we have a complete full back who knows how to play in wings. His pace and stamina is incredible. He is our indisputable starter and a very integral part of our first 11.

        • I agree with Anuparno on the Molina part. He is not that good in defense and he is not a press resistant as well. I think we need Foyth for some tactical games. When you face fast wingers you need a player like Foyth who is very, very concentrated on the ball and can hold and pass the ball in tight spaces. For me, Montiel should be out, Foyth in.

          • Molina is the closet when we have similar to Puppi as RB. No argument he is far better modern fullback what we have now. He is young and only will get better. Hopefully Cholo look after him better and teach him few tricks for his defensive duties. Also rest assured im sure Scaloni and Co knows his players better then we do. After all they are the one who spending tons of time with them,watching countless amounts of videos,reshuffling their every plan. So have faith. If they see Montiel is not working for them they will drop him for sure. Also in my opinion Foyth big potential was as CB. I had really high hope of him as a CB. He disappointed me to be honest. His playing as RB or even DM in NT will be only a tactical move not permanently.

      • I don’t think Molina is weak link. Also I think it is utter rubbish when people say European LEVEL team! We had really crappy team and biggest mess of a dressing room still we almost had France in our grip when they were in their prime. We had good qualifying campaign in 2014WC and non European so called LEVEL team could not beat us even though all our forward was misfiring. German got lucky and blame to our strikers not put the match in bed when they had chance. I never seen a European LEVEL team beaten any South American team by great margin either in recent time when they meet( let alone 1-7). So I don’t get the hype about European LEVEL crap. If Sampaoli had freaking little bit brain then we would have kicked France ass. France should have thanked Sampa for that win.

        • First you should see the videos of foyth defensive aggressive tackles 🔥…he is a man who can stop top wingers like mbappe to enter the box whereas Molina there is still lots to improve in his defensive skill first…we all know Molina is damn good for front runner with the ball and for crossing but to beat a top side u need tough right back defence to win the game. And this is where foyth is ahead of Molina in big matches

  14. Lionel Scaloni: “Enzo Fernández will have his chance.” “Enzo Fernández is the player who can play in all positions in the midfield. He is a very complete midfielder.”

    There were some discussions here on Enzo’s profile, which positions/roles he can cover for. Now we have the most important opinion of the coach.

  15. If the current probable line up is the starting 11 means most probably all will get chance to play. But with this line up there would not be much attack from both flanks as tag and Montiel won’t attack more. Except Pezella all can play as full backs and all can play as CB. Paredes can contribute more to the attack as lisandro can play as a DM during the play. Very tight defense.

  16. Scaloni has already tried 3 back line vs Venezuela in 2019. Our worst match with 1:3 lose. Back 3 is a looser formation, only Tuchel in UCL2021 and Brazil in 2002 won with this shit in big tournaments in the last 20 years. ( UCL, World Cup, Euro). Always back4 wins. And Tagliafico and Montiel are not side backs, only Nico G, Acuna and Molina can play there. I hope Scaloni doesnt think seriously this shit, cmon man with Montiel and Tagliafico. This would be pure Sampaolism, we all remember the ARG Croatia WC match.

    • A team need at least 15-20 matches to practice a new formation normally. And Scaloni starts to tick now before the WC really? When our back4 works good. Sampaolism. Playstation. I hope this is speculation only.

      • Don’t worry this is just training formation. Scaloni training for various conditions in training and media saw it and reported this lineup. I don’t think this will be the final lineup. Maybe as Honduras scaloni may try some new formation and players

    • This could be another formation during the match going when they needs to change tactics or something. I would not worry too much. They showed us that they are very capable of doing everything

    • I also don’t like back 3. You need superstar wing backs to play this formation. Molina and Acuna are decent but not world class yet. Scaloni never got a good result when trying 3-4-3. Hope he will mot use that formation in the World Cup.

      • exactly! in a 343 or 3421, the main players are the winger backs and the playmaker. We have CBs able to play in a defense of 3 and the best 10 of the world but not the fullbacks. I guess Scaloni should have the same thoughts on this topic and that’s why Argentina always plays with a defense of 4.

  17. Based on Scaloni’s last interview. it seems that:
    1. Palacios spot is safe. Scaloni said that he hopes that Pala will recover by the World Cup and that he has been with the team from the very beginning. But then Pala must play for his club.

    2. He said Enzo and Thiago are the future but he does not rule out them joining the final World Cup squad.

    3. He tried 5-3-2 in the last practice:
    Emi; Montiel, Pezzella, Licha, Medina, Tagliafico; De Paul, Paredes, Lo Celso; Messi, J Correa

    But the media doesn’t think that will be the line up against Honduras

    4. Because he said he will make 2-3 changes only, which likely will be Pezzela instead of Cuti, Tagliafico instead of Acuna.

    5. He think Foyth is valuable too as he can play in different positions.

    • U will not get anything from these interviews they say those things what people want to hear. They will not reveal anything. Im sure Enzo is in contention. Even if scaloni didn’t tell we all know foyth is needed. I have no problem with palacios but not in place of Enzo. Plus palacios is injury prone it will be too risky to take him

      • The problem is I just summarized what Scaloni did actually say. It is not my personal opinion on who is chosen who is not, it is Scaloni’s.

        Me personally I also want Enzo to be chosen, but Palacios deserves to be there too as Scaloni said he’s been with Scaloni from day 1.

  18. Ole and Tyc sports hinting that Scaloni might try the 3 defender formation vs Honduras. It will be interesting, we can have one more option if required.
    It is so frustrating that Cuti does not have his visa yet. He missed so many camps due to injury, suspension etc.

    • Here’s their probable line up.

      ————–J Correa – Messi
      Tagliafico – GLC – Paredes – RDP – Montiel
      ——–Medina – Licha – Pezzella

      Alvarez over J Correa all day. Big Pezz at RCB can be exploited given his pace. Shame Foyth is injured.

        • Yeah, Romero for sure. i don’t watch medina enough to opine but i’m sure a fellow mundoer can chime in.

          Full strength probably like this.
          Paredes auto starter but i’m curious about Enzo.
          Molina is the natural choice but i can’t drop my boy.

          Acuna – GLC – Enzo – RDP – ADM
          ——–— Licha – Ota – Romero
          ———————– Emi

    • > It is so frustrating that Cuti does not have his visa yet.

      Straight incompetence that any footballer experience menial administrative travel issues. Even for the laziest footballer, they can easily pay a travel agent pocket change to stay on top of it.

  19. Will someone kindly provide me with a legit link to watch the game tomorrow??
    Futbolibre, rojadirecta, vix, p2p4u all no longer work for me anymore for some reason and I know all the Latino channels here in the states aren’t going to show the game live..
    They’ll show an old CL game during the match instead (never fails). Considering how many Argentines their are here in the states, it’s pretty disrespectful.. not sure why they do that to us.

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