Lionel Messi speaks on Enzo Fernández, Thiago Almada, his form with PSG


Lionel Messi spoke about Enzo Fernández, Thiago Almada and his current form with PSG.

Messi scored two goals for Argentina in the 3-0 win vs. Honduras. And while the spotlight was on him, there were two players who made their Argentina national team debut.

Thiago Almada of Atlanta United and Enzo Fernández of Benfica both wore the Argentina national team shirt for the first time. Mundo Albiceleste was at the media scrum and here is what Messi had to say about the two players:

“I saw them as very good, they are guys we already know. Who already trained with us in the last call-up. Thiago is very fresh, he is a very fast player and can do a lot one on one. He is very sly, he’s not afraid of anyone.

“Enzo is a player with a lot of personality, has a good foot and I believe they are two spectacular players.”

The Argentine also spoke about his current form for his club.

“I feel good, different from last year and I knew that it would be like that. Last year, as I said, I had a bad time. I arrived (this year) with a different head, more used to the club, to the locker room, to the game, the team mates. I feel very good.


    • Thiago will be replacement for Papu in national team but won’t go to the WC if Papu fit.
      Enzo has a great chance to go to the WC. He will mainly compete with Palacios. Palacios fitness issue will be the main concern.

      • Guys remember what happened with players like Pavon, Mezza, Bustos, even Cabellero. we saw flashes of them and want them at the WC….the rest is history. I believe there are very few posts to grad and the contenders are E. Fernandez, MacAllister, Foyth. Players Almada has zero chance to be at the WC.

        • Fans can want anyone they like but eventually coach and staffs decide and i believe almada has close to no chance to go to wc. Only Enzo can go because he is proving himself in Benfica. Scaloni selected almada so that European clubs get interested in him he is thinking about the future not about world cup

    • With all due respect man but wanting Almada to go instead of Papu – after one match no less – is just insane! Papu is a wonderful player and contrary to popular belief, he’s very, VERY important to the NT. He subbed for De Paul and Celso in the games against Colombia and Chile and honestly, he was every bit as good as either of them. In copa America, he scored in both games he started in and was an ever presence when ever he played.
      Papu to me is essential, almost as much as Celso, DePaul and Paredes. Add Guido and you form the must have 5 players that make up the midfield. The last position would be between Enzo, Alexis, Palacios and maybe Almada (if he’s considered a midfielder).

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