Lionel Messi with highlight chip goal, scores twice for Argentina in 3-0 win vs. Honduras


Lionel Messi scored twice, one of which was a chip goal for Argentina in their 3-0 win vs. Honduras.

Messi stole the show the only way he knows how. A great dink pass into Papu Gómez who played a low pass into Lautaro Martínez as Martinez scored to give Argentina the 1-0 lead.

A great start for the Copa America and Finalissima champions. The game was getting physical with several tackles by Honduras, one of which was a shoulder and elbow to the face onto Lionel Messi.

Argentina would get a second goal and it would be Messi to score it. Gio Lo Celso was taken down inside the penalty area and Messi sent the goalkeeper the wrong way as he scored.

The second half saw Julián Álvarez being brought on for Lautaro Martínez after Martínez took a tackle to the face in the first half. Thiago Almada and Enzo Fernández making their Argentina national team debuts.

Fans were treated to a goal that they will forever remember. The ball would fall to Lionel Messi from outside of the penalty area and with a first touch, would chip the goalkeeper.

It was a goal no one will soon forget and one that takes Messi to 88 goals with the Argentina national team. Argentina would control the entire game which would end in a 3-0 win.

Scaloni’s Argentina are now undefeated in 34 games.


  1. physically good challenging game for arg, this honduras team are like lorries and expectedly they give stacked defence, nice to see everyone praising enzo , enzo gives you something little more physically, he is strong in everything he just needs to play more and more and gear up his speed and game, today nice to see another new player thiago today scaloni take my respect introducing him with this team, thiago is another dynamic player though he is mls player which is not so compact but almada is very good replacement for locelso in perspective creative game, only thing is problem related to thiago you should use him only when you are in totally attacking mood bcs thiago won’t give you some defensive duty which both locelso and nico does in that left side,
    jamaica will be physically similar team like honduras but i think they will be little more quicker than this team

  2. Enzo is the future of Midfield! Was that Riquelme? He needs to be in WC and unleash his full potential.

    I only wish we could throw Lamela in there somehow.

  3. Our midfield didn’t have to defend much so were free to display their attacking game and they were not great tbh, understandably. Our players were playing after 3 months and it would be unreasonable to expect them to play like in Copa, where we gradually improved match by match and peaked in the final. Papu had a good assist but missed two clear chances, he is a much better finisher than that but is clearly out of form. DePaul was also trying his best to score but wasn’t his usual self as he is slowly adjusting to Athletico’s style of play which is very different to what he does in the national team. Paredes wasn’t involved in attack much. He is very quick to pick Messi’s runs but today wasn’t the case, again due to the long gap and also he plays for Juventus now. Alvarez played on the wings and missed a one on one which by his standards should have scored. He needs to start next match for us, we need him to be at his clinical best and couple goals will earn him more minutes in City. Enzo, he also needs to start next match. Palacios fitness is not guaranteed and he needs to play as much as possible to build the chemistry with other players. The one in best form between Enzo, MacAllister and Palacios will be picked. Scaloni must have been impressed by Enzo today. Locelso, beside the penalty win was also all over the place. He is way better player than that. Not surprisingly, all three goals was because of Messi’s contribution even while being heavily marked .

    All in all, it was pretty easy match for us. This midfield have been playing together for quite a while and can definitely play much better once they start the 3 weeks world cup training camp.

    • There will be no 3 week wc training camp for this year wc. It will be only 7-10 days before the wc. Last match in all leagues are in 12-14 November. Like psg has a game in November don’t expect full training camp for more than 10-12 days

      • Just checked, even United, Inter, Juventus are playing on Nov 13th, 9 days before our first match on 22nd Nov and on top of that we have a friendly against UAE on 16th November. Last One week of club matches should be canceled by FiFa with or without the support of UEFA but they have all come to an agreement apparently!! Last year clubs were already threatening FiFa they will only release players 1 week before the world cup, contrary to 3 weeks required by FiFa. But it looks like Nov 13th will be the final week of club futbal before the world cup kicks off.

        • this world cup can become a waterloo for any team that is trying to find chemistry during the world cup, European teams like Germany and England may suffer. The germany group is tough as japan is playing very well and Iran will have extra motivation facing USA and England. in Group B one of the Team that will qualify for the round of 16 would be Iran and quite possible that England may not top the Group. In Group A, Ecuador can bring some surprises.

    • “The one in best form between Enzo, MacAllister and Palacios will be picked.”

      Actually it’s 2 out of this three will go to the WC.
      Form and fitness will be the deciding factor.

  4. You don’t need to watch long minutes to spot a superstar in making. Yes, that’s what I predict about Enzo – a future midfield superstar for Argentina after a long time. I am saying this not just because he almost scored a goal and assisted- his confidence, movement, control of the game reminds me of Roman – but a different version. He should play with DePaul in the midfield.

    As for Julian, I am yet to be impressed by his National team performance. So far, he has been a headless chicken with the Argentina jersey.

  5. Watched the game on an app that I had on my cable forever and never knew it showed live sports until tonight, nm Proper football!!!

    Game was good, defending was good/solid, attacking was crisp and Messi scored a beautiful goal….great job and nobody got hurt thank GOD….on to the next game

  6. So we’re only 3 games away from equalling longest winning streak in football, 4 games away from setting up new record. Looking at our next 2 friendlies & 3 group stage games, its probably going happen.

  7. Honduras parked the bus and heavily man marked Messi. They had zero intention for attack , not even counter attack. Hence there is no point discussing our defense, except Molina, who was pretty average today. Yes, most of the build up was central which is why he wasn’t much involved but the few times he was involved he couldn’t do much except for one over shot cross. Lack of good headers and absence of Dimaria, Acuna and Nico could be the reason why we played more centrally.

    While defending, Molina wasn’t very convincing either. Fullbacks while defending close down the opposition wingers angle of attack , or tackle them if unable to block their advance but the very few times Honduran forwards were near our box, Molina was out paced and for the most part he ended up fouling the opposition. He was the highest scoring defender last season, talented enough to play as a winger but Simone’s fcuked up training and strategy has made him heavily confused. He needs to play the second match too and hopefully Scaloni will involve him more.

  8. Three things i like this team most
    1.Defensive solidity
    2.midfield revolution
    Now not even a single country haven’t press like Argentina. I can’t remember when messi gets so many final pass for Argentina Jersey. Look like messi playing in prime barca team.
    Overall lionel scaloni deserves respect.

  9. Great takes… Enzo brilliant performance.

    Bad takes… Alvarez wasted 2 chances, first he decided to play it cute for Messi, then he blew 1 vs 1.

    Overall, midfield looks great, defence was great aswell but hardly tasted since we’re playing against bunch of rugby’s exile.

    We needs to be better at goalscoring cause only Lautaro, Messi and ADM are doing it for us. The rest of the team only has 0-3 goals each. Our midfield should practice long range, I mean Almada unleashed a goalkick when trying to score…

  10. it will be a massive blunder by scaloni if Enzo Fernandez is left out of the world cup squad. faaaaaaaaaaaaaarr faaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr better than palacios..

  11. Great game, could have been even more goals. Really liked Enzo and I think he’s showing a definite WC level. So disappointed his shot hit the post. Some of you will know I wasn’t in favor of his inclusion a few months ago (he was actually poor in his last two weeks at River) but his rise and adaptation has been insane. He clearly has great character because he’s adapting to Argentina as quickly as he adapted to Benfica which was even faster than he adapted to River. I think he will easily be a Cuti/Dibu immediate performer Scaloni can not ignore.

    I was a bit annoyed about Almada at first because I’m not into playing someone from the MLS who’s a future prospect right before the WC when we should be thinking in the short term, but he really surprised me and you can’t argue with a player’s attitude and performance. Always looking for the ball and effective in almost everything he tried. You can tell he feels passion for the shirt and is really eager to prove himself. Hope for him to get a move to Europe soon and I’d like him to be a regular inclusion post Qatar. Good scouting, Scaloni.

    Alvarez put in a lot of effort but made bad decisions a couple of times, I still want to see him against Jamaica because I’m still positive about him.

    Good to see Scaloni giving Perez minutes because we need to have an option for 9th defender if Foyth doesn’t make it (which is a realistic possibility and would be a shame given his category and versatility).

    And Messi is Messi.

    • Almada is nt material looked so good plus can play different positions like papu , Almada played last 15 to 20 minutes lo celso position, enzo must go world Cup.

    • @olive i think enzo in last 2 week at river lost his motivation. Not included in finalissima or Estonia squad everyone thought scaloni would not pick him before wc but his Benfica transfer and great performance made scaloni think and also some of our players injury and off form made scaloni to rethink his strategy. Best decision of his career to go to Benfica where he is playing regularly

      • Yep, he was also nervous especially in the Velez game knowing it’d be his last River game if he lost but if he didn’t lose he wouldn’t go to Benfica. He got caught up in a lot.

    • Moral of the story:

      Keep quiet till the match is played if youre not happy with the selection of a player, trust the coach and see how he performs. Too many people here bash our players when they are called. Some like you admit the same after the match while others keep quiet shamelessly.

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