AS Roma coach Jose Mourinho says Paulo Dybala unlikely to return before end of year


AS Roma coach Jose Mourinho commented on Paulo Dybala’s injury stating that he probably will not be back before the end of the year.

Paulo Dybala injured himself while scoring a penalty for AS Roma and could now be out for the year. AS Roma coach Jose Mourinho spoke to DAZN after his team’s game vs. Lecce. Here is what he had to say:

“Dybala? Difficult to see him again on a pitch before 2023.”

He continues to struggle with injuries and now before the World Cup. According to Gastón Edul, he has a muscle injury and tests will be done to evaluate him.

If Dybala is out for the rest of the year, that would mean he will miss the World Cup with Argentina.


  1. Ok while my speciality isn’t in sports medicine, I can tell you that there is a decent chance that Paulo DOES make it to the WC if the muscle injury isn’t severe. It’s a little too soon for the club to say whether Dybala is out for the rest of the year or not. The WC is in less than 6 weeks and if Paulo recovers within the next 4-5 weeks he won’t have time to play for Roma and then will go to the WC straight away so technically speaking we won’t see him in a Roma shirt until next year. So in conclusion, all isn’t lost just yet, lets wait and see what his tests say.

  2. Nahuen Perez with a goal and playing with a lot more confidence with regular playing time.
    Balerdi also has cemented his place at Marseille after being sidelined by Sampaoli las season.

    PSG could make a move for Fausto Vera in January.
    Alcaraz, Buononotte on Porto radar.

  3. Don’t forget except Messi and di Maria to some extent we can adjust it in the forward lines. It’s the midfield that have to be at their best. Our midfield trios job is going to be harder and harder as we progress forward. Yes Messi will help them while going forward but the defensive duty would be so much that they have to be at their super best. With 1 month to go “out of form” factors of de Paul would not be a concern. Coz with least expectation our mid field is the most ferocious one.

  4. One inform striker is injured. Big blow for Argentina. Now we should add Simeone to the roster. He’s become must now especially considering Alario lost the ground.

  5. Our dreams of Messi and Dybala playing between the lines, switching positions, making blindside runs and cheeky passes to Lautaro are seemingly over. Life is garbage. Nothing good ever happens. Thanos was right.

  6. Wait only Roma and Mou said that the injury is very bad right? Mou said he will be out until the new year? I don’t think anything is confirmed yet before the test. None in Argentina officially says that Dybala is out of the WC.

    I remember in Spurs 2 times Conte said Cuti injury was “serious”. And 2 times he was back much sooner than what Conte said.

    We need Dybala really. Another thing is that Scaloni likes to take half injured players so he would recover during the tournament/qualifiers. He did it many times.

    • I agree, Gonzalez made it to the Copa America without playing for months and Scaloni has called up injured/partially injured players many times. Scaloni doesn’t quit with injuries

  7. In previous big tournments arg faced this kind of problems. Arg. coaches always taking the wrong unfit players and wrong substitutions costS several trophies with ARG.

  8. That’s y I always thinking to place vfit players for WC.otherwise things will be difficult for scaloni in the middle of a tournament.

  9. Oh shit!!….. At least thank god it’s only dybala if it were nico gonzalez i think that would have hurt us massively. Dybala was not even a proper substitute for us. He only plays friendly, he was not even a part of copa America. But we would have love to have more options going forward. It’s a sad thing he is injured. Angel correa has a new life line now.

  10. This means A.Correa will gets the ticket. Sad for Dybala but hopefully somehow its not as bad as the first prognosis. Remember when Messi’s ankle gets bended by Atletico’s defender? the photo shows his ankle was swollen like a golfball… yet somehow Messi was able to play normally again 2 weeks later.

    Simeone is doing good but he hasnt play with the team for many years, with only 1 friendly remaining, I dont see him as realistic option.

    However, we all know Dybala has always been Scaloni last option as Lautaro will always be first followed by Julian and then J Correa….but we definetely will miss Dybala super sub impact. Like ADM, he’s someone who could provides goal out of nowhere, its something that the Tucu or Nico dont have.

  11. Sad to see our jewel Dybala missing out on the world cup but Scaloni never trusted him anyway. Dybala would have never been brought as substitute even if we was in the final mix of 26. So atleast now he can sit at home and watch the games on TV.

    Scaloni has Alex Macalister, so all good. 😉

  12. This is a major blow to our attack without doubt. Beside Messi and Dimaria there is noone in our team like Dybala. He could create and score out of nowhere and his xfactor would have the opposition mark him with multiple players freeing-up other players. We have lost a great advantage who could come off the bench and strengthen or maintain our dominance in attack.

    Fifa is the one who needs be held accountable for these kind of injuries. Them organizing the world cup in winter jeopardized everything. National teams will get their players a week before the biggest competition in the world. Clubs had no choice but to cram as many matches as possible before the world cup as they were losing 1.5 months due to the competition. Dybala is one of the first major casualty!! He was rushed back before he could get back to full fitness and his fragile body couldn’t keep up. Juventus had him for a very long time and they knew his body better than anyone, which is why they let go of him for free. Dybala has 3 years contract with Roma and he could end up like Gago, back to playing local league.

    • However , the injury didn’t look very serious and he could only be out for 3 to 4 weeks as clubs matches end in November second week and doesn’t start until after the world cup in January. Mourinho might be implying that he won’t be able to represent Roma this year not Argentina!! Hopefully that is the case!!! Official medical report would confirm everything!!

  13. Reminds me of Lanzini and Lamela. Two other players made from glass.
    I would go for Alario, Correa, and if you really want to stretch go for Garnacho.
    I love Dybala but my goodness man getting injured on a penalty?

  14. Hopefully the injury will be not too serious and he can play for Argentina. He could have been an important player for us specially because he can score create pass and also can replace both lautaro and messi. Now simeone has a chance

    • this became joke anymore. this guy play football 1 month and don t play after for 2 months.
      as human i am very sad for him but really he is like made by glass.
      we don t need this kind of players in the team. when you need him he is out.
      it is joke really anymore.

      • If this is true (I am still partially in denial) I hope EVERY other forward stays as fit as possible and is in great form during the wc. If not I can easily see a Joaquin Correa or Nico G miss a big chance in a tight game that a player of Dybala’s level would score. Our attack’s bench just took a huge hit in quality. Also Di Maria and Messi are older and will need a quality backup. The more I think the worse it sounds. He is really made of glass. Such a shame that so many talented players have been ruined in the past because of pure genetics or luck. Many players would never get injured taking a penalty in a million years. That’s been a huge story for us.

  15. I feel so bad for the Jewel, he worked so hard to go to the WC but that’s life…. in the meantime the door is wide open for Angel Correa!!!! It would have been an injustice to bring Joaquin and leave Angel. Now Dybala is out both Correa and N. Gonzalez have their sport secured.

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