Thiago Almada finalist for MLS Young Player, Newcomer of the Year


Thiago Almada is a finalist for the MLS Young Player of the Year and Newcomer of the Year.

Almada has been named a finalist for two MLS awards. The 21 year old joined Atlanta United from Velez earlier this year and has been one of the standout players in the league.

He has been called up to the Argentina national team and made his debut in September. Almada has six goals and seven assists in 29 games for Atlanta United.


    • Yes, Spot on Rattle!
      As for me personally, which i had forgot obviously,( because Messi played there for so long as they could or perhaps should have change their club name then to Messi De Ballon’a and moved La Masia at very young age etc…) that how they treated Diego, Riquelme and Orin too+some other Arg players too.

      and as they been Catalan’s forever since god knows back when and Still want to have their own country as Catalonia, well no wonder the Catalan players and some who became coaches also of Barca were allways backed( only maybe Pep made the real difference by quitting) more than any other and that was exactly the same with Diego too, but what they decided to do to Leo and his Family is just unforgiveable and it seems that the path they had chosen allready back then at the days of Diego just seems to alkways exist with them and somehow their arrogance are coming even more arrogant than ever before.

      as in the last UCL game they as team of Barcelona took the decission’s by their own hands and not wanting discuss this matter with UEFA or INTER nor they did not with anyone else than just themselfs as they decided that people in the stands are only allowed to wear INTER Jersey at the Inter fan part of the Stadium, which now i think also has a new name or at least they have added this Spotify somehow with their homeground i really don’t give a shit as they will do as they will please themselfs and also as my respect towards this team was lost first what happened with Diego, but because of Messi obviously everything changed again, but after how they treated Leo and specially his family i do not care a single bit for them anymore as i just see things getting even more worse than they were allready for long time, mostly offcourse due to their crazy boards and members of it, but even now that they so called build up another great team from their depths deep down to Mariana Trench, well it sounds a bit more suspicious again how they are dealing with their economics , though obviously they are not the only ones, and that is not really new new’s either,lol!

      For me personally they went over the board a long time ago and completly nut’s too, and forsure when and what they did to Leo and his family !

      So i do not care about their new so called super team with Xavi on charge it feels like i lost my respect or at least some of it for Xavi too, sadly, but that is how i feel about today’s Barca !

      So i deffinetly don’t want any Argentine to join them anymore, but i quess i can’t do nothing about it either, lol !

      So i just wish that they keep with their Lewandowski and Dembele, Raphinha and others too, though i feel a little sympathy for players like Araujo and some of their own younger La Masia players, but that is not enough for me to go backing them again after what they have done and specially to Leo and his Family, though i do understand if Leo does want move back there, because of his family and not because of wanting to really play for Barca again, though i’m not that convinced with PSG’s Qatari owners either and specially with their latest contract for ” the golden boy”, lol !

      As with that nick name he should join Mayweathers Golden Boy and, maybe try to get first one over with De La Hoya before he starts to Open his mouth again as words are flying out as Jabs from allover, but in the reality he deserves more than one upoercuts and KO’s for life!

  1. Kante will miss the WC for France, they lose a big game player and defending champion. No Pogba or Kante in our possible round of 16 rivals

    • Great news. But for me France’s biggest threat is their super fast wingers like mbappe, dembele, coman etc Tchoumeni more than capable to replace kante. So i don’t think its a big loss. Yes Pogba maybe a big loss as they lack good creative players in midfield

        • Anuparno is actually making a good point. Why bash him?
          It is possible that France could be more dangerous with a young Eduardo Camavinga & Tchoumeni in midfield (fast and already in RM – one with a Champions League title replaced Kroos). Yes the wingers are fast: Coman, Mbappe, Dembele. Don’t forget what Christopher Nkunku has done in the champions league a couple of years back.

          The only thing is Franch should have replaced Deschamps with Zidane. Deschamps over staying his welcome and think he can play the same way or use the same players instead of in form players.

          Either way doesn’t matter: I want NT to play and knockout France as revenge and for Mbappe talking ish about qualifying being week in South America.

      • Well a major threat is the wingers sure but Kante is a player that can almost win games for you from midfield. Absolutely instrumental in knockout matches which was most recently seen when Chelsea won the CL. Big loss for France.

    • Honestly I can’t be happy for any player missing a world cup because if I don’t want it happening to our boys then I shouldn’t wish it on someone else.
      From what I hear Kante is a lovely human being, which makes makes me sad…however he has already won a WC so I guess that’s kind of a consolation.

      • Yep, that’s why I’m reporting it in a neutral way because I only want people to recognize the sporting advantage it may happen to give us, but I don’t want to celebrate it because it’s horrible to wish injury on anyone and especially a wholesome guy like Kante. Plus the karma it can bring. Missing the WC is also a very sad thing individually speaking

    • not a big surprise, both of them(pogba and kante) have poor performance with their club since 1 year with their frequent injuries. I think their absences is a good thing for France because their coach choose his players with legacy and now without those injured and out of form key players, their best players will be finally chosen. They are still dangerous and I still believe that they will finish 2nd and will be our opponent.

    • Wow, big news indeed, though better for Arg as really do not want them to win twice at row either ! But, like u and Mamoun said it is never good to wish an injury to any player and also for Arg’s Opponents too ! As it can happen to anyone at anytime etc

  2. Although I have been following this forum for 4 years but this is my first comment. It’s really a great platform for die hard Argentina fans like us.
    BTW can anyone say when will Scaloni announce the preliminary list for the WC..

    • Suggestion:
      If you want to get attention in this form, make sure to comment someting stupid or have negative take on everything like our Indian friend Anuparno and you are good. WELCOME THOUGH.

      • Lol..I just want to discuss about the Argentine NT and its players here. Argentina are now the favourites to lift the trophy in 2 months time so I do not think negativity is required. Let’s be positive and support the NT.

  3. Olive my friend i hope Brito convince Aimar take the place of Gallardo next year.
    there is no problem with national team anyway because 1 January the world cup will be far over. He is the only person that will have huge acceptance from all River family.
    what you think?

    • I agree that Aimar would be very accepted and respected. The only doubt I have with him like I also have with Demichelis is I don’t know what he’s like as a manager. I don’t know what their style of play would look like and how good they are at managing because Aimar is an assistant and Demichelis is coaching for a reserve team, so it’s hard to give an opinion. When Gallardo came one could already watch his team play in primera. If Aimar is a good manager then I think it’d be great to have him with his status, especially if it is after the WC so the national team can get a replacement. It feels weird to think of a new manager because Gallardo has been here for 8 years. I hope that the next person can improve us after how bad we’ve been this year.

      • personally i was one of small number of fans that we believe Gallardo will not stay next year in River. very long time (after Libertadores fail specific) i was argue with my friends because they believe Gallardo will stay. i wasnt optimist like them. anyway one day or other this day would come.
        it came now. life continues.
        i don t have words to express my love and gratitute for Gallardo.
        Just in same time i know that he is one of the most important legends and he is so loved as very small number of people inside River family so there is not exist issue about goodbye. sooner or later he will return back with one way or other. like Ramon Diaz. this people are always around.
        there is not end.
        as about style of Aimar he is assistant in national team so he have views and ideas similar to Scaloni.

        • Cox4,
          It honestly not a surprise in my opinion he left. This guy Brito has sold every good player River Plate has had for next to nothing and replaced them with very low quality in comparison to what Gallardo had. I doubt very much Aimar will take the job, especially if they go far in the WC. Gareca or Demi maybe, but Demi is also a stretch because Argentina is in very poor shape economically, and I think this along with the player situation does not make it attractive, even with stadium renovations.

          • well in past in a conversation with Olive we speak about that. you are correct 100% about Brito. Before the elections and till short after them i was believe that he will be something similar with D Onofrio. i was support him BUT some time after he win the elections he make the team a supermarket unfortunately. whoever wants enter and buy whatever he wants in any cost.
            this guy when he see a dollar jump like dog !!! Anyway.
            maybe Aimar don t come as you said but national team does not have to do about that. we speak about January. the world cup will have long ended.

        • That’s very interesting, personally I thought he was going to stay (I didn’t have a strong opinion but I wasn’t as scared as I was last year). I think Brito has a lot to do with it, it’s very possible that Gallardo would have stayed if D’Onofrio had an extra year. Like you I have a strong sensation that we will see Gallardo back one day. He is a legend in every respect of the word and he embodies what River is. I hope we give him the best recognition possible in the Monumental and then we will see what this next era will look like. This is a weird year, a World Cup in November and when that is over we will see a new River after many years of consistency and security with Gallardo.

    • Amigo I know you ask your friend olive this question but as Argentina fan I have soft spot for river plate since River produced countless talent for the nt I may not be qualified to give opinion on this, don’t think Martin Demichelis or Hernan crespo can be good choice too knowing that it will hard task to follow marcelo Gallardo foot steps anyway

      • I know i am being selfish, i hope Aimar can be with us until the WC. you know why spoil something that is good right? You know the team is doing well we are in good hands for the first time in a long time

        • there is nothing to worry about national team. IF Aimar come to River it will be 1st January. the world cup will be far over.
          the question is if Aimar want as professional to make the step up and be first coach or he prefer to be assistant. it is up to him.

      • my friend there is not exist issue to say your opinion or not about anything i write. you are welcome. i speak to olive because he is River fan like me and we have common interest. the other people here probably don t care about River that is why i speak to Olive. everybody want to say his opinion is more than welcome. Crespo and Demichelis are candidates too and i like both of them too but i prefer Aimar because he think football in way Scaloni do and second Aimar will have bigger time of tolerance from River fans in case things will not going well for us the first period after Gallardo leave. to say simple if the results in begin of new coach will not be good you will not hear boooing in Monumental if Aimar is coach because people love him very much. he will have the time to work free. in case of any other coach time will be much less and critisizm will be way much bigger.

      • what we wish or not is not the important here. the question is what Aimar want for his career. he want to be assistant forever or he want to make the step up to be a first coach. it is matter of professional choices and how he see his future.

        now what is your issue about national team really i don t understand it but anyway i don t have desire to argue with people here so i end it here.

  4. Hope Thiago keeps producing more goals and assists. If under 21 years old dominate the MLS, Europe surely will be knocking the door. If he would be 26-27 year old playing in MLS, and Scaloni called him up, that’s bad because there is a chance that he will not get better but I am glad Scaloni gives him a chance as he is only 21.

  5. I liked the way he played. Scaloni already thinking of him for post world cup. Bytheway I really don’t want Aimar to go River. Aimar needed in NT. Sounds bit selfish I know…but what the hell. I would say Aimar is the brain of NT

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