Diego Maradona Hand of God match ball to be auctioned off


The ball which Diego Maradoba used to score the Hand of God and Goal of the Century will be auctioned off.

Diego Maradona scored two of the most memorable goals in World Cup history in the same game. Argentina vs. England in the quarter finals of the 1986 World Cup is known as the Diego Maradona game.

Ali Bin Nasser was the referee for that game and has kept the ball and it will now be auctioned off. He said:

“This ball is part of the history of football, it seems right to share it with the world.”

It’s expected to be sold for about £3 million.


  1. Ok, well, money our dear friend again playing it’s part as allways and usual BS,!
    If this referee had any brain cells left in his brains he should directly give this ball where it belongs as it obvious that it belongs to Argentina and then Argentina, well as i’m not an Argentine i can’t say where they should place that ball, but somewhere where it really belongs and will remain safe forever ! R.I.P DIEGO and let’s hope that the Person who will buy that ball will give it to Argentina !

  2. 3 possible European teams where Gallardo would train in 2023

    -Atlético de Madrid: The continuity of Diego Pablo Simeone is still in doubt at this point in the season. It is unknown if Cholo will continue on the Metropolitan bench after this season and the Doll is a profile that they have followed closely for a long time in the mattress team. He is a young coach with a daring game idea and with the ability to promote talent within his system. His way of playing fits perfectly into the way the team sees football.

    -PSG: The situation of the Parisian team is very complicated at present. Kylian Mbappé’s departure may open the door for Luis Campos and Christophe Galtier to follow him because they have not met his demands. Gallardo played for PSG and knows the club well, having followed him constantly during his time in Argentina. It is not ruled out that he is the main option after the World Cup.

    -Aston Villa: The English team has doubts about the continuity of Steven Gerrard, who is on the tightrope if he cannot change the negative dynamics of the team since last season. The possibility that he could leave in the coming weeks is being considered and Aston Villa is interested in Marcelo Gallardo due to his impressive experience at River Plate, where he led them to win national and international titles.

    Sources fichajes.net

    • ATL – i can see Diego finally parting ways. id put this under “unlikely but possible”
      PSG – silly rumor. I’d put this under “when hell freezes over”
      AV – gerrard straight up stinks. cant believe theyre bottom table now. id put this under “realistic opportunity”

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