Gio Simeone comments on goals and Argentina national team


Gio Simeone commented on his two goals scored for Napoli and the Argentina national team.

Simeone had two goals for Napoli in their win vs. Rangers. The Argentine has four goals in four games in the Champions League and has been in great form.

The 27 year old has been included in Argentina’s preliminary list for the 2022 World Cup. Speaking with SCESPN in Argentina, the Argentine commented on trying to make the Argentina team. Here is what he had to say:

“Not just for these two goals, my personal objective is to be able to show the coach of the Argentina national team that I want to be there, be there with the group, to help them and do my part”.


  1. emi, armani, rulli =3

    romero,lisandro,otamendi,foyth,tagliafico,acuna,molina,medina/pezella = 8

    depaul,peredes,locelso,gomes,guido,enzo,palacios = 7

    messi,dimaria,lautaro,dybala,gonzales,julian/thiago,a correa = 7

    and the last spot i want to pick either garnacho or thiago for world cup experience thinking about future, i know they have very little to show their maturity , but i still want to pick either one of them…

    player whom i want to exclude,

    • In normal times this would be pretty much the final list.
      However, with 17 days until the final list can we include…
      Foyth – still injured, has not played for many weeks, will not be in top form mid November
      Acuna – lost form, not always a starter
      Paredes – still injured, has not played for several weeks, will not be in top form mid November
      Lo Celso – just back from injury, has not played for several weeks, is not in top form, injury prone
      Palacios – just back from injury, has not played for several weeks, is not in top form, will most likely be injured after 1 or 2 games
      DePaul – had a good few minutes in the CL, has not played 90 minutes for quite some time, is be a strong factor for on pitch coaching
      Di Maria – still injured, is however a must of the team, won’t be in top form mid November
      Dybala – still injured, was in good form but is injury prone. Could be of major importance because of his creativity.
      Alvarez – after a promising start at City, his form has let him down the past few weeks
      Nico Gonzalez – still injured, one of few options on the left flank. Will need to time to recover.

      I expect Scaloni will take a gamble on max three players, not on 9 or 10 A few setbacks in their recovery or new injuries and were´re down to 20 players or less.

  2. Garnacho Player of the Match yesterday .
    In view of his skill and pace on left wing, he must be included in WC squad by Scaloni.!! Even Nico Gonzales can play on the right.

  3. A typical no 9 like icardi or Simeone(in form) won’t add too much to our style of play. But forwards like lautaro and Julian are the type of players who are very good in link up plays with Messi and dimaria would be more beneficial even if they are out of form. And Simeone is not Aguero or Tevez or higuain to be included as a pure striker in the pecking order above Alvarez. J correa is nothing special upto now so Simeone would be my 3rd striker. But it’s upto scaloni. And it won’t bother me whether it’s j correa or Simeone coz both are not that much consistent. And this little additional goal tallies can’t be a good factor to measure it for the NT. If so, then lisandro already would be the starter ahead of otamendi. So scaloni prefers the chemistry more rather than the current form of new players.

    • I don’t have a good assessment of Simone but I don’t think it’s time to go after the “name” rather than actual performance in the field.

      I am not sure if Julian project will click in 2022, no matter how promising he is. Some people will not like my disapproval, but strictly speaking on performance with Argentina, he hasn’t lived up to the expectation as of yet.

      Given that Dybala is not fit, we may suffer for not having a good back up for Lautaro. I will take who ever inform striker is available right now and who has played with the team earlier.

  4. Garnacho time is very very soon. Once he plays regular minutes in Europe, then Scaloni has to call him up. I hope he will follow the path of Courtouis. He was loaned out to Atletico and Chelsea realized that he was even better than their first team goalie, Cech after 1 year and then the rest is history.

    Btw Garnacho is voted by MU as the man of the match. His European starting debut and is the MOM. Not bad at all. The good thing is he is a left winger, a position where we need the most.

    • Tbf Sancho isn’t performing well, it seems to me left side attack is on the grab and man utd fans making case for Garnacho due his performance last night’s match

      • Sancho is typical English overrated player. Nothing special at all. One of those they (english) wish to challenge Mbappe or Haaland as the best youngsters in Europe. MU bought 2 of the most overrated English in Maguire and Sancho. The good thing they bought good players this summer.

    • Also when lisandro is there on that left side the chances are more for garnacho to burst in the counter and go for his inside cut and goal. Yesterday Sherif was full defending and it’s not the type of style against that garnacho can flourish from the start.

  5. Very good opening game for grancho..
    The 2nd under 19 player Nico paz, I’m very Impress with him, highly talented player.Mainly play at attacking mid but can play every where in mid even in forward position.. Left footed, very good dribbler, good passer, good finisher..
    My 7 forwards are
    1 lio
    2. Lautaro
    3. Maria
    4. Alvarez
    5. N Gongales
    6. Dybala
    7. G simione

  6. Most people here are going to disagree but based on current form and experience I would leave out Alvarez and J.Correa. Julian’s decision to move to City clearly wasn’t great for his career. At his age he should be playing regularly like Enzo to develop but instead is being benched and only starts one odd match and gets to play 10mins every week, which has resulted in his form to dip badly. A striker needs to play regularly to stay sharp and get into scoring positions even though he is not scoring regularly . Yes, he has scored couple goals for national team in recent matches but based on experience and all-round play I strongly believe we will benefit if we pick A.Correa who can play on both flanks and also as a second forward. My 7th forward would be Simeone, a pure no-9 who is enjoying sublime run of form. A.Correa is a experienced battle tested forward and was the top scorer for Atletico last season with limited time on the pitch and Simeone is not only in great form he is a proper backup to Lautaro. Having said that Scaloni will most likely pick J.Correa and Alvarez over Simeone and A.Correa. Dybala should make it as he was set to recover and get his match fitness in 4 to 6 weeks.

    My 7 forwards would be the following players below.


  7. I am rooting for Simeone. Not that I dont want Alvarez or Dybala, We have 3 extra spots and Simeone is a true no 9. We will check all the boxes.
    And Most importantly Simeone is on hot form. Its a seven game tournament. Lets not avoid players who are on form.

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