Guido Rodríguez not seriously injured, will not miss a game for Real Betis


Guido Rodríguez is not seriously injured and will not miss a game for Real Betis.

Rodríguez was substituted out for Real Betis in their game vs. Ludogorets. According to Pepe Elías, it’s nothing serious and per the club doctors, he will be ready to play on Sunday against Real Sociedad.


  1. My Ideal WC 26 (Also regarding current Form)

    Dibu Martinez
    Juan Musso (Maybe Rulli)
    Franco Armani

    Nahuel Molina
    Juan Foyth

    Cuti Romero
    Nico Otamendi
    Licha Martinez
    German Pezella

    Nico Tagliafico
    Marcos Acuna

    Rodrigo dePaul
    Leandro Paredes
    Gio Lo Celso
    Guido Rodrigues
    Alexis McAllister
    Enzo Fernandez

    Lio Messi
    Lautaro Martinez
    Nico Gonzalez
    Angel di Maria
    Papu Gomez
    Julian Alvarez

    The Last 3 –

    1. Angel Correa or Dybala
    2. Thiago Almada or Gonzalo Montiel
    3. Giovanni Simeone

    I think Joachim is out of form and I prefer to take an inform goal scorer (Simeone) proper no 9 instead. Its a 7 game tournament.

    Angel Correa is also not in a great form but he can still be very handy. If Dybala is fit i dont know.. very confused. Help. !! Maybe Dybala wins but i am sceptical about his health and fitness in an important tournament.

    My only debate is should we take and an extra mid fielder (Almada) ? Or an extra Defender (Montiel) ??
    Love to hear your thoughts.

    • Personally I would go with Montiel instead of Almada because Almada has only ever played for us one time coming off the bench and doesn’t have experience against the level of teams we will be facing. Montiel has much more chemistry with the team, games under his belt, experience against better opposition in his club while also having played against Brazil, etc. If Molina gets yellow cards having to cover the space that Di Maria and Messi will leave or (God forbid) gets injured then we immediately have to do a dramatic change in tactics to accommodate our only option, Foyth and our functioning and proven system is compromised midtournament. I think SulaV brought this concept up before. I like Angel Correa but I would go to Dybala, which I have debated before, simply because of his level and ability to score when we really need it and because there are 26 spots for a reason, FIFA implemented it because of potential fitness concerns. With 23 spots it might be wiser to take a more fit player but we might as well take a chance now that we have more room/less risk and take Dybala. If you consider Papu a midfielder you can technically take both Correa and Dybala to make 7 for forwards. In my personal opinion, I would go with one of Correa or Simeone and guarantee Dybala if he makes it

      • Very well said.
        I like your points on Montiel and Dybala. But I think we must take an in form striker as a back up. Gio Simeone is dangerous and in form. If we dont take him its a huge waste. We need players in form. And right before the WC Simeone is firing. It would be a mistake not to pick him.

    • my team
      GK : emi martinez,rulli,musso( the above 3 are better than armani but scaloni may take armani)
      Defenders: molina,montiel,foyth,cuti romero,Otamendi,lisandro martinez,Acuna,Tagalifico,German pezzella(we can also look for medina or perez instead of pezzella as other 2 can play in 3 man defence where as pezzella need 4 man defence.)
      Midfielders: Paredes, guido Rodriguez, Rodrigo de Paul, Gio lo Celso, Enzo Fernandez, Papu Gomez, Palacios(if Palacios is not fit then mac-Allister, the reason I think Palacios is better than MacAllister is speed, height and physical nature )
      Forwards: Messi,lautaro Martinez,angel di maria, nico gonzalez,julian alvarez, gio simone and dybala(if dybala not fit then almada).
      I will drop both the Correa.

  2. I wonder if it’s just some sort of bias (like maybe you notice injuries more when it happens close to an Argentina game and it seems like a bigger deal), but it seriously feels like for years now EVERY time we come up to a match players start getting injured left and right, while when there’s no games it’s just an average or low amount of injuries. Seems like a curse, but luckily despite the amount of injuries we’ve seen nobody has been ruled out, I can imagine even the most injured out of our bunch (like Dybala) justtt squeaking in there. I’d say we’ve been more fortunate than other countries who have had players fully ruled out.

  3. i continously say garnacho and enzo is an insane talent, talent-wise he is better than nico gonzales, but nico is more experienced player now and gel with team well understand his role, now what we got in for his replacement joaquen correa, i wanted garnacho inclusion but he misses that chance now bcs he lacks that game experience, still he is better than joaquen correa, though i think he has less chance, but i won’t mind if one of garnacho or thiago included in final selection other than some overhyped player
    garnacho played very well but he misses that penetration when crowded as like as messi, he can’t be smooth like messi but with game experience he surely going to become dangerous for opponent

    • That’s what happens when you keep trusting on a Joakin Correa to somehow become a good finisher and fill in Lautaro’s shoes. Other deserving players don’t get the chance to acclimatize with the team. Even Angel didn’t get much chance to play with the team.

    • Garnacho is not Messi caliber talent for sure (nobody is, not even the young Mbappe or CR7), but Garnacho is without doubt our most talented youngster for a long time, maybe since Di Maria/Aguero.

      I mean the likes of Lamela, A Correa, Almada were huge when they were teenagers but Garnacho is more talented than them all for sure at the same age.

      Garnacho has one big task to do. Bring Argentina to win the WC youth next year. If he can do that, then he will join the club of Messi, Di Maria, Aguero, Samuel, Sorin, Riquelme, Aimar, Saviola, or D Alessandro. Our last youngsters who did it were Messi and Di Maria.

  4. @gastonedul in @TyCSports: “From what I understand is that Foyth will be on the bench against Athletic Bilbao on Sunday.”

    Juancito is finally coming back, great news. 🔥

  5. Dybala was seen visiting colosseum and was in a happy mood, hopefully that is an indication that he is recovering swiftly. If he manages to be get his match fitness by Nov 16th our last friendly and all the other forwards manage to stay fit then Scaloni will have to trim the following list from the leaked preliminary list to 7 players. G.Simeone has twitted that he is trying his best to impress Scaloni to get selected for the world cup.

    The following 5 are 100% in.


    Only 2 will make if from the below 5.

    A.Correa – out of form with limited play time
    J.Correa – out of form with limited play time
    J.Alvarez – out of form with limited play time
    G.Simeone – in great form with limited play time
    L.Alario – out of form with limited play time

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