Joaquín Correa scores for Inter in 3-0 win vs. Sampdoria


Joaquín Correa scored for Inter in their 3-0 win vs. Sampdoria.

Correa reached three league goals for the season after coming on as a substitute. With Inter leading 2-0, the Argentine would run towards goal with the ball and strike from distance, with the ball going into the corner of the goal to give Inter the 3-0 lead.

Lautaro Martínez would start the game for Inter but was substituted out in the second half.

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  1. Anuparno I have a trivia question for u.

    In 2000, FIFA announced they will release the “player of the century award”. The finalists were 2: Maradona and Pele. The fans chose Maradona but FIFA family chose Pele. So they ended up splitting the award.

    My question to u is. You say Maradona won the 1986 World Cup with team effort right? OK then why he was chosen as the finalist of the Player of the Century Award along with Pele then? I mean what’s so good about him? 1 WC trophy and one finalist only? And u wanna challenge Pele who has 3?

    OK Pele is obvious. 3 WC trophy, 1283 goals.
    Maradona? Just one WC trophy and one finalist and much fewer goals than Pele in his career. Then Why him?

    According to your logic:
    1. Maradona WC trophy 1x, finalist 1x, Copa 0
    2. Ronaldo teeth WC trophy 2x finalist 1x, Copa 2
    3. Zidane WC trophy 1x, 1 finalist, CL 3x, Euro 1

    So by your logic Ronaldo teeth and Zidane career are better than Maradona. At the club level both Ronaldo scored a lot much more than Maradona and Zidane won 3 CL, Maradona never. Never even win Copa America. So that means Ronaldo and Zidane are greater than Maradona right?

    Then why Maradona who challenged Pele? Lemme tell you why. Because everyone understands that NO ONE on earth ever did what he did in 1986: single handedly won the tournament for us. Not Pele, Not Zidane, Not Ronaldo. And the whole world acknowledges that.

    No he did not score as much as Pele or won as much as Pele. No he did not win CL and WC like Zidane or score as much as Ronaldo but all these 3 never did what Maradona did in 1986: Won the WC single handedly.

    Feliz Cumple Diego!

    • You don’t have to waste this much of stats. If Maradona played for that brazilian team instead of pele then Maradona would be the top goal scorer and top player and atleast would have won 2 WCs. But just imagine pele or ronaldo captaining Argentina in 1986, there would be almost no chance to win it. And that’s why people went for Maradona as all time great. But I admit even prime Maradona would have avoid to play against the 1970 brazilian team or 2002 brazilian team.

  2. Any update about locelso injury?? We are becoming mini hospital again bad luck hitting messi. Same thing happened in 2014 this time it looks worse.

        • Anuparno
          No he will be fine and available for Argentina in the world probably he will come even better condition than he is now. Stop wishing insane players to stay unfit bcz you don’t like them other day you were wishing palacios not to be fit so enzo can take his place
          You are something else be a fan and not liking certain players is fine but wishing for them not good health is way too extreme and not acceptable.

          • Lo Celso very crucial for us. Hope he is fine. You know for me I am happy enough when watching every club game that none of our players are injured. There are still 4 matches for most teams to go before the World Cup. I want them to finish each game NOT injured. I don’t care whether they score or not, conceded the goals or not. Just no injury after each game is a big relief for me.

            Btw today Licha was amazing. That defensive header agains Sacamacca was superb. Right after that the whole MU fans chanted “Argentina… Argentina” in the stadium. That’s beautiful.

          • Im just asking not wishing. Yes palacios doesn’t deserve a spot and for me i don’t care palacios gets injured or not Argentina winning the cup is more important for that minor sacrifice like palacios injury is important if that way Enzo gets selected and im confident with him we have a better chance of winning it. Lo celso is an important player so i don’t wish injury to him

          • @el_principe

            > Right after that the whole MU fans chanted “Argentina… Argentina” in the stadium. That’s beautiful.

            Man i couldn’t believe it. Had to rewind few times because its always a bit difficult to hear given all the added noise.

  3. Cynicism on site has been getting on my damn nerves as of late!
    There is a difference between being objective and just spewing nonsense hidden behind being “OBJECTIVE”

  4. Just like Guardiola predicted. Players rush their recovery before the WC and get injured again.
    Guess Lo Celso is out. Hopefully Nico, Angel and Leandro are more careful.

    Time is running out for Foyth.

  5. Lo Celso reminds me of Gago. Not in the way they play cause Gago was better defensively and more of a deep playmaker but both were way hyped, are soft, and now always injured. Almost impossible to catch them playing a full 90 minutes.

  6. Ian Wright: “Lisandro Martínez has brought something to this #mufc backline that we haven’t seen in a long, long time. He’s been a really, really good signing. What a player

    Neville said that @LisandrMartinez was United’s best player but still gave MOTM to Rashford, seriously @GNev2 what’s that about?

    let’s show some appreciation and love Lisandro Martínez

  7. Scaloni tried 3 in the back last friendly indicating that he might use Licha as 3rd CB and 2 full backs when defending a lead. So far non of the WestHam forwards are able to beat Lisandro. If Foyth doesn’t make it then the formation 5-3-1-1 with Molina and Acuna/Tagliafico on the flanks, Depaul Guido and Enzo behind Messi and Lautaro/Alvarez/Dimaria could be used in the last 20 mins. However Dimaria is less impactful when coming off the bench, he is best when the team isn’t tired . It will be interesting to see how Scaloni uses Dimaria and Dybala, two highly talented delicate forwards.

  8. Best goal keeper Enzo
    Best Cb Enzo
    Best Mf enzo
    Best st enzo
    Best team Benfica
    Best coach Anuparno😂
    Quique Setién starting gio at number 10 position

    • Do you talk like that in real life too? Is this supposed to convince somebody?

      I think we should strive to use civilized language in most cases, unless you are dealing with someone like Kidulthood or Romance King who are just trolls.

      We all have our differences of opinion whether it’s Enzo, Mac Allister, Foyth or whomever, let’s focus our energy and attention on Argentina. At the end of the day it’s up to Scaloni, and co to make selection decisions.

    • Some high profile members have been IP banned in the past , so lets stick to constructive criticism and not get down to personally attack each other! 😊

    • 1 player can’t win wc. If wc happened this week our major players r injured like dimaria dybala locelso paredes nico Gonzalez thn we would struggle

        • 1986 maradona didn’t win alone. That was team performance. Maybe those players r not legends mediocre players but everyone gave their all. Btw all 3 goals in the final was scored by others not Maradona. You may say Maradona assisted but still end of the day you have to score it otherwise in recent past we have seen players missing tapins in important matches plus 1986 defense performed great

          • Anuparno sorry to disagree but what makes Maradona the greatest player of all time is he was the only futbol player in history that could SINGLE-handedly bring his team to glory. He did it at least 3 times: Once for Argentina in 1986 and 2 times for Napoli in 1988 and 1990 (if i remember correctly).

            Yea Argentina in 1986 had some great players too like Burru, Borghi, Passa, Valdano but it was the most amazing/impactful performance of a single player in the history of sport is right there, named Diego Maradona. The moment where he got passed 6 England players to score really show how great he was. He single handedly brought Argentina to glory. Something that neither Pele nor Beckenbauer nor Romario nor Zidane nor Ronaldo nor Jordan nor Lebron James nor Gretzky nor all other athletes can do. All of these players but Maradona had great teammates, much better than what Maradona had. That’s why they won, but not Maradona.

            Then there was Napoli. As a huge fan of Napoli. Napoli was pretty much a mediocre club before Maradona came. Then he came and again he single handedly broke the domination of the German trio of Inter, Dutch trio of Milan, and Juventus. He won it 2 times in the most competitive serie A in history where it was super difficult to win. Yes Maradona also had Careca, Di Napoli, Alemao, or Ciro Ferrara and so on but they were much worse than what Milan (Basten, Gullit, Rijkaard), or Inter (Brehme, Matthaus, Klinsmann) or Juventus had.

            I remember what Diego said in around the year of 2000. He said if he would play today (in 2000’s) he would not go to a big team. He would go to a small club like what he did when he moved to Napoli and bring them to glory. That’s what makes him special.

            No one else in the world has that ability to make a mediocre club to be one of the world giants but him.

          • @el_principe noone can win single handedly. Maradona did won serie a but he didn’t won any ucl or even europa. We have seen some mediocre sides winning the domestic league like Leicester city in 2015-16 and lille in 2020-21 season. If Maradona can win any team any trophy then why can’t he win Napoli any ucl . Accept it nobody can win a Trophy like world Cup or ucl by single handedly. There is lots of hardworking good players who works tirelessly but their contribution goes unnoticed. If messi got the 1986 team level hardworking players he would have won us another wc. 2006 pekerman dropped him in 2010 the teams were shambolic 2014 we were unlucky with injuries and higuain and palacios missed some sitters the difference was in 86 final brown, valdano and buruchaga all scored their chances and in 2014 noone was there who can scored those important goals

          • Can I ask u a question Anu. Did u ever watch Napoli of Maradona? If u ask me, I followed them as much as I follow the Spurs today. If u don’t watch them, only clip of Maradona in youtube, then u dunno how amazing Maradona truly was.

            He did not win the CL because as I said Napoli was NOT a strong team. Most of his teammates were nowhere near the best in the world. Brehme, Klinsi, and Matthaus where among the world best and they played together for Inter along with the likes of Bergomi. Then in Milan there were Rijkaard, Gullit, and Basten who were legendary players then there were also other legendaries like Baresi and the young Maldini.

            Then Juventus once had Michel Platini, Serena, Danish legend Laudrup.

            All of them were world class. Maradona teammates in Napoli were above average at best. No one hardly heard the name of Alemao, Di Napoli, Ciro Ferrara as players. Careca and Giordano were above average yes. Careca looked good only because Maradona served him but was nowhere among the best in the world nowhere near Klinsi or Basten. In other words, Maradona single handedly competed with them all and still won against them.

            He never won the CL because of the quality difference of his Napoli squad and the CL teams squads were too big. That’s all. If he had the likes of Basten, Matthaus, Gullit, Platini as his teammates, he would have won CL a lot of times.

            Napoli did win a UEFA cup though. Back then UEFA cup was much more prestigious than now. Again due to Maradona.

            So please watch the games first before u comment. Everyone knows Maradona singlehandedly won the 1986 and 2 times with Napoli.

          • Maradona did won serie a but he didn’t won any ucl

            Also please don’t underestimate the serie A back then. Serie A back then were 10 times tougher and better than EPL today. I mean 99.99999% of the best players in the world played in serie A. It was extremely difficult to win a serie A.

            U compare Napoli back then with Lille or Leicester. Ok. how Lille and Leicester did after winning the trophy? mediocre/above average at best.

            How did Napoli perform after winning serie A? They were never below 4th position.

            Again form is temporary, class is permanent. A team can have a good year but next year they show their original face. Not the same with Maradona.

            Napoli only started to look bad when Maradona had a scandal with drugs. That’s all.

          • @el_principe your last comment proved my point that noone can single handedly win a tournament like ucl or wc. If he could win single handedly why would he need Maldini, basten, platini, baresi, lothar Matthews etc. Yes he was 2nd greatest player of all-time behind messi for me. But Napoli didn’t win ucl because they have mediocre players but Argentina has far better players than Napoli so Argentina could win wc. Mind you Argentina reached the final in 1990 also where Maradona was not as influencial as 86 and 93 we won copa America also. Thats 2 major trophy winning side and wc finalists in 7 years time. That team can’t be that bad what u r saying. Actually 86 was quite decent and i heard bookies put Argentina as one of the top 3 favorites at that time

          • Well actually your comment proved u did not watch the futbol back then. There are 11 players on the pitch. As dominant as someone is, it is not a game where a player can score all the goals, the same player also has all the saves and the same player has all the assists and everything. Burru scored in the final due to Maradona assist? Now you give less credit to Maradona saying that “see he did not even score in the final”.

            Man if in your dictionary, single handedly win the tournament means Maradona has to score all the goals in 1986 and all the assists plus saved all the goals then no. No one would ever do that. But 1986 without Maradona, Argentina wouldn’t have made it far. The same as without Maradona, Napoli were 11th in the standing of serie A. With Maradona they were the champ 2 times and at least 4th in the standing in 6 years.

            Also why all u say is CL? World Cup or Champions league which is more prestigious? who won the world cup then?

            I understand u like to argue but sometimes back up your argument with facts. For example back then u said every country has only 4 legendary players. Really? just 4? Now you say Maradona did not single handedly win the 1986? Really back it up then. Because the whole world, even the bitter England, said that he did single handedly win the tournament for us except u. I mean the whole world!

            In 1990 he already declined because of his life style but still he brought Argentina to the final. Only in the final, your favorite team, Germany cheated and had an unfair penalty where Brehme converted.

            Maradona factor was immense. Barca without Messi is still strong. Madrid without CR7 still strong, but Argentina in 1986 without Maradona is nowhere near the favorite.

      • Yeah bro I mentioned here bcz of current foam of Messi. It is unbelievable he is playing at the age of 35 and his dribbling shooting and passing ability is not yet comedown. If he continue this foam other plyers are just showcasers. PSG s other players are enjoying his current magical performances.As an Arg fan we are blessed with this Magician.

    • No no not at all. Messi would be heavily marked by the opponents. I would be more happier if Messi has less influence in a match and Argentina wins it without any risk. And we have to expect those sort of situations where Messi would be heavily marked. And how can other players around him utilise those situations well with composure and sensibility will determine our future in the wc and the difference this team has with the past generation teams.

    • And he has a goal disallowed too. He is truly something special. He’s very complete. And Benfica look extremely strong this season. 10 wins and 1 draw and 0 loss. In CL, they might top the group if PSG fail to beat Juventus on Wednesday. I can’t remember the last time Benfica being that strong and Enzo and Nico Otamendi are their 2 key players.

      Btw Nico Otamendi leads most of the defensive categories in stats (headers won, clearance, intersections). He is doing just as good as Licha Martinez. Keep in mind that at the moment there is no doubt that Benfica is the hottest and best team in Europe. Number 1.

        • Please, out of form Pool will easily beat them. Napoli and Benfica are both are good, well oiled teams with limitations. Zero chance to beat a City, Bayern, Real etc. too much difference in qualities.

          • I am not saying Benfica is the favorite of CL and as good as City or Munchen or Madrid. I am saying at the moment they are the best meaning the most in form club (on fire). Haaland at the moment also is the most in form player, it doesn’t mean that he is better than Messi.

            By the way Liverpool is done. Sorry they won’t make the CL. All the people here who think the Spurs will finish 10th or 6th; you better reserve that judgement for Liverpool. It is more suitable for them. And it is more realistic. Come on after 12-13 games about 10-13 points less than the leaders?

            So NO out of form Pool will mot beat Benfica if they even lost against Leeds at home.

          • Before beating Liverpool who used his best starting 11, Leeds was in relegation zone anyway. 19th in the standing.

            Btw 2 teams I hate the most in EPL:
            1. Liverpool: A brazilian goalies, a bunch of english overrated, and an egyptian Messi wanna be plus a german manager. are u kidding me?
            2. Arsenal. same as above

          • Yeah I am also bit frustrated about the good run a normal team like arsenal is achieving which is mostly led by Brazilians in the attack. Both cuti and lisandro did a tremendous job for their respective teams but both teams attack looks out of shape most of the time especially United. Now garnacho in the forward means the support will go more for United when they meet each other.

        • I think that both Benfica and Napoli are the revelations of the season in Europe and both have the bargains of the season across the continent: Kvaratskelia (however you spell it) and Enzo Fernandez. I think they are capable of maybe surprising one of the teams you mentioned csabalala but eventually they will be caught out by one of them

      • Allison is a very good GK but he has some weaknesses. During corners or plays when penalty box is crowded Allison looks in doubt whether to punch or catch the ball. Also not comfortable when the ball is in his feet. But I rate Allison way higher than Ederson

  9. Bruno Amione started his 3 straight match for Sampdoria under new coach Dejan Stankovic. He played as a left back yesterday. Like Facundo Medina, he can double up as a CB. Foyth and Perez can work as a RB and CB. The defense post WC looks promising. same goes for midfield. The CF looks bleak as hell.

    Facundo Buononotte’s move to Brighton looks imminent. Rosario have accepted an improved offer after a failed offer in July.

    • I remember snooping a little bit on some comments from Reggina fans (where he was on loan last season) and it seems that he had a good loan spell when he got minutes and was really liked by the fans. Didn’t know he was at Sampdoria now, an interesting one to keep the corner of your eye on

  10. It’s all about team chemistry. If an average player can link well with a particular system than a good player then that average player is good for that team. And that good player can turn into sub or out of the team. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence coz when looking only into last 5 copa finals Argentina played we can see the 2021 copa final was the most difficult one opposition wise and we won it. In 2007 2015 2016 also 2004 Argentina have upper hand before the match and what happened? They all lacked that killer instinct in the finals even with Messi. May be in group matches these probabilities may come as expected but from KO it’s all just about gambling and the great mental strength. Players with great mental strength and mentality will overpower the talented one. That’s why I bet on Montiel, Enzo and ignoring foyth and Macallister. Even with dybala I am not sure about his strength during pressure situations. But I am sure we have players that will give all irrespective of their club performances.

    • Montiel 1 match wonder will not happen in every match. Brazil wing was dead if he faces now vinicius will tear him apart plus atleast 6-7 teams r there who have better wingers than Brazil. Brazil wingers r show boats a lot like Anthony spin turn raphinha etc. Neymar doesn’t play in wings anymore

      • You bet on Montiel? That means you are betting on a player that doesn’t know how to defend. Watch Rayo Vallecano’s goal vs. Sevilla then you will understand what I am talking about. We used to criticize Armani’s inculusion to the team, now I think Montiel’s selection will be far worse than Armani’s.

        • @prasu he did well in final at the same time was horrible in semifinal and diaz destroyed him and scored and if not emi saved us we could have knocked out in semis also. Remember in wc you will face 4 top top teams in knockouts anyone can knock out any team any time.

      • Vinicious is a benchwarmer in NT due to his lack of defensive work (which is most important for Tite) and the same position than Neymar. Casemiro Fred Neymar Paqueta Martinelli or Raphinha Richarlison, this team will start 100% which suit to Tite football. Jesus didnt score in his last 21 NT matches, a joke, cost Brazil the WC18 too. Vinicius is laughable defensively. Not a single one creative midfielder, no quality side backs, old Thiago. Brazil is anything but fearful for Argentina, Scaloni likes to play against them.

  11. Foyth was not in Copa America team. Please check. I don’t hate any player. I have huge respect for every Argentine player. But what if he gets injured again. Since he was injured he would be rusty. Yes, it would be very difficult for any winger to beat him in 1 vs 1 situation. He can deal with it much better than Montiel and Molina. But his over confidence leads him do the mistake. And he is very injury prone and not match fit. That’s going to be an area of concern for Argentina.

    • Copa America has only 2 top teams other than Argentina. Plus with practically no crowd copa America not even 20% pressure what world cup brings. Foyth played against some of the top clubs in ucl and performed immensely. Montiel confidence is shattered and may cost us the cup

  12. I like what you said Olive. It makes a lot of sense.

    Why MacAllister is likely in? Everyone including the TYC sports and Ole assuming that MacAllister is safe because among the back ups he has played the most minutes. Of course he also got lucky that anytime he got called up, a lot of regulars were unavailable such as Guido/Lo Celso/Papu/Palacios/Paredes (injury or suspension or rest) so that made it easier for him to earn minutes.

    Why MacAllister is out? The only way he is out and Palacios and Enzo beat him is if Scaloni saw him performing as De Paul back up (against Jamaica) and he failed there. So Scaloni thinks, despite his versatility, that he is a back up 5 only. As for back up 5 he has to compete with Enzo.

    Why Palacios is in? Realistically he has less chance, although he has been with Scaloni from the first day. If he is in it is because he excelled doing the back up of De Paul role better than MacAllister as the games against Italy and Estonia proved.

    Why Palacios is out? Whenever both MacAllister and Palacios were available together, MacAllister got more minutes/start than him. Plus now after Palacios injury, Enzo entered the competition.

    Why Enzo is in? Because without doubt in his limited minutes, he always played good against Honduras and Jamaica and is obviously more superior than MacAllister and Palacios.

    Why Enzo is out? Because for a strange reason, Scaloni just plays him as 5, never really in De Paul or Lo Celso position. As 5 he has to compete with MacAllister as the third DM who likely has earned Scaloni’s trust.

    look at this foyth game against bayern munich,
    for me bayern is one of the fastest team on earth

  14. I think Scaloni can use Nahuen Perez at right back. He is playing regularly. He can be our Benjamin pavard. W can’t trust Foyth. I still remember his mistake against Colombia. Because of his mistake he wasn’t picked up by Scaloni for Copa America. And Montiel should not be in the squad. I think Perez can give us defensive solidity at right back position. Palacios is not a match winner. But he plays decent football for us. But what will we do with team chemistry if he again gets injured. He will not be matchfit. I think it’s better to rely on lesser tallented fit player than those so-called always injured star players. We can’t get to play world cup every day. I believe Scaloni will be taking bold steps to delever world cup to GOAT.

    • It’s only u can’t trust foyth rest of us trust him and his defence even Scaloni do the same…In Copa he played as a CB not RB so if u have some football sense then u should know that there is a difference between playing as a CB and rb…where as a RB he is bang on 🔥🔥

    • @Arindam lol pavard is nothing special. They conceded lots of goals in 2018 wc just that they created and scored many goals that made them world champions. I would rather want to see us play cautiously rather than play exciting attacking football and in the process gets knocked out early. Many top attacking sides perished trying to play high risk attacking football its better to be conservative.

      • No. France in 2018 played according to the game plan. Against Argentina they attacked us due to our poor form totally and high line defense. Only Messi was a concern for them. But griezman took that job and always with Messi and he done his job. They played defensive and deep against top form Belgium and completely shut down their wingers. They played not too defensive in final coz they know the limitations of Croatia.

        • Still whenever they attacked any side they conceded for fun. And they did have kante as dm varane and peak umtiti as cb pair. Pavard is a mediocre player.

  15. i’m tired of this foolishness, (slang words) don’t realise we already have macallister type of player within squad we don’t need him, if macallister can rise better then guido in defence or paredes in long passing then only macallister got the space from one of them down. montiel is weakest link we have those who sucks his ***** don’t realise how much danger we could be fall in tournament like world cup with him, i didn’t see any drastically improvement in molina game in atletico, foyth don’t only good in defence he can now handle pressure unlinke previous term, and he can take the ball from the back very quickly he got that pace, people things that he is ticking bomb bcs he tackle, which defender didn’t tackle ramos,maldini,nesta, yet his tackle is clean and clear

  16. MacAllister has not only been regularly picked, he has played every match since his first inclusion in the team. He is 100% in and so is Palacios. If Scaloni regularly picks someone he is not going to get dropped. He has tried many players in the last one year or so who are not in the team anymore like Alario, Bundia, Oscampos, Dominguez, Quarta but MacAllister has been a regular call up so don’t expect Enzo will be picked at his cost. The only regularly selected player who could miss out is one of the Correas. If Dybala gets his fitness back on time which he mostlikely will then only one spot in forward department will be available and 3 players will be fighting for it , the two Correas and Simeone ( only if he continues his goal scoring form until the team is announced). If Enzo gets selected it will be at the expense of 1 defender , mostlikely Foyth who is in a race against time to be fully fit. However, defenders get suspended lot and which is why a versatile defender is always very useful. If Scaloni decides to go with 9 defenders( N.Perez, Medina and Senesi are available if Foyth fails to make it) then Enzo is out, unfortunately. Enzo adapted and blended quite well in the last two matches he featured and took no time to settle in Europe and it will be sad to see him miss out.

    Scaloni’s current pecking order of midfielders are

    Depaul, Paredes, Locelso

    • Macallister is playing well means that’s good. But the problem is selecting the 25th or 26th player would be on the basis of how can he be utilised based on the situation? Macallister can only be good in closing down games same like guido as both will neatly do their jobs as DM. But when the situation demands a player when the match is goalless and needs defensive security and should capable of good forward balls that’s where Enzo is better than macallister. That long balls to the attacking wings would be a treat to watch and exactly like the prime de Paul. If di Maria is a sub or Nico can easily gets more balls and attack from Enzo than Macallister.

    • This type of partiality is the reason why after 1986 we never win a world Cup and if this kind of partiality continues for like a bum like palacios we will be knocked out in quarters or semi most probably. Sad for messi but it is what it is.

      • Yes Enzo will win you a WC LOL, he failed even in Libertadores last 16 with River (always the biggest argentine favourite there) against Velez Sarsfield who finished Primera at 26.!!! place. Palacios is an integral part of the Scaloneta which will beat the longest unbeaten run ever. And have qualities what we need and Enzo lacks. No brainer.

  17. Gaston Edul:
    “Paulo Dybala is dedicating five hours daily to treat his injury. Next week there will be exams that will show the evolution of his injury”

    Good to har that he’s trying his all to get back.

      • Well Dybala is not going to necessarily have to be fully fit for grueling 90+ minute knockout matches, his role will most likely be as a super sub so there is less of a demand for him to be at 100% peak physical fitness. I think his level of sharpness will be more important

  18. If Scaloni doesn’t include Enzo Fernandez in his WC squad, we’re going to have serious problems…

    Fighting for a spot with Palacios? I mean… come on!!!

      • Agree. It’s very weird that people are treating it like utter blasphemy that anyone would dare mention that Palacios has a chance. It’s not that crazy at all. Palacios has a profile more similar to RDP and GLC than Enzo does. I would assume that for a Paredes replacement Guido is above Enzo in the pecking order, while Palacios is higher up in the pecking order for the roles he covers. Why sacrifice a 2nd choice for a 3rd choice? Of course Enzo is shining in his club and is a very revelatory figure while Palacios has stagnated since he left River, but based on the logistics of the NT alone (Palacios having more experience, having proven himself in several games, being with Scaloni since day 1, being higher in the pecking order for his position, sharing more characteristics with the players he can replace, etc) it isn’t wild. People often only look at or consider things based on club football alone, not good because we are talking about an entirely different team. Still, I think both should go, and I am kind of confused why there’s this Palacios vs. Enzo narrative, are all of us assuming Mac Allister is guaranteed? Maybe I’m wrong and he is, but not sure why Enzo vs. Palacios is the only doubt everyone’s having, doesn’t Palacios/Mac Allister/Enzo make more sense? In that case most of us, based on what I’ve observed, would point to both Palacios and Enzo and case closed.

          • As far as I know Palacios has never taken a penalty so I can’t answer. But I don’t really know that it’s relevant because I’m not sure that the other two will be in the first picks for penalties. Montiel for example is very good at penalties but I don’t see him taking them or even being in the top 5.

        • > It’s very weird that people are treating it like utter blasphemy that anyone would dare mention that Palacios has a chance

          It’s rational to consider Palacios but the negative overreaction isn’t surprising given Enzo’s electric form compared to Palacios recent return from injury.
          Personally, I can’t imagine Scaloni ignoring a red hot player when he highly values club minutes and form. Enzo also really impressed last few NT games where he seemed to have integrated seamlessly.
          Your point about Enzo + Palacios is spot on. no reason to exclude the possibility and its actually exciting to think Papu, Enzo, GLC, RDP, Palacios are all available for WC.

    • Football doesn’t work like that. If they were so much superstious they should not have changed the jersey which was so lucky for us and never lost a game wearing that jersey.

        • There are 55 footballing countries in Europe compare to South American 10.

          European produced 5 winners, less than 10% from the 55 teams, South America produced 3 winners. By ratio European are way behind.

          • El principe and anuparno, allow me to interfere to your debate about Diego, so here are my thoughts: First of all, for me Diego is the best player i have ever seen. The two greatest players of all time are Diego and Messi, but Diego has never been surpassed, not even by Messi, on the contrary i could only say that Messi is the only one who can be put on the same level with Diego. Both of them are Argentines and this is the most important thing.

            Now about your debate, i think that both of you are right. Football is a team sports and regardless how good a player can be, he is dependent on the perfomance and abilities of his teamates. Despite that Argentina wasn’t that good collectively as 1978, it was still a very good team with some world class players such as Pumpido, Ruggeri, Brown, Passarella, Bochini, Buruchaga and Valdano and the rest were hardworking players and tough as nails but the most important thing was that this Argentina was a well oiled machine which knew how to get the best out of Diego.
            However, i agree that there was no player from any sport being as influential as Diego was. No player from any sport had such a phenomenal performance as Diego did in 1986. And the same goes for Napoli as well. This is accomplished only by Diego and nobody else.

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