Lionel Messi scores, assists for PSG in 4-3 win vs. Troyes


Lionel Messi scored and had an assist for PSG in their 4-3 win vs. Troyes.

Messi scored one of the goals of the season for PSG in their win. With Troyes leading 2-1, Messi received the ball from well outside of the penalty area and he would place the ball into the corner of the goal to draw PSG level.

He would also add an assist to his tally. A pass in to Neymar and he would score to give PSG the 3-2 lead.

The Argentine now has seven goals and 10 assists in 12 Ligue 1 games for PSG.

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  1. Apparently kounde is again injured maybe a hamstring injury. France defense getting weaker but their wingers r on different level speedwise. Mbappe dembele coman wow. I don’t want Argentina to face them. Our biggest weakness is full backs and against them i shall not be very confident

    • Hungary shut them down easily with slow defenders in Euro, with no space they are dead, tight spaces is not there cup of tea. Mbappe couldnt score one single goal in Euro, all teams have learnt how to play against France, they are one dimensional, just like Spain the other way around.

      • Argentina will attack leaving spaces behind they lost to Switzerland which plays a deep block defensively. Hungary also park the bus. Plus their fullbacks not as weak defensively as us. Molina, montiel cant defend depaul and Romero need to cover for their mistake and 1 time they fail to do so and opponents will punish us. If foyth plays we are good but not then we will be screwed

  2. As the November 14th deadline get closer, the debate of the final 26 gets hotter. I think if there is NO surprise. Based on the most likely outcome that might happen and the latest interview by the trainer and Scaloni himself. It seems to me like:
    1. Dybala is in. Unless he has a set back in his injury.

    2. A Correa might be the one who is out as a result, not J Correa as he is in too.

    3. Palacios is out. I think Enzo and MacAllister will win the 6th and 7th spots of midfielder.

    4. Foyth is in. Perez losing out.

    These 4 are the most likely scenario I think.

    I am not saying I agree with this. I disagree slightly with the “most realistic final 26”. For example I want Palacios instead of MacAllister or A Correa instead of J Correa. But I am ready to accept the final 26 anyway. Most of the debate of the final 26 (the 24tg-26th players) won’t be the major additions to the squad anyway as the cores of the squad/the ones that will play big minutes in the World Cup are already secured.

    We only have a debate on the back ups of the back ups pretty much.

    Again let’s see if Scaloni goes with the most likely scenario or he will give a surprise or 2 instead.

    Based on the previous final 23 of the previous World Cups, there were always minor surprises. Let’s see on November 14th. No there were no surprise like Passarella suddenly called Redondo or Pekerman called Zanetti or something like that. Only minor surprises.

  3. Correa what a goal, running with the ball from the middle of Inter own half. Thats why he is in the squad, maybe our best transition player. Good off the ball movements, great presser and defending from an attacker. Utility player.

  4. Those who have been rubbishing importance of Foyth are simply clueless. Secondly this nonsense of overrating Palacios is the most annoying argument. Dropping Enzo Fernandez for Palacios will be the most foolish decision.

  5. No goal, no assist but fire all over the field..Great game from macalester, hatters need to see..
    1st opening 83 min for soule and substitute due to injury..
    Just now montiel beat by rayo valcano player and leads to goal

  6. in last copa argentina was good but still we had plenty of space to improve, one of the important side to improve in argentina game is counter attack, we wasn’t that much great in counter attack in copa, i hope scaloni takes his note and develop game accordingly, if we become good in counter attack then no team going to stop arg, why i want enzo over macallister i believe he is an aggressive player not a sit back type of player and faster than macallister which will give extra bit of mental energy in counter attacking game

    • Counterattack will never be that good. Messi no longer has the pace. Lautaro is not that pacey either and Di Maria is too old plus not a starter. We have Nico but he is not a great goal scorer.

      As for the midfield we have to reveamp cause Paredes, De Paul, Celso are all playing terrible.


      Or De Paul instead of Mac if he gets back to form.

      Julian is terrible as a lone striker. Cannot believe people were saying he was a pure 9. More similar to Aguero.

      Scaloni has a lot of things to sort out.

      • julian is trying to impress his name from the beginning of city campaign, i saw that he is trying to hurry in everything in his game this causes track out from the development of his progress, he needs to calm down his head and play accordingly, he did n’t able to accumulated the experience which he suppose to gather untill now, the reason is his head is in impressing other rather in the development

        • That is the same thing we saw when he played with Argentina. Part of being good is being cool, especially important in big matches like the World Cup. So its not an excuse.

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