Inter Miami of MLS confident in bringing in Lionel Messi


Inter Miami of MLS are confident in bringing in Lionel Messi to the club.

The MLS club want to bring the Argentine to the United States and are confident about it. According to David Ornstein, they are confident that Messi will arrive next summer while PSG will push very hard to extend his current contract.


  1. Most important player after messi its Rodrigo de Paul
    He is our best player after messi by far af course you can say about emi martinez, Lautaro, cuti and rejuvenated otamendi. Gio lo celso and leo paredes are replaceable Guido and palacios can do thier job quite well let’s pray Rodrigo de Paul stay fit and firings during world Cup. Oh sorry I forgot unsung hero tagliafico believe or not we need him too he is that important too.

  2. FAKE NEWS. David Ornstein is mouth piece of Inter Miami and trying to stay relevant. Messi finally settled in PSG and only thinking about WC and UCL.

  3. English media reporting it as a hamstring injury. But tyc saying it as a muscle injury? And all these are just speculations. But somebody from here told he would recover in 2 weeks officially. Is that true?

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