Argentina deadline, club games remaining before 2022 World Cup


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has a deadline to announceh is list of players for the World Cup and there are only three to four games remaining for the Argentine players before the tournament in Qatar.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni will have until November 14 to announce his left of players for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Scaloni has already given his preliminary list and it has been leaked to the media.

Lionel Scaloni will also have to submit his final list of 26 players for the World Cup on November 14, only two days before Argentina’s game vs. UAE in Abu Dhabi. But prior to the World Cup, there are still several club games remaining. There are still Champions League, Europa League and UEFA Conference League games remaining in the first week of November.

In Ligue 1 for Lionel Messi and Nicolas Tagliafico, there are two matchdays remaining. The first between November 4-6 and the second between November 12-13, with no league cup games.

The Premier League has two matchdays with one EFL Cup matchday. November 5-6 and EFL Cup games on November 8-10, shortly after the Premier League games. After that remains one matchday which is on November-13, the last games in England.

There are three big games involving Argentine players in England. The first two are on November 6 and they are Aston Villa vs. Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur vs. Liverpool. In the EFL, Manchester United hosts Aston Villa.

Spain has three games, two in La Liga and one in the Copa del Rey. November 4-7 and November 8-10 are the league games.

Real Betis vs. Sevilla is the big league game in La Liga with there also being games in Spain on November 12-13 for the Copa del Rey.

Serie A has three league games with no cup games. The first games are on November 4-6 and on November 6 there is Juventus vs. Inter.

Two more set of games remain in Italy, the first on November 8-10 and the last one on November 11-13, the last games before the World Cup.

Exequiel Palacios and Lucas Alario have three games each remaining in Germany. November 4-6, November 8-9 and November 11-13 are the games in the Bundesliga.

Nicolas Otamendi and Enzo Fernandez only have two games in Portugal. On November 4-6 and November 12-13 with no league cup games.


    • Muscle injury was confirmed to Lo Celso. The grade is yet to be known. There are two scenarios: If itโ€™s low-grade strain he will miss 2 weeks, and if its normal strain he will miss 3 weeks and will be in doubt to face Saudi Arabia. by gastonedul

    • 3 weeks means he will be barely enough fit for the Saudi game. Safe to say he will be out in the first game. Hope Papu will replace him.

      But his injury will be interesting. Should Scaloni bring 8 midfielders instead of 7 knowing that Lo Celso, Paredes, Palacios, and Guido all are not 100% fit now? If 8 midfielders then maybe a defender, not a forward, will be sacrificed.

      Or he will bring 7 midfielders as most speculate here and bring Foyth too who is a hybrid of a DM and a DR/DC.

      Btw 1-2 years ago Lo Celso still battling Palacios for the starting midfielder. Sometimes (like against Bolivia), It was even Palacios who started. But maybe things have changed now.

      • I think if any player not fit for first match atleast he should be drop. An injured player will most probably either will injure again or may not give his 100%

  1. In the History of football, ๐‹๐ข๐จ๐ง๐ž๐ฅ ๐Œ๐ž๐ฌ๐ฌ๐ข is the footballer with the most:

    Goal contributions (1123)
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    Assists (341)
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    Ballon d’Or (7)
    Golden Boots (6)

    • Puskas or Cruyff have cca. 400 assists, which is not official ofc, only counted from newspaper reports. Pele has more too. (Not official opta assists).

  2. Souness just put Maguire in his Prem team of the weekโ€ฆ.the stubbornness around Martinez is hilarious

    Martinez has rewritten the rules on what it takes to be a top class CB in the Premier league and the so called โ€œexpertโ€ pundits canโ€™t even bring themselves to admit they got it terribly wrong. You donโ€™t need to be over 6 foot to be a top class CB

    From twitter Mark goldbridge big man utd fan
    I like the way man utd fan base defending Lisandro against so call baise pundits like Souness Jamie Carraghe

    • No worries. This world cup final will between Argentina and England. In the 67th minute of the game, L.Martinez will score a header over Maguire in a corner kick. J.Alvarez will then seal the game in added time with a counter attcak shot from distance.

      Argentina 2-0 England.

    • haha, this guy also claims he will be “found out”. What does that mean? To say that someone will be “found out” implies there is something secret but existent you know about them. What can be “found out ” about Lisandro if he has no precedent of having been terribly beaten, of having terrible performances against top strikers, of being an average passer, etc etc etc. It’s like saying Ronaldo will be “found out” as being a poor finisher, that Mbappe will be “found out” as a slow player, the list goes on. It’s not impossible that might happen some day, but if there is no precedent you shouldn’t insist on making the biased claim that there is some secret flop or average player in there, it simply doesn’t add up. This guy is essentially reaching into the void to criticize or dwell on something that isn’t there, move on to something tangible.

    • Fans calling him butcher…but some pundits waiting to butcher him…still waiting…can’t see any mistakes from him…they are sad…their ego will push them to wait…that wait will never end…!

  3. ‘I just feel, when you’re that size, you’ll get caught. You’ll get pinned in the box. I don’t think he’s terribly quick. I don’t think he’s terribly good on the ball. But he’s got something about him that makes other people play [well]. Graeme Souness talking about Lisandro again in live radio earlier Monday morning in UK time

    I come to realised this is pure hate bcs everyone knows the biggest Lisandro’s strength is his ball playing ability

    Roy nemer please respond on YouTube to this Graeme Souness make him eat his words.

    • LOL
      82% of center backs for assists
      97% of center backs for expected assisted goals
      89% for shot creating actions
      94% progressive passes
      Watching him as well, anyone can be impressed by his ability to pass on the first touch, send in long balls, pass in between the lines, etc. I am actually kind of shocked by how inflammatory and biased some of this guy’s comments are, don’t know who he is but it seems like he hates Lisandro. He criticized him before he stepped foot in the club and is still holding on to his erroneous claims no matter how ridiculous they are. It seems like unwarranted hate

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