Argentina Netflix documentary “Champions of America” to be released, trailer


An Argentina Netflix documentary will be released on Thursday with a trailer already posted.

Netflix will be releasing a documentary on Argentina about the 2021 Copa America on Thursday, November 3. The documentary is called “Champions of America” and will have Lionel Messi, Angel Di Maria and the Argentina players talking about it.

The documentary shows Lionel Messi’s speech prior to the Copa America final against Brazil at the Marcana. Part of Lionel Messi’s speech prior to the Copa America final is as follows:

“There’s no such thing as coincidence. Did you know that this cup was to be played in Argentina? And God brought us here. He brought it here to lift it at the Maracana, for it to be more beautiful for everyone.”

The trailer for it has been released:


    • Good news! Not bad. I don’t want him to play 3 games in the next 7 days. This weekend against Liverpool and then and then in a few days and next week. It is perfect for him so he will rest for 10 days without having to play at all then be ready for a pre season against UEA. So safe to say he is completely safe for the World Cup.

      • I thought at first that Romero would be the most at risk of making it to the WC burned out, because he’s dealing with PL games and the CL group stage at the same time while being their most important CB. If he doesn’t have any complications or loss of form this could protect him from that

        • I think Cuti is being wise here. Last week Conte says “If the players don’t want to play (because of injury), I can’t force them”. I think if this was a World Cup game, I am sure he would play. He just plays it safe by saying he is a bit injured, so the Spurs can’t force him to play.

          He knows that out of the next 3 games. Only the Liverpool one is important. The other 2 on the 10th and the 12th are easy games. He doesn’t wanna risk himself being injured after seeing what happens to a bunch of his Copa America teammates. I think he did what Messi did a week ago, resting for a week saying that he was a bit injured.

  1. “Cristian Romero isn’t torn, he arrives at the debut against Saudi Arabia” @gastonedul great news hope cuti get rest vs Liverpool this weekend, we 100% need fit cuti during world Cup.

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