Leandro Paredes to receive green light


Leandro Paredes is set to receive the green light and return for Juventus.

Paredes is about to return from injury. The 28 year old has missed the last three games for Juventus with a muscle injury.

The Argentina national team will receive some good news. According to Gastón Edul, will get the green light and arrive in good shape for Argentina’s opening game at the World Cup.


    • Sigh, things turn from bad to worse.
      We only have 5 players in top form: Messi, Lautaro, Licha, Enzo and Tagliafico.

      Way too many are not hitting top form or have yet to resume playing. Just 12 days left.

  1. Good news guys. Foyth has recovered fully. Now he will add some minutes in Villarreal’s remaining 3-4 matches. A fit foyth means we are contender again nothing to worry about

  2. Arguably, Paredes is more replaceable for us than Lo Celso, because we have Guido, Enzo and Mac Allister and even Licha & Foyth who can all play as a DM.

    I would say in terms of midfield value for us De Paul –> Lo Celso –> Paredes.

    Having said that a focused Paredes, on a good day when he is not absent-minded, is an asset with his passing range.

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