Juan Foyth back in the team for Villarreal for UEFA Conference League game


Juan Foyth is back in the team for Villarreal for their UEFA Conference League game.

Foyth is back in the Villarreal after having missed all of September and October due to injury. The Argentine has been included in the team for Thursday’s game in the UEFA Conference League.

The 23 year old is part of Lionel Scaloni’s Argentina preliminary team for the World Cup.


  1. Lionel Scaloni in @TyCSports : “My idea is not to wear touched players. Players who are fit for the first game have to get on the plane”. “Lo Celso has no replacement for his football level.”

  2. So News coming, Macalester will replace lo celso place, papu in 2nd and palcios 3rd option.
    Not bad at all..maybe blessing in disguise Macalester dominant in qatar.. Already proved his ability in epl..According to the current form best Argentine midfielder around the world..so don’t need to worry… He is class player with cool head..

    • Molina is our starter you like it or not. he will play.
      he is a very good player and a real RB not like Foyth which is actually CB.
      as about your dayly promo on Foyth you remind me kevin who was obsesed with him.
      your constantly promotion on him make people start dislike Foyth and you succeed the oposite from what you want. it is not fair for the player too so give us a brake with him.
      he will be probably in squad and he can be valuable player for our effort.
      But for God s shake please. he is not Zanetti.

      • Molina is shit when he will be shaky against poland and Mexico thn scaloni will drop him and play foyth if not thn we will be crashed out in quarters or semi i afraid

        • ok i keep this post for next month. we will speak again. for the moment the only shit i have see is Foyth every time he used to play with the national team.

        • Foyt got a looooooong way to go man. Let’s be realistic here.
          1. According to my stats, Molina has the highest attacking rating meaning that anytime he plays; the team scores more goals than any other players.
          2. Foyth is fine but he is injured for months.
          3. Even when he was fit and on fire, Scaloni still did not start him and was still third in pecking order behind Molina and Montiel.

          What makes you think he will suddenly jump to the starting line up? As a center back, I am sure he is 5th in pecking order after Cuti, Otamendi, Licha, and Pezzella. As a DM dunno maybe 4th or 5th.

          As for Molina, he is not world class but he fits the team really well especially with 3 first team players that seem to work well with him: De Paul, Di Maria, and Messi.

          I have nothing against Foyth, but realistically he is not that high in Scaloni’s team especially he has just recovered from injury.

          • More than scoring goals i value saving them more. One side can win the wc by winning 1-0 or in penalties also. Foyth will not be needed in group matches he will be vital from knockouts no wonder Molina was dropped in the final and substituted off in the 2nd half of the semis. Just look at the match against porto. He was destroyed and after Molina joined them atletico became so leaky in defense i don’t trust him atall. For me our biggest weakness is rb.

          • the discussion phrase running in here i don’t agree with anyone, molina is good when it comes to the going forward, and molina performance in attacking sense was too good when he was in udinese, but he wasn’t good in defence, this is why he didn’t play in last copa final and scaloni choose montiel with sole guide , that he should protect that right sight without any cost, copa game was completely pre planed from scaloni, now here many people might thought montiel is good since he done good in copa final, no montiel is not good , there is several moment he was in danger, and almost giving dangerous go for opposition player to take the ball advance and there was several moment messi comes down to help montiel in defence, this is one of the reason we was lacking in counter attacking football, now what is the good point of montiel he moves frequently but not speedy and this doesn’t helps in anything, what is bad of montiel he can’t win aeriel duel, can’t give thread in set pieces, he is small build, and he lacks defence,, now molina when he moved to atletico we all thought , he will improve in defence under simeone while keeping his attacking ability intact, but his defence might improve a little, but not as like as attacking side, and his ability on attack which we saw in udinese, barely we saw in atletico now in same standard, but of course with molina we can attack more, now foyth yes foyth is a center back and coaches like scaloni, pochittono, emery used him as right back bcs he gives better defence unlike any other right back, we had a complain that he can’t overlap, but i saw the improve in his play, with foyth we gets pace, aeriel strength, 1 vs 1 he is monster, so foyth is one important player for us other then montiel

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