Alejandro Garnacho scores for Manchester United in 1-0 win vs. Real Sociedad


Alejandro Garnacho scored for Manchester United in their 1-0 win vs. Real Sociedad.

Garnacho scored his first goal for Manchester United and it was against Real Sociedad in the Europa League. It was a pass by Cristian Ronaldo and the Argentine would accelerate and score to give Manchester United the 1-0 lead.

He has started both of United’s last two games in the Europa League. The 18-year-old is part of Lionel Scaloni’s preliminary team for the World Cup.

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  1. Yes lo celso has a muscle detachment. And spurs wants him to undergo surgery. But he doesn’t want to operate and seeking further medicals. If he can make it then it will be a great achievement from the medical team.

    • If operating, his WC dream is over. If not, he can try to heal the injury by
      other treatment but it will take time. Surely he’s going to miss opening games.
      So, the question is Scaloni will take the injured players to the WC..? In his last interview Scaloni said clearly, the idea is to take the players who are fit to play the opening game.
      That means, it will be a miracle if LoCelso can go to the WC.

  2. Sxaloni and fans now looks unlucky. It is now going to be risky for scaloni to take these injured players. Even if they are talented but doesn’t know how much they are fit and the foam is in doubt. This is a blow for Arg team. I think unfit players cause problems in a tournament . Earlier tournmnt shows us this

  3. Garnacho time is not yet in Qatar, after the WC he will be called. Be Patience and grow. A single goal assisted by his idol makes him and the team happy and becomes the headline for a new record but not Scaloni and his friends

    • No news. Looks like Argentina coaching staff trying their best to select locelso and they are in shock. They are trying everything possible so that locelso can go. So they are taking their time.

  4. Bruno Fernandes: “He [Garnacho] was good, but he knows we expect a lot from him. In the tour, he didn’t have the best attitude, that’s why he didn’t get chances until now. He’s getting his chances because he’s training better, different attitude and he deserves it.”

    — what attitude Bruno is talking about? Hope it is not being anything arrogant like CR7. I want him to copy CR7 game not his arrogance.

    When in Toulon he was bright but there were times where he looked disinterested (kinda like how Messi was when playing for Sampaoli). I hope I am wrong, maybe he thought the tournament is too small for him?

  5. Gentlemen we should be talking about thaigo almada for spot in world Cup not Garnacho, almada so gift technically superb do well link up with messi as well as he good at tight spaces for me no Garnacho yes almada to world cup

    • Almada has all the qualities to be in the squad, offensively he’s very good, can score goal but he can’t do the defensive work that Lo Celso capable of.

    • If you trust a MLS player in such a key position, then get ready for group stage exit.

      Any player decided to go to MLS at age of 20 should be punished and banned from NT. We don’t want his loser mentaility in our NT at WC.

      • I agree. Especially when Sampaoli dumped dybala for MLS players like Pavon and Meza. And what happened, they flopped big time. I am against idea of taking Almada who failed to sieze his chances and join European club. Otherwise we should be grateful for Velez who did Enzo Fernandez a big favor

        • Pavon and Meza were not MLS players in 2018, they played in Argentina. Pavon the biggest talent of Boca, Meza after a standout season in Independiente. Nothing to do with MLS. Meza has never played in MLS btw.

  6. With the space any winger will do good. Don’t overreact on Garnacho. Long way to go. He can’t do anything in tight space. Messi was miles ahead at this age. May be New Di Maria…time will tell. All depends up in how he grows.

  7. Garnacho is electric direct pacy winger still to earlier to make judgement but he looks good and tbf he didn’t do nothing second half still he has a lot to learn need more first team experience before we put same bracket as di maria or messi in thier teenage days but as said he looks good his future looks bright too as footballer

    • On merit, I don’t think he deserves to be in the team. But Garnacho off the bench could be great but the pressures that come at a World Cup are different than any other pressure in football. It could make or break him. I just feel like it has been years, probably since Messi, that Argentina haven’t had that explosive speed coming off the bench. Not talking talent but speed.

      Someone like Garnacho being brought on as a substitute against a tired back line or a back line that has problems dealing with his speed could be an advantage for us. But the pressure is something entirely different. And he would be taking someone else’s spot on the team too. And obviously speed isn’t the only thing that counts. Intelligence, dribbling, awareness, mental toughness. It’s very difficult.

      In short, if there was no limit to the amount of players Scaloni can take, I would take him. But because there is a limit, I wouldn’t.

      • Thank you Roy, a balanced and well thought out answer.

        Makes sense to me as well, his pros don’t outweigh his cons for me but I would certainly like him to be part of our near future though if he continues to improve. WC is probably too soon for him.

      • Pavon comes to mind with the make or break aspect. I could be wrong but I think he started going downhill after Sampaoli train wreck 2018.
        The way you describe Garnacho sounds a bit like el fideo and that’s a gamble i would take. I agree with Engache that i’d really consider him over J Correa but not Dybala. We could use the X factor and the kid seems to have it.

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