Argentina assistants observe Saudi Arabia national team


Argentina assistants observed the Saudi Arabia national team back in June and September.

Two of Lionel Scaloni’s assistants with the Argentina national team observed their opening match opponents for the World Cup. According to ARG4ARB, they watched Saudi Arabia back in June and September while observing some things before the World Cup.

They monitored Saudi Arabia in their 1-0 loss vs. Colombia in June. They also attended Saudi Arabia’s 0-0 draw vs. United States in September.

The two teams play against each other on November 22 in their opening group stage game at the 2022 World Cup.


  1. Garnacho still needs to prove at premier league and against top quality side….he has got the talent but in our team there are lots of talented player who are playing regular for their club and now playing there first WC after proving consistently….So World cup is different, you can’t get over excited by watching 2,3 performance of a young boy who is yet to convince his club coach to start him regularly in the playing 11 in the league…so calm down his time will come and will play the next World Cup 👍

    Even some big players can’t take the pressure in these tournament…so we have to be patient for garnacho as there is still lots of things to improve…

  2. emi,rulli,armani =3

    otamendi,lisandro,romero,medina,molina,foyth,tagliafico,acuna = 8

    depaul,paredes,guido,gomes,enzo,palacios,locelso(thiago) = 7

    messi,dimaria,lautaro,dybala,julian,nicogonzales,garnacho = 7

    this 25 is the perfect squad lastly , angelo correa or joquen correa or macallister or pezella or montiel or any other player…

    25 are the must selection,

    • Emi Martinez
      Juan Musso

      Cuti Romero

      Enzo Fernandez
      Guido Rodriguez

      Angel Correa/Joaquin Correa/Garnacho

      • @enganche so you think garnacho is no good or he is still needs a show you more, this is why i use my words, and it is democratic forum i said what i feels

        • Depends on who he might be going at the expense of, if let’s say he replaces Joaquin Correa then I would not mind much, if he goes at the expense of recovered Dybala then no.

          World Cup pressure is no joke.

          • garnacho is a winger obviously, i want him as substitute of nico gonzales or dimaria, inplace of joaquen correa, but not with the cost of another big player dybala,
            world cup pressure is no joke, here comes the personality of player and coaches direction

    • Because you praise all the new comer..
      Btw Granacho still not ready to going Qatar, so much lacking in defensively, struggle in tight space.. He will join next copa

      • Jewel sorry to say bro most the time you are nutcase but this one I agree with you and probably you re spot on this it’s way to earlier to talk about him going world Cup I would take thaigo almada anyday because most of the teams Argentina face will set back and almada technically so good he will do good in tight space while Garnacho is good on the contra attacks.

  3. Virgil van Dijk said, “Lisandro Martinez is a good signing for Man Utd, he’s GOOD on the ball (Souness)… People talking about his height are talking absolute RUBBISH (Carragher).”

  4. damn what a pace he has, winning world cup material very much existed within this squad, what a useful player garnacho can be for us, if he could played 5 more extra game he could be sure in the squad without any hesitation, scaloni would forced to do so, this site complete with fools this is why people here always rated high all those average or little above average player

  5. i said garnacho is equal to dimaria talent wise, we can use him in qatar world cup
    montiel macallister going to waste two huge impactful place for us, i hope scaloni become so clever, that he chose almada if locelso can’t make it, foyth for montiel and last useful spot should be garnacho, not joaquen correa

      • yeah man!!! and he can learn a lot of things from messi in this world cup, messi talent can’t be replaceable but dimaria talent replaceable, if you have a young dimaria and little unexperienced won’t you choose him, mbappe played last world cup at the age 17..
        garnacho is very much capable to replace our winger, he will give you counter attacking thread, he will bring high energy in second half, only scaloni needs to direct him in the defence aspect, binds him and trains him with exact duty on defence but not too much

    • Zero accountability from the FIFA frauds who did this stupid scheduling to line-up their pockets.

      France will get out of the group in top position. They’re going to get an EASY draw and wouldn’t be surprised to see them getting into the FINAL twice in a row if their midfield can hold but if not, England will get there and I HATE it.

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