Facundo Medina scores for RC Lens in 2-1 win vs. Angers


Facundo Medina scored twice for RC Lens in their 2-1 win vs. Angers.

Medina scored his first goal of the season. A free kick for RC Lens found Danso who passed the ball to an unmarked Medina as the Argentine scored.

The 23 year old was part of Argentina’s preliminary list of 46 players but was cut in the list of 31 players for the World Cup.


  1. Foyth is a waste of place. First he is injured, out of rythm. Foyth was never used in Scaloni’s plan and system. If yes Foyth made horrible mistakes, what Molina or Montiel never (even with much more attacking task) ARG rarely play in 3men backline, if yes Romero as RCB is much better option. Anupurno says ARG will be out in last16 wo Foyth. Scaloni build his scary team wo him (Copa America in Brazil, Finallisima, world record unbeaten run). What did win Foyth in his career? Nothing, Foyth football is small team football, not a winner football. Tell me which team did win the WC with pure CBs on the wing? Even France wo Pavard attacking output would have lost against Argentina in last16. Fullbacks have to attack to widen the field for the attackers, without which attackers will suffer. Villarreal play with 3 CBs system with Foyth, he is not a fullback. Argentina want to win trophies more than stay his right back in his comfort zone. With an attacking minded, risky RB like Molina ARG have chance to win WC, with a CB who disorganize your attacking like Foyth zero chance.

    • You underrate him. He is physically a better athlete than either molina or montiel (stronger, taller, faster than montiel). He is arguably the most technically talented. For a CB he has excellent tight control and skill to get out of pressure. He is VERSATILE able to walk into any defensive Position and in a pinch midfield as a defensive player, as a sub that is wonderful luxury if we suffer from carded players and injury or fatigue he can rotate in well (like pep used keita at barca). He is also a better defender than either. Also better defending and scoring in set pieces. We have many short players, his height does help balance the team.

      He takes unecessary risks which has cost him, but he is maturing. He will not bomb down the wing, but he does play well in midfield build up tiki taka and gives offensive freedom to his right wing.

      How may times has molina run up the right and he NEVER gets the ball. Messi and Depaul will always look for another target than him. He gives us with, but hardy more. The only wingers we have that actually create danger out wide are Fideo,NicoG, Acuña and Papu. Molina, Tagla, Montiel, Foyth almost never do.

  2. Frustration is just rising. In the most important time our main player lo celso is on the verge of getting knocked out. And the least contributed players such as foyth and dybala is coming in. We want more players like lo celso who can contribute equally in both defense and offense. These type of players were the secrets behind the success of France in 2018. Yes mbappe shined but the hard work put in the likes of griezman Pogba and the defense were out of ordinary. They can turn the defense into immediate counters and can provide clean attack and great balls. Lo celso could be used in those kinds of roles but it’s an uncertainty now. A player who is very greatly adapted to this scaloni system. And I don’t think foyth and dybala type players work out well for us in tournament like WC. Mid field is not looking safe without lo celso. 😔. It could be too defensive if de Paul doesn’t get into the rhythm. I don’t know what’s going to happen

    • With out lo celso winning chance decrease 95%.
      De paul was never Such type of creative player, he is good with long pass and collecting ball when opponent get ball.

    • Foyth and Dybala have not been given opportunities in the national team. How the hell will they contribute? Those two have been among the most in-form and consistent (brief injuries aside) Argentine players in the past 1.5 years but are usually excluded or benched even when fit and in good form.

      Foyth is an incredibly versatile young defender and is an asset to any team.

      Lo Celso has been incredible for the national team, especially when it comes to turnover in the midfield and launching counter attacks. But he has flaws too. He almost always runs out of juice in about 50 minutes. But he is incredibly wasteful in front of goal. Regardless he will be missed.

      The few minutes Dybala has played with Messi, they actually looked very nicely in sync, as their approach to football is very similar. And Dybala is multitudes better than Lo Celso when it comes to finishing including converting half-chances into great goals. If Dybala starts with Messi due to Lo Celso’s injury, it may be a blessing in disguise. Granted we will need a more defensive minded midfielder to cover Lo Celso’s defensive duties e.g. Rodriguez or Fernandez in place of Paredes / mac Allister, or a third defender.

      When you have massively talented players, it does not take very long to build chemistry. How long did it take for La Joya to start shining after moving to Roma? Not more than a game or two.

      • @Mitthrawnuruodo with lo celso the team looked well balanced in attack and defense. He easily can play good in tight spaces with quick link up plays and also can take on a defender 1on1 and launch counter. His passing accuracy is also better than even de Paul. If both Messi and dybala plays together then it turns into a mini PSG team if messi didn’t play in the mid. And there would be almost no one in the mid to launch the attack if de Paul got marked by the opposition. Palacios would be the only hope to regain his prime form. Enzo macallister guido Paredes. I think even on his day Paredes can play much better in attack than Enzo. I don’t know. Hoping Enzo gets back his attacking play .

    • We will see. Lets wait for the actual tournament to start. I think we will be okay and locelso exclusion can be blessing in disguise as we will play more defensively now

  3. Dybala Update.

    “Dybala will undergo further tests this week which will determine whether club’s medical staff will grant the attacker a green light for Sunday, the game against Torino”
    “Mourinho hopes to have him available to at least come off the bench.”

    That’s the last match for Roma before the WC.

  4. Why everyone is so sure that Nico Gonzalez is sure going to qatar? Only 13 days left for wc and only 7 days left for submitting final list yet there is no news of nico training or something like that. I think if nico couldn’t recover in time then scaloni may pick almada who can play both as a midfielder or even as a winger.

  5. According to Gaston Edul, Scaloni has only 3 things in his mind:
    1. Paulo Dybala recovery (Safe to say if he plays next week, he will be in)
    2. Gio Lo Celso situation (wait until the very last minute)
    3. 8 or 9 defenders? I have a feeling it will depend heavily on Lo Celso situation.

    My guess is if Lo Celso somehow is in, then he will bring 8 midfielders and 8 defenders meaning that Foyth is out because bringing the injured Lo Celso means that he needs an extra midfielder to cover him up.

    If Lo Celso is out (more likely scenario), then he will bring 7 midfielders and 9 defenders which means Foyth is in.

    Btw it is already confirmed that the 3 goalies will be Emi, Rulli, and Armani. Musso is out.

  6. Final list…!

    1. Emi
    2. Rulli(Musso)
    3. Armani
    4. Otamendi
    5. Romero
    6. Lisandro
    7. Pezzella
    8. Tagliafico
    9. Acuna
    10. Molina
    11. Montiel
    12. Foyth(Medina)
    13. Paredes
    14. DePaul
    15. Papu
    16. Guido
    17. MacAllister
    18. Enzo
    19. Palacios(Almada)
    20. Messi
    21. Lautaro
    22. DiMaria
    23. Nico.Gonzalez
    24. Dybala(Angel Correa)
    25. Julian Alvarez
    26. J.Correa

    Players in brackets will be selected only if the other player is unfit.

  7. Meanwhile. The Saudi Arabia national football team defeated Iceland 1-0 in an international friendly on Sunday ahead of their World Cup campaign. Scaloni must have watched it thoroughly.

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