Champions League draw, Argentine players, Lionel Messi vs. Bayern Munich


The Champions League draw for the Round of 16 took place on Monday and there are nine Argentine players remaining.

Lionel Messi and PSG will play Bayern Munich in the Champions League. For Lionel Messi, he has scored some memorable goals against the German side as PSG will try to get the one trophy that is missing from their cabinet.

Julián Álvarez will also be playing a German team as Manchester City have been drawn against Leipzig. In his first season in Europe, it’s the first time Álvarez would play in a knockout stage game in the Champions League.

Nicolás Otamendi and Enzo Fernández play against one of the teams that several clubs may have wanted to play and that is Club Brugge. Benfica were first in their group with PSG in second place.

Liverpool play Real Madrid in a repeat of last season’s final while Dortmund play against Chelsea. There are no Argentine players in those fixtures.

Cristian Romero and Tottenham Hotspur play AC Milan. Tottenham left qualifying for the Round of 16 to the last group stage match.

The only game that has two Argentine players in each side, Frankfurt are up against Napoli. Gio Simeone scored four goals for Napoli while Lucas Alario did not score any goals vs. Frankfurt in the group stages.

Lautaro Martínez and Joaquín Correa play FC Porto. Martínez and Correa qualified ahead of FC Barcelona in their group. Here are the Champions League Round of 16 games involving Argentine players:

PSG (Lionel Messi) vs. Bayern Munich
Leipzig vs. Manchester City (Julián Álvarez)
Brugge vs. Benfica (Nicolás Otamendi and Enzo Fernández)
Liverpool vs. Real Madrid
Dortmund vs. Chelsea
AC Milan vs. Tottenham Hotspur (Cristian Cuti Romero)
Frankfurt (Lucas Alario) vs. Napoli (Gio Simeone)
Inter Milan (Lautaro Martínez and Joaquín Correa) vs. FC Porto


  1. Well if Mbappe and PSG drop their selfish attitude and let Messi do his thing then PSG can beat Bayern. However the GOAT has bigger fish to fry right now and will only focus on the ultimate trophy!!

  2. Latest news by Gaston Edul. 30 finalists for the last 26. No Perez No Medina. It is the same 29 players he previously reported plus one (Juan Musso). But Musso is definitely cut. So actually 29 players.

    According to him.
    1. Scaloni is waiting on Dybala.
    2. He is also waiting on Lo Celso. Villarreal will release their latest health report on him today.
    3. Almada is seen as a last minute back up emergency, in case there is a new injury to the ones who already make the list.
    4. This is new and very interesting. It is believed that Foyth is competing with Dybala and A Correa for 2 spots. Meaning that if Dybala is fit, he is in. So the final spot is between Foyth and Correa.

    MY final verdict. If there are 2 spots among Foyth, Dybala, and Correa. I would take Dybala and Correa. Why. Because A Correa is good when given a chance and is a good locker room guy.

    • Scaloni is picking another Palacio from 2014 in J.Correa. Everything Tucu can do A.Correa can do better except in height! Simeone has turned A.Correa into a hard working and high pressing forward and dropping him for J.Correa doesn’t seem very intelligent on the team management’s part! However, since both Correa’s have been regularly picked for the last 4 years, Foyth could be the unfortunate one to be left out.

      • Height issue is there at set pieces. Correa is one of our fastest players and best transition players. Dybala can do everything what Angel could offer.

      • J.Correa is fast, excellent in dribbling, good height…ready to do the dirty works…he has a fighting spirit, that a good coach can really utilize of…

    • Thanx for the update, preciated as allways, though quite disapointed fairly to say that Mc Allister is seen/valued by Scaloni as more higher than actually quite many Arg Nt players for example Dominquez could had been handy and forsure more handy than Mc Allister in fact all names u mentioned in your post at least in my eyes would be much more needed than Mc Allister, nothing personal against him or the ones who like him and want his inclusion as i don’t, simply because for me he is deffensive minded middfielder, which offcourse every team need and in that position i would understand Scaloni if he would be the starter or a Direct sub, but i don’t see him even the 3rd sub for THAT POSITION AS DEFENSSIVE MIDDFIELDER, so in my oppinion as only an observer and fan for life Arg could have use his spot much more for another player, but, though, somehow Scaloni values him high, well i quess it is useless/hopeless to even write this post etc…hopefully GLC and Dybala will play at least in KO’s as i see that is the minimum now and from there on i hope and pray for offcourse Arg to win the rest, but as usual like with every WC offcourse i do understand that i don’t get at least the players i pray for to be included, even this time it is 26 instead of 23, if i remember the latter number correct, though i think Scaloni and CO are and have being doing a greatwork by winning Copa at Maracana and also Finalissima and are unbeaten and so on etc…also during his time he build a new team with his CO and some more players/faces have brought in and also tried, that maybe was not the case since Pekerman days, so i do give credit also for scouting, but also in 3-4 year’s time i have also little bit difficult to understand to fix some positions more, let say safer if injury’s will arrive at the front WC an so on etc.., for example i think, but offcourse as i’m not Scout or an Coach i can’t say this as forsure they as coaching could have find one more RB to at least compete with current RB’s and like i said in this way that one more RB could have maybe made things look different with ARG’s RB position, but also i could say the very opposite, but it is also true as they say or at least some might say ” that if one does not try, then one can’t know etc.,.) as i think there would have been enough time to at least to try, but maybe there was no one that they even considered etc…, but, as nation of Arg has produced a quite lot of players that i seen playing, some maybe not that good as most of them, but there is allways possibilities and also players from where one could choose, perhaps as Arg as nation alkways has had and will alkways have also in the future, but now i’m intrested at the present more than the future, though future of Arg is also important for me etc…well sounds like wining up, so better i quite writing for now and focus for wishing and praying for LA SELECCION!

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