Luka Romero scores for Lazio in 1-0 win vs. Monza


Luka Romero scored for Lazio in their 1-0 win vs. Monza.

Romero scored his first ever goal for Lazio as the 17 year old was brought on as a substitute. A shot on goal for Lazio was saved by the goalkeeper but Romero got the rebound for his first goal.

The Argentine has represented Argentina at youth level, having played for Javier Mascherano’s Argentina U20 team. He joined Lazio from Mallorca last season and has been a substitute for Lazio.

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  1. Scaloni: 9 defenders to hold fort, upfront chances will come.

    This is coaches theme for this world cup.

    Against big teams we might have 3 CBs playing together.

  2. I think our midfield would face rotations in the group stage. Only starting place guaranteed is of de Paul. The rest 2 positions need experimentation. If any how macallister played well against Mexico and Poland in lo celso position means what scaloni do next? Naturally he may go for macallister in the knock out stages. That situation is a concern for both reasons. It would avoid Enzo inclusion and I am not sure of macallister against high quality teams. I hope scaloni tactics itself can kill the opponents irrespective of the players playing.

  3. News update:
    Garnacho got another MOM for the Manchester United. It is his second MOM.

    Note: man if Garnacho had done this since the beginning of the season, he would have made the WC squad for sure.

    German Pezzella and Guido will travel to Abu Dhabi soon to join the squad

    Dybala trains normally and will likely play tomorrow.

    Note: That means it is J Correa vs A Correa and Foyth vs Medina for the last 2 spots.

  4. I think Nico.Gonzalez is one of the best favourite of Scalonis plans. If dybla is available it will be a big advantage for scaloni and it is unlucky Before WC macallister and Enzo not got enough playing time with NT.Both are enough of talented to become a wonderful midfielder..

  5. 10 days to go… Our NT journey under Scaloni is about to reach its destination. 7 matches… Will we make it this time. Whoever Scaloni choses doesnt matter, as long as we make it big.I would say our Midfield is looking less creative in absence of Lo celso other than that its more or less Scalonis base players.Anyway, All the best guys. Lets go…

    Every World cup i think i would be in a much better position to enjoy the next world cup properly. But as life goes its not happening. This world cup also i wont be able to enjoy properly. The last World cup which i really enjoyed was 2006, i watched most of the matches of that wc,since then its been really difficult due to life circumstances. Anyway lets see.

    I will have to depend some streaming sites. Any gud streaming sites for middle east region guys…or any app for android mobile where we can watch wc…

  6. Scaloni told he plans to take players they are fit to play from the first match. Now, all it seems that Scaloni and coaching staff waiting for the injury/fitness update of 3 players.
    1. Dybala: Coaching staff are waiting for the final study reports of his injury. Final decision will be after that. There is a chance he may miss out.
    2. Foyth: He’s back from injury but played few minutes. Coaching staff may wait until his next matches to decide how well he recovered.
    3. Palacios: Coaching staff are happy he’s back from the injury and waiting for his next matche as he didn’t play a full match still.
    If they are fit, they all will be selected.

    Then, as per the new reports, last position will be Angel Correa vs Joaquin Correa.

    But, if any of the above 3 can’t be included,
    If Dybala out, both Correa will be going.
    If Foyth can’t make, Medina will be selected(Again coaching staff will think of Medina vs one of Correa).
    If Palacios can’t make, Almada will be going.

    These are the remaining plans as per the latest reports.

    • It could be Palacios..!

      He is with Scaloni since starting but played very less minutes under him. Played 20 matches but just started 6 matches.
      Average minutes played under Scaloni is just 31 minutes per game.

      Where as other sub players, later joined with Scaloni in midfield has the average minutes of;
      Papu 52 minutes
      Macallister 52 minutes

    • @Anu First of all, not all news are tier 1 news. Tier 1 news (Gaston Edul for example) never say anything like this.

      Secondly, all Argentina journalists (from tier 1 to tier 4 ones) try to speculate. Some give false reports. The same as the transfer news, anything that does not come from Fabri Romano and a few others are just gossips. Back then all those gossips say like Atletico really want to sign CR7 or anything rubbish like that.

      BUT IF your source is true, I would guess that that player (and I hope) is J Correa. He’s been with Scaloni from almost the very start too. Also because Gaston Edul (tier 1) just stated today that J Correa is not secured.

  7. We are repeating the same mistake. In 2014 we wasted one spot with Campagnaro (hope spelling is right). Now we are wasting one spot with Montiel. Garnacho looks fit and hungry. He may be used as our Renato Sanchez at least in one half especially in second with tired legs. Also he gets valuable world cup experience. Rulli instead of Musso is also not convincing. Armani.. nothing more to say..we are used and ever prepared.. seems very toughest world cup.. hope we fans get the deserved moment we are waiting eternally..

      • Lol Anuparno. Where did you come up with this stuff? Garnacho has just started playing and if he would have played few more games, he would have been selected.
        It has nothing to do with Messi vs Ronaldo.

    • Garnacho started playing recently. To make matters worse Bruno Fernandes remarks on his attitude was enough to seal Garnacho’s fate.
      The spots wasted is that held by Armani and Montiel. Musso deserve that GK spot.

    • Campagnaro was our backup right back to Zabaleta capable of playing CB. He wasn’t waste of a spot and so wasn’t Basanta. Aguero was waste of a spot tbh in 2014.

  8. I see the likes of Uruguay including Araujo despite his injury state which was worse than Locelso’s. Same applies to Senegalin manes case. I wonder if AFA did hard enough to salvage Locelso case, or perhaps it was Spurs foolish politics that forced Gio take surgery.
    Am really annoyed by what transpired in Gio’s case and really hate Tottenham Hotspurs for ruining his chance.

    • I am still upset that Lo Celso won’t make it especially u said Uruguay still bring Araujo who is worse. Argentina should have taken that risk, that’s why u have 26 players instead of 23.

      It is the same as Copa America, Cuti was injured very early in the tournament, but he was back in the final and he was one of the reasons why we won. Why not doing the same to Lo Celso?

      • Yes that’s a possibility. But Enzo chance would have ended there. Also lo celso recovery would be also 50/50. So macallister will play there if scaloni not goes for papu. Now from the practise session scaloni can make note of Enzo and his potential and may give that LCM position to him.

      • It really annoys me and God forbid none of our midfielders gets injured. Look at a team like Portugal their midfield and fullbacks is strongest in this world cup. I wish Scaloni was abit flexible to experiment many players especially in that attacking Midfield option.
        The only good news is that he is willing to include Juan Foyth as additional RB option.

  9. Good news!

    I read that one more player is a bit insecured: Joaquin Correa.

    Everything seems to depend on Dybala.

    Foyth seems to be secured.

    So it is like this:
    spot 25th: Foyth (plan A) or Medina (plan B)
    spot 26th: Dybala (plan A) or A Correa/J Correa (plan B)

    If somehow Dybala can’t make it then A Correa will battle J Correa for the last spot.

    Mourinho won’t confirm if Dybala will play against Inter.

    • Dybala’s inclusion is very important. Joaquin Correa is liability upfront with poor finishing. I would rather pick Angel Correa over Tucu Correa without any hesitation. Angel can even play in midfield position due to his work rate.

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