Alejandro Garnacho assists twice for Manchester United in 4-2 win vs. Aston Villa


Alejandro Garnacho assisted twice for Manchester United in their 4-2 win vs. Aston Villa.

Garnacho came on as a substitute and assisted two goals for Manchester United. The 18 year old played a pass into Bruno Fernandes as he scored to give United the 3-2 lead.

The Argentine got his second assist with a cross into the penalty area which found Scott McTominay who scored. Garnacho has already scored for Manchester United, with his goal coming in the Europa League.


  1. Garnacho if played regularly this season thn he would have been selected but now its too late plus his constant idolizing of Ronaldo will make sure scaloni will not even consider him.

  2. Take him in case Nico Gonzalez is not fit. Yes, he is young and has little experience but can be a surprise.
    Germany is taking a 17 year old talent, England is taking a player who played just once for the NT. Netherlands too.

  3. Looking good. Playing like he belongs. WC may be too much of an occasion for him however. He’ll be prime for 2026. Little late to integrating players now…Enzo fit in quite nicely though. I can see him getting some game time in Qatar. He’s a little more polished than Garnacho at the moment

    • Almada also stepped in nicely. Him and Fernandez looked comfortable in blue and white. Fact is that the core is still there. I think we can deal with LoCelso being out even though I am fan of his. Players like DePaul Lautaro and Cuti are far more critical.

  4. I would take him over J.Correa.
    J.Correa normally will not get any major time any which way, why don’t you let Garnacho play a few minutes in group stage. A WC debut at 19 years old will be crucial for a young rising star. Just look at how many U20 in England/France/Germany squad.

      • Germany calling Adeyemi and Moukoko. Moukoko is young enough to lead Germany next year in WC U20. They and France are the team to beat.

        We are in similar situation to Brazil. The youngest we bring will be Alvarez, 21. No one younger than him but we have a lot of under 25 players too which will be valuable 4 years from now.

          • Yups, France doesn’t have enough Indigenous players in there national team due to the fact they colonised the Western and central African countries in past and bought the people there as slaves in there country via sea route and took advantage of them. Those who were left in france, lived there and didn’t go back to there native country due to better living conditions in france.

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