Lionel Messi, Ángel Di María, Julián Álvarez, Joaquin Correa score in 5-0 Argentina win vs. UAE


Lionel Messi, Ángel Di María, Julián Álvarez and Joaquin Correa all scored for Argentina in their 5-0 win vs. the United Arab Emirates.

Messi had one goal and one assist in the win and he had the first assist on the goal. He could have scored as he was one on one with the goalkeeper but he played a pass to Julián Álvarez who scored to give Argentina the 1-0 lead.

Ángel Di María had two goals in the game and in typical Ángel Di María fashion, they were not goal of the game worthy. The first goal was a cross by Marcos Acuña and Di María with the volley and it was 2-0 Argentina.

Di María would make it 3-0 as he dribbled around the United Arab Emirates players inside the penalty area and scored. Lionel Messi would go on to get his goal.

At 3-0, Messi would receive the ball inside the penalty area and cut to the right and a right footed effort into the top of the goal made it 4-0 for Argentina. Rodrigo De Paul would get an assist for the next goal.

A through ball by De Paul found Joaquín Correa and he made it 5-0 for Lionel Scaloni’s team. Argentina are now 36 games undefeated.


  1. The Positives!!!

    ACUÑA – we heard he wasn’t 100% but he makes us “dangerous” on the left flank!
    His movement and passing, especially on Angel “fideo” DiMaria’s goal was class!

    DiMaria- I was a little worried do you his lack of play with Juventus as of late but he looks like the Angelito Argentina has grown accustomed to. Two goals and he opened up the right side offensively consistently.

    DePaul- quietly, he was my man of the match! The dirty work… defensively and offensively… assist to J. Correa but his midfield work is what we need every game. Our “workhorse”.. wish he could have rested and not played all 90.

    NO ONE GOT HURT!! Always worried before the World Cup to get a meaningless injury and we escaped with none… bravo!!!

    Parcedes, L.Martinez, Otamendi, MacAllister
    Made the plays they were supposed to.. no errors …SOLID

    (Julian Alvarez was solid as well but was upset he didn’t get in position to at least make contact with Messi’s cross early in the match in front of goal. Alvarez HAS TO be there and finish!) when he gets in, we need him to capitalize on all and any chance. In a World Cup quarterfinal, semifinal, final .. he must capitalize on the slimmest of chances.

    Messi- not a great game by the standards we expect. I didn’t want him to play 90 minutes and get hurt and neither did he! Lol
    Great goal, great assist… Depossessed numerous times and his free kicks could have been better.. (oh the expectations!)


    Scaloni – I was confused why he would use Molina, whom has NEVER played on the left as long as I have been following him..3+ years. Molina was out of place but still threatening at times offensively but was burned once defensively over the top and then on a cut back move. Odd time to start trying players in new positions.
    Substitutions- in the second half the team chemistry and formation was a mess! Keeping foyth in and bringing in two more wing backs, montiel and Molina, added to the lack of rhythm. Enzo was average and I wanted dybala and palacios to get some run.

    OK… I know people say that he hasn’t played in two months so he was out of rhythm. Even more reason for him not to be there in the first place. It is a travesty that he got the last spot on the 26 man roster ahead of Angel Correa. They brought him for his versatility but let’s be honest, he was slow, easily beat, added nothing offensively and against a good opponent would’ve conceded two or three goals. He should not get one minute on the field during the World Cup. Foyth simply is not ready and hopefully one day he will be but even of that I am not convinced.

    Vamos Argentina

  2. Man, 3ATB formation is a nightmare. I can’t stand giving up an attacking mid or forward for another CB. Our strength is in the center, not on the wings, so that’s were we need to focus.
    If we had amazing wingbacks capable of taking on defenders dribbling and they all crossed very well (like ADM), then maybe but the reality is that we don’t (caveat that Acuna can be that guy but fitness is a massive concern).

  3. Olive, you summed up the Foyth dilema really well. Clearly out of form due to 2.5 month absence..does La Scaloneta nurture in hopes he regains form or cut losses and drop him. Personally, i’m not sure we have enough time, i’m a huge Foyth fan and i think he’s our best defending fullback by a long shot but today looked grim.
    Also, I’m not happy about Molina on the left. He just didn’t seem comfortable, missed few easy passes and wasn’t positioned properly.
    Acuna did great, thankfully, but can he last all tourney?
    Hope Tag was benched only due to fatigue.
    Our fullbacks are the biggest concern right now.

    • Yep. I’ll add that knowing that each of our 3 right backs have pros and cons, I don’t think it’s wise to drop a single one (obviously we won’t drop Molina but you know what I mean), with my idea being that if we keep the three of them there are more chances that at least one of them will improve their “cons”/get into form, in this case that includes:
      Foyth: bad form from lack of gametime
      Montiel: suffering against some wingers in La Liga and hard to know if he’s capable of another brazil performance
      Molina: also not in the best form and while he’s not dreadful at defending it’s not his strength

      People are calling to drop Foyth for Angel Correa, and I understand where they are coming from, but how necessary will the eighth attacker be? What if Foyth happens to get into form quickly? It could happen or it could not, but if it happens that is a HUGE opportunity lost. In terms of how our right backs will be tested in order, here we go 1) Saudi Arabia should be the easiest match, an opportunity to get into form if we perform as we should 2) Mexico have Alexis Vega on the left who is in great form judging on how much he’s scoring for them, but probably not at the top level of the wingers there will be in the knockouts 3) Poland Judging by looking at their squad Poland’s main threat on the left is Nicola Zalewski, who can play as a left winger or left wingback and has a strong attacking ability as well 4) If we make it to the round of 16 it will probably either be Mbappe on the left (which is a huge threat for our right backs and whoever plays will need a supporting player like De Paul) or Daamsgard, who was very good on the left for the Euros and is a speedy player with good dribbling, not a player to give plentiful space either and if he’s in form the most dangerous after Mbappe of our main possibilities, so he’s not a sigh of relief at all. But it seems that slowly the level will be scaled up, instead of our RB playing the strongest winger in the first game. That’s good.

  4. Scaloni comments…. There might be changes. Injured players are…. Nico. Romero. These 2 are only who can’t play right now…. Lets see whts coach decide…

  5. Anuparno man.. atleast stick to your own points for one day.. how can you change your POV so much? You are Foyth’s fanboy.. yes we all said he was bad today but he is not in rythm yet and you are already calling to cut Just bcs Enzo did not play that well, you say Messi is salty due to psg match? Where do you get all these stories from😄
    WC is starting, we have a good team, the 28 year curse is over, lets enjoy the WC. There are 4-5 proper practice sessions before our first match. Calm down.

  6. Perfect warm up game.. Lots of goals, nice team moves, no injury concerns and ADM looking at his best..

    Only concern is Foyth looked terribly out of form..

    Its a pity we dont have another warm up game.. There should atleast have been 2 week gap b/w club football and world cup..

  7. I don’t know why some in here LOVE stirring up fears and spreading negativism!
    It was a FRIENDLY literally days before the start of the WC, who did you want them to play? Brazil, Germany, Spain……etc?
    You Pick an easy nation, beat them down, test the players you want to test, boost morale, stay injury-free and off you go……Believe ARG accomplished that TODAY…..lets move on

    Poland is tied thus far with shitchile, time of position is like 30-70 to the Reds!! whose going to the WC again?

  8. Scaloni just said he may change in 26 man squad as some players r not fit. So i would say drop foyth and bring medina. And if others r injured thn drop them no need to bring injured players

    • Germany, England, France, Portugal, Belgium all ASSES. Horrible teams, i saw them playing enough. Only Spain, Denmark and Netherlands seem somehow, but their forwards are pure B categories. Brazil are unable to score against Scaloneta. Who will be our real rival? Yes only ourselves.

  9. Not a good performance. This 3 at the back will be suicidal we looked shaky at the back. McAllister was okay not outstanding if he starts he needs to improve a lot. Enzo played in way deeper role and i could see players in the team still don’t trust him and i saw he sometimes pass it to messi bt messi never passed it back to him looks like messi is still salty with the fact psg drew Benfica twice and Neymar was tackled and had an argument with enzo. Foyth looks rusty. Depaul was fantastic so was dimaria. Alvarez did nothing even his shot should be saved by the uae goalkeeper. Lisandro looked tired in the 2nd half. Acuna was good going forward. Otamendi was solid. J. Correa looked ass. Messi looked out of touch, tired and lacked motivation less. Scaloni needs lots of work. If we play like this we have no chance

  10. So before the game some people make fun of my stats. Now everyone waits for my stats. Lol I dunno if it is that popular. Gimme time, I will give u the update. I guarantee u it is a good stats it is just it has YET to be introduced in futbol. That’s all.

  11. I said three months ago that Alejandro Garnacho should be at the World Cup..Apart from Di Maria, Argentina lacks quality wingers with pace and skill that can drive the ball into the opponent’s 18-yard box and this is what the 18 year old Alejandro Garnacho brings to the table. Alejandro Garnacho has this aura with his playing style, something that should never be overlooked.

    After Di Maria substitution the creativity on the wing was non existent in the second half..During the second half Scaloni changed tactics by letting Molina and Montiel play further up in the attack but in one v one situation both players were lacking in skill and speed..This is where Garnacho would help Argentina in one v one situation in the 80th plus minutes. Age shouldn’t have been a problem because Brazil Ronaldo was a part of his country’s roster at the 1994 World Cup even though he was 17 years old with less experience than Alejandro Garnacho.

    What’s the point of Joaquin Correa? Other than the fluke goal he did nothing during the second half, an overall lackluster performance from him just like his last outing against Estonia. Other than Di Maria, Argentina is lacking a creative presence on the wings (Acuna to be fair did quite well). Compared to the other big soccer nations Argentina is lacking in creative skillful wingers. This is just an observation on my part, I’m not here to tell anyone how to run their team. Copa America was like 100 years ago, the strategy that works for Argentina then won’t work at the 2022 World Cup. It seems like Scaloni will make the same mistake as past Argentina World Cup coaches, but only time will tell..Hopefully Lionel Messi gets to win the World Cup title in Qatar.

    • Agree that after DiMaria and Alvarez substitutions, we couldn’t create much attack from the wings. But, we have Dybala, Nicho and Papu are available to play in those positions, apart from DiMaria and Alvarez. Also, Molina/Montiel may not play in the attacking front like today. So, be relaxed. Taking Garnacho in this WC may be risky.

    • Welcome back Kid. Good hear from you. I see you post less frequently than before. Good points but as for Garnacho for all his speed and flair, he is still green. Even Erik Ten Hag pointed out that he needs to work on few areas of his game like defending and his work rate. Scaloni invited Garnacho and other promising youngsters. He has seen him in train with the senior team. As for the 17 year old Ronaldo Phenomeno, I don’t remember him playing in 94. He was an used squad player. Although he featured in the build up friendlies. Muller was the sub Brazil used in that tournament.

  12. Good friendly match, but man.. Foyth is so concerning!!
    His little fancy footwork and dribbles he likes to do costs him big time..
    I don’t know guys…

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